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Buried in Barstow – Review

Buried in Barstow – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hazel owns and works at Bridges Barbeque with her daughter, Joy, and her cook, Javier. Joy comes in after a date with her boyfriend, Travis, and asks Hazel for her college money. After eight months, Joy dropped out of medical school and wants to use the money to move in with Travis. Hazel says no because Travis is a drug addict from a dangerous family. Afterward, Hazel tells Joy to get back to work. Joy serves a man, Elliot, that can’t pay for his meal. Joy thinks he’s a deadbeat, but Hazel sees good in him and offers Elliot a dishwashing job. Hazel is attracted to the handsome stranger but puts her focus on Joy.

After spending the night with Travis, Joy comes to the diner, and Hazel sees Joy has a huge black eye. Hazel walks to her trailer, opens a secret panel, and pulls out a handgun. Hazel confronts Travis, attacks him, and leaves him in a hole to die. After a few days, Joy starts to worry because she hasn’t heard from Travis. Hazel tells Joy to forget about him, and Joy walks out. Hazel follows Joy to stop her but halts dead in her tracks when she sees a man standing at the front door. The man is Phil, and he wants Hazel to return to Las Vegas to talk to her old boss, Von. Recently released from prison, Von is happy to see Hazel because she never visited him in jail. Von wants Hazel to get back to work as an assassin. An old rival, Perry, is coming into town. Von wants Hazel to take Perry out. Hazel says no because she put that life behind her after giving birth to Joy. But Von mentions Joy’s name, and Hazel knows it’s a threat. She takes the money and becomes the predator Von created her to be.

This movie is captivating from beginning to end. The opening scene gives you a small glimpse into Hazel’s life before Joy. Hazel carries a no-nonsense attitude into her diner after changing her life and uses her job to help others in her small town. As Von pulls Hazel back into her murderous ways, you discover how she got into a life of crime, Joy’s father, and her debt to Von. This film’s delivery makes predictable moments worth watching. And be ready for part two because it’s coming. This movie will make you want to take fight training and quotes. Get prepared for a fun ride.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Over my dead, worm-infest body – Hazel

And who’s my dad – Joy

Well, we all have our secrets – Elliott

Who knew the world had a little luck left in it – Von

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Here Kills the Bride – Review

Here Kills the Bride – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jasmine returns home for lunch with her parents, Brenda and José, and her brother, Carlos. She walks inside the home to a stunning surprise, Carlos’s girlfriend, Grace. Jasmine makes no effort to get close to Grace because Grace and Carlos’s relationship is four months old. That changes during lunch because Carlos tells his family that he and Grace are engaged. Also, they plan to get married in one week. Jasmine gets up and excuses herself from the table. Brenda follows Jasmine to talk. Jasmine can’t believe Carlos would marry someone so fast. After a horrible accident, Brenda knows Jasmine can be overprotective of Carlos. Brenda tells Jasmine to let Carlos do what he wants and be happy. Jasmine walks to the ladies’ room and hears Grace talking to another woman, Cassandra. Cassandra calls Grace Natalie and talks about their days working at a strip club. Grace pretends not to know Cassandra. Cassandra understands because exotic dancing is behind her, and she runs a floral shop. However, she tells Grace they can talk about it later. After Cassandra and Grace leave the bathroom, Jasmine is more determined to find Grace’s name, past, and secrets. Jasmine has no idea that Grace will do anything to get married and find her happily ever after.

When Carlos says that he and Grace are four months into their relationship, you’ll roll your eyes. He is in for a world of hurt, and you know. You sit back and watch how unhinged Grace will become. And she says everything Lifetimers yell at the screen. For instance, we say, ‘don’t call a person crazy to their face.’ Anytime someone calls a character crazy, something horrible happens. While this won’t be a favorite of the ‘Unhappily Ever After’ season, it’s a comedic watch if you cheer for Grace. Seeing her manipulate the family and trigger Jasmine is entertaining. However, you wonder: would this happen if Jasmine accepted Grace?

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

What about what you did to my heart – Natalie

The return of the prodigal daughter – Jasmine

You’re doing it again – Carlos

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Dying to Marry Him – Review

Dying to Marry Him – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Amy gets on social media and sees the wedding announcement for her former friend, Jeff. She can’t believe she let Jeff slip through her fingers. Amy looks up more information on Jeff’s fiancé, Macy, and formulates a plan. Amy walks to Carrie’s Bridal and overhears Macy telling Carrie and her maid of honor, Jordy, that she has a lot of wedding plans and no time. When Macy leaves, Amy tells Carrie that she is a wedding planner and they could expand Carrie’s business with her services. Carrie thinks it’s a sound business decision and agrees. Step one of Amy’s plan is complete, but she has to get rid of a small problem: her restraining order. Her ex-boyfriend, Thomas, requested the order. The court-appointed therapist said Amy was deeply psychotic and delusional with violent tendencies.
Amy goes home, trips her alarm, has the security company turn it off, leaves her cell phone, and goes to Thomas’s home. After an argument, Amy kills Thomas and declares herself single. With step two done, Amy needs to insert herself into Macy and Jeff’s wedding and steal Jeff for herself. She considered Jeff her husband since they were kids. Now, Amy won’t let anyone stand in her way.

This movie feels typical until one shocking moment makes you gasp, and you won’t believe the miracle on your screen. This one scene saves the film from the clichés and brings it to another level. In addition, kudos to Jeff for being an astounding man. Lifetime movies give men a bad rap, but Jeff breaks the mold and doesn’t hide anything from Macy. And he spurns all of Amy’s advances. When Amy accuses Jeff of sexual harassment, you instantly feel sorry for him. He is a good man in a horrible situation. So, give this film a chance to grow on you.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Waiting for the crazy to start – Jeff

I’m pretty good at making problems go away – Amy

Well, I think it’s kinda strange – Macy

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Love Under the Lemon Tree – Review

Love Under the Lemon Tree – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Beck goes into her boss’s office and gets some unfortunate news.  He decided to let her go.  Beck packs up her things and heads home to tell her roommate and friend, Susan.  Susan thinks Beck losing her job is a step in the right direction.  It will give Beck the nudge she needs to follow her passion: freelance photography.  Susan hands Beck a magazine with an article for a photography contest.  The first-place winner gets $10,000 cash and a travel photographer’s job, and the theme for this year’s competition is rural chic.  This contest gave Beck’s idol, Catherine, a start, and now Catherine is social media famous.  Beck grabs a picture of a fountain and remembers Serenity Island.  Her parents took Beck there when she was a child.  She thinks it’s the perfect place to capture the right images.

Beck arrives in Serenity and discovers the hotel is closed because of a plumbing problem.  Beck asks for a reservation for the other hotel, but they have no vacancies.  The concierge has an idea.  A local lemon farm has a few cottages for rent, and he offers to check their availability.  Beck remembers the contest’s theme and tells the concierge to make the call.  He gets Beck a reservation at the hotel and a cab.  Before she gets in a taxi, Beck goes to the fountain, makes a wish, and throws a coin.  The water splashes on a man at the fountain.  Beck apologizes, but he tells her she did the coin toss incorrectly.  He tells Beck to throw it over her shoulder to make her wishes come true.  Beck laughs and considers getting to know the handsome stranger.  But hearing him say I love you to someone named Alice makes Beck stop.

Beck knocks on the lemon farm’s door and starts taking pictures.  Then, Josh opens it and bumps into her, dropping his lemons to the ground.  Beck helps Josh and sees he is the handsome stranger she met at the fountain.  Josh’s father, Matthew, owns the farm, and Josh assists Matthew.  He walks Beck to the cabin so she can settle in and unpack.  Beck doesn’t take long to snap some pictures and post them on social media.  Susan calls Beck excited.  Her latest lemon farm posts got tons of likes, and Catherine started to follow Beck online.  Josh takes Beck into town to get more images, and Matthew is thrilled to have more customers.  They saw Beck’s pictures and made a reservation at the farm.  Beck thinks an online presence will help the farm gain clientele, but Josh disagrees.  He doesn’t mind Beck taking pictures for a pamphlet but refuses social media.  In the past, an online scammer almost stole Matthew’s farm.  Josh asks Beck why she wants to help, but she never mentions the social media contest.  She tells Josh it’s a personal project, and Josh agrees to the pamphlet only.  Then Josh introduces Beck to the other business owner in the family: his daughter, Alice.  Beck keeps her secret until Catherine comes into town for the new, trendy location on social media.

Catherine’s 15 minutes of fame quietly dims, but Beck inspires Catherine to enter the contest again.  With her idol becoming her competition, Beck’s worries grow.  However, Josh uncovers a secret.  The farm is in foreclosure, and they could lose it all if they can’t make enough money quickly.  Beck must post pictures to win the competition and save the farm without Josh finding out.  If he does, she could lose his budding love.

This sweet movie follows the format but removes the ex-girlfriend’s return and replaces it with an idol’s.  You have the lead getting a poor twist of events, followed by a trip out of town that causes a run-in with the love interest.  And through the movie, you get hints on ways to save the farm.  So the final solution is not a surprising reveal.  The plot doesn’t wow you, but the cinematography does.  The farm is breathtaking in each frame and intrigues the watcher.  This movie won’t be a Destination Romance favorite, but it’s a beautiful way to spend two hours.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Instead of grabbing the nearest branch, I found my wings – Susan

Give me the best you got, Serenity.  I’m betting everything on you – Beck

Lemons and Limes – Josh

Don’t try to be like someone else – Catherine

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