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Disappearance in Yellowstone – Review

Disappearance in Yellowstone – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jessie drives the scenic route through Yellowstone to entertain her daughter, Michelle, but Michelle holds too much resentment to care.  She wants to know why Jessie and her father broke up, but Jessie keeps Michelle in the dark to protect her.  Michelle wants to stay in LA with her father and friends, but Jessie says no and drives.  They stop for gas, and Jessie gives Michelle money to get something to eat from the diner.  Before Michelle leaves, Jessie warns Michelle to keep a low profile.

Michelle orders food while waiting in a booth and watches a news ticker scroll across the TV screen.  The ticker states a woman is missing and reports a bear attack.  A ranger tells Michelle not to worry about the bear.  Michelle turns to see a uniformed Nolan with a big smile.  Jessie sees Michelle flirting and becomes angry that Michelle can’t follow a simple rule.  Jessie scolds Michelle for talking to the ranger, and they continue down the road.  Soon their car breaks down. Jessie gets out of the car to fix it but determines they need to get a professional to look at it.  Michelle and Jessie check their phones and can’t find a signal.  After Michelle refuses to walk back to the diner, Jessie pulls out a map and sees an auto repair shop within a mile.  Michelle doesn’t want to walk and becomes defiant.  She gets in the car, locks the doors, and puts her earbuds in her ears to ignore Jessie’s pleas to open the door.  Jessie decides to leave Michelle in the car and walk alone.

Jessie finds Grant repairing a car at the autobody shop and asks for help.  Grant drives Jessie to her vehicle, but Michelle is gone, and the door is open.  She calls Michelle’s name and gets no answer. Grant thinks Michelle walked away, but Jessie knows that’s not true because Michelle left her purse and phone behind.  Grant gets on his radio and calls the police.  That was the last thing Jessie wanted Grant to do.  When Sergeant Darryl comes, Jessie lies and says Michelle probably wandered off.  And Grant backs up Jessie’s lies.  However, Darryl runs her name and sees Jessie is wanted for questioning about kidnapping Michelle.  Darryl puts Jessie in handcuffs and drives back to his station house.

Grant looks around the car and sees earbuds on the ground.  He believes Michelle is in trouble and follows Darryl.  As Darryl and Jessie argue, a deer runs in front of Darryl’s car, and he crashes.  Grant pulls a handcuffed Jessie out and decides to help.  Their mission will put them in the path of a generational killer on a rampage.

Do you have your Lifetime bingo card ready? You will check all the boxes because this movie has a bratty teen, abusive husband, dumb cop, shirtless guy, and an indulgent parent.  If your spoiled child locks themself in a car, you don’t leave.  You break the window and pull them out, kicking and screaming.  While watching this movie, you only feel bad for the good Samaritan.  He dies trying to help a naive Jessie get back to Michelle.  Everyone else quickly loses your sympathy.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Look around, mom. As if – Michelle

I’ve been a Boy Scout all my life, actually – Nolan

I told you to keep a low profile – Jessie

Anything for that 5-star rating – Grant

This attitude of yours is not helping – Darryl

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Stolen in Her Sleep – Review

Stolen in Her Sleep – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hallie can’t relax after her baby, Ava, survived a heart transplant.  She takes medication to help her anxiety.  But her husband, James, reminds Hallie that if she doesn’t take it, she will hallucinate and suffer from paranoia.  Hallie is getting back into her art but has a new perspective on painting.  However, she can start but can’t finish.  James comes home early from a business trip and updates Hallie on his mom, Lynne.  Lynne broke up with her abusive boyfriend, Joe, and wants to be a part of the family again.  Hallie knows James’s childhood wasn’t great but thinks it’s good for him to reconnect.  However, Hallie is not too keen on Lynne helping around the house because they have a nanny, Mary.  James reminds Hallie that she needs more time to work, so more help is essential.  Before Hallie can agree, Lynne shows up at their front door.  And it’s not long before Lynne takes subtle jabs against Hallie’s skills as a wife and mother.  To get away from Lynne, Hallie takes Ava to a coffee shop.  Hallie orders tea and searches for her wallet but can’t find it.  A woman, Megan, comes to the table and offers to pay because she is a fan of Hallie’s work.  Megan does art PR and wants to work with Hallie on Hallie’s upcoming collection.

Hallie leaves the coffee shop and pushes Ava home in a stroller, but Hallie frantically picks up the pace when she sees a man in a hoodie following her.  When she tells James, he runs outside to find no one there.  James questions Hallie about taking her pills.  Hallie becomes frustrated, and James says it could be Joe looking for Lynne.  Sadly, James has to leave in Hallie’s time of need for work.  He reminds Hallie that she has Mary and Lynne’s support if needed.

Mary takes Ava to the park for fresh air and allows Hallie to show Megan her latest paintings.  Megan notices a red slash on Hallie’s self-portrait.  Megan thinks it’s bold, but Haliie says she didn’t do it.  Then, Hallie gets a call from James that Mary is hurt.  Hallie runs to the park to find a sheet over Mary and Lynne holding Ava.  The coroner says Mary overdosed, and Lynne blames Hallie for putting Ava in a bad situation.  Hallie takes her baby home and notices something is wrong with her pills. With a messy intruder, a phantom stalker, and missing pills: is Hallie losing her mind, or is someone pushing her over the edge?

First, the title of this movie is misleading.  No one stole Ava at any point in this movie, but someone misplaces the baby multiple times.  Second, casting actors in classic roles to throw viewers off isn’t an affective red herring anymore.  The plot attempts to push viewers’ focus in other directions, but it doesn’t take much to see where the story will go.  From the break-in at the clinic to unnecessary visits at just the right time to an overly friendly hand, the person does too much to focus your attention onto someone else.  Also, it’s not a far leap to figure out why the person keeps coming after Ava. but you have to watch it from the beginning for the hint.  Keep this on your DVR for a lazy afternoon at home.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Headache, hallucinations, and paranoia, oh my – Hallie

Well, how can I say no to that smile – Megan

Babe, did you take your pill – James

Looks like you have your work cut out for you – Lynne

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Heart of the Matter – Review

Heart of the Matter – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Cardiologist Doctor Andy hands her mentor, Doctor Davis, her one-, five-, and ten-year plan for her career.  Although her residency is over, Andy wants to make goals for her career, including becoming a member of the patient review committee.  After saving a patient, Andy meets with her boyfriend, Patrick, and his son, Will, at Will’s soccer game.  Andy loves spending quality time with them.

Gladys brings food to her son, Henry.  He is a person with a disability and fiercely independent.  She attempts to straighten Henry’s tie before Henry goes to work, but Henry won’t let her.  He works in a bookstore and lives in an independent living facility, but he has dizzy spells throughout the day.

Henry goes to Andy without Gladys and tells Andy about his symptoms.  She knows Henry has an underlying heart issue.  She puts a monitor on Henry and sends Henry home with instructions.  The note tells Henry to watch out for symptoms and call her immediately if he has them.  Henry walks home, spends time with friends, and goes to his apartment.  As he tries to feed his turtle, Henry starts to feel ill.  First, Henry calls his mom, and Gladys tells Henry to call Andy.  He calls Andy, and it goes to voicemail.  He leaves a message and tells her he is going to the hospital.

Andy takes pictures and enjoys the moment because Patrick proposed.  She goes to the table to retrieve her phone and sees she has a message.  Andy can hear the panic in Henry’s voice and drives to the hospital.  The on-call doctor tells Andy that Henry didn’t make it.  However, his heart wasn’t the cause.  It was a car accident.  Henry drove to the hospital and crashed.  Andy assumed Henry walked and didn’t know how to operate a car.  Andy rushes to her office to look over his medical records and finds a copy of Henry’s driver’s license.  Andy realizes that she made a mistake by assuming he didn’t drive because he was a person with a disability.  The horrific news crushes Andy.  She goes to Davis for guidance, and he tells her that her actions will go to the committee.  But the partners see her actions as a mistake, and they will not fire her.  Then, Davis tells Andy to talk to their lawyers and not Gladys.

Andy meets with Gladys face-to-face, against her lawyer’s wishes, and tries to explain what happened.  But Gladys knows that people took one look at Henry and made assumptions about his abilities.  Andy admits to doing that and leaves.  As Gladys packs Henry’s belongings with a heavy heart, she sits with a friend that gives her a lawyer’s business card.  She believes the doctor should be held responsible for the mistake and have their medical license taken away.  Both women are in a downward spiral of sadness and regret, and they will need each other to heal and grieve.

This movie does a great job of making you feel compassion for everyone without deeming someone good or evil.  Andy quickly acknowledges her mistake and wants to do everything possible to help Gladys.  Gladys is rightfully hurting.  Henry was blossoming and finding his way in the world.  He had a wonderful life ahead of him and was ready to face the world with a loving spirit, and Henry’s loss will bring both of these women to the brink.  This film will leave anyone in tears, so be ready.  And it tells the world why handicapped is a derogatory statement.  

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I’m sorry, did you just whistle at me – Patrick

Spider-man – Henry

I think someone is coming down with a bad case of the blues – Dr. Andy

Nothing. You say nothing – Dr. Davis

My son is not some case. He was a person – Gladys

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Fit to Kill – Review

Fit to Kill – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sadie is an unhappy member of the boomerang generation.  After graduating from FIT, Sadie thought the world was her oyster.  Instead, she moved back in with her mom and $50,000 in student loan debt.  Sadie doesn’t know what to do after another job opportunity turns out to be an unpaid internship.  Sadie discovers a sad truth in the job market.  Entry-level jobs require experience, but you can’t get experience without working.  She goes to her room to figure out the next steps.  As her mother offers encouragement, Sadie gets a phone call from her hiring agency.  The CEO of Fabulique, Claudia, needs a new executive assistant.  Claudia is an icon in the fashion industry and can put Sadie’s design career on the fast track.  With steely determination, Sadie plans to ace the interview.

Claudia is dismissive, rude, and uninterested during the interview, but Sadie wins Claudia over by talking about Claudia’s trailblazing legacy in the fashion world.  Claudia hires Sadie on the spot and hands Sadie a lengthy NDA.  Sadie’s mother believes the NDA is too extensive, but Sadie assures her mother it’s standard.

Sadie hits the ground running on her first day.  Justin, a fashion designer, enters and calls Sadie Kleenex because Claudia uses her assistance like tissue paper and throws them out (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Sadie ignores Julius and continues working, but the strange calls and emails bother her.  Sadie shows Claudia the email, and Claudia blames them on a disgruntled employee.  So, Sadie continues working until Claudia screams Sadie’s name.  Sadie runs into Claudia’s office to see Claudia holding a tabloid with her ex-husband and his new girlfriend.  Claudia blames Sadie for not shielding her from the article.  She thinks Sadie purposely did it to taunt her because her ex-husband left Claudia for someone Sadie’s age.  Claudia name-calls Sadie and throws Sadie out of her office.

Sadie looks into Claudia’s history and sees Claudia has a string of bad behavior.  And some speculate that the death of Claudia’s daughter wasn’t an accident.  Sadie decides enough is enough and wants to quit, but her mom tells her that giving two weeks’ notice is professional.  Sadie writes a letter of resignation, intending to give it to Claudia in the morning.  However, Claudia apologizes and offers to pay off Sadie’s student loans.  So, Sadie throws her letter in the trash and gets Claudia’s coffee.  On her coffee run, Elena gets Sadie’s attention.  Elena sees that Sadie is under Claudia’s spell and warns Sadie of the danger.  A few months ago, Claudia’s assistant, Lexi, disappeared.  Elena was Claudia’s assistant but got out before Claudia could destroy her life like her career.  Elena tells Sadie to leave while Sadie still can, but Sadie thinks Elena is another unhappy ex-employee vying for her job.  Sadie is dead wrong and will learn the hard way.

This movie feels like the classic Lifetime setup, but it’s so much more.  It offers a gritty drama, a unique look at office bullies, and a well-revealed twist.  Most LIfetime movies spoil their ending, but this one keeps you on the wrong path for the best OMG moment in Lifetime history.  Trust and believe the writers knew how point Lifetimers in the wrong direction.  The hints are so minuscule that you don’t pick them up until after the reveal with the 2-minute recap.  DVR this movie, and don’t watch it until you can give it your full attention.  It deserves it.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Never linger, darling.  It’s unbecoming – Claudia

You’re the new Kleenex – Julius

Welcome to the grind, baby – mom

Claudia, I promise this won’t happen again – Sadie

Was it you – mom

Wow, at least he was nice enough to give these back – Vince

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The Nature of Romance – Review

The Nature of Romance – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jackie is a freelance travel writer who goes to exotic and luxurious places to inform her readers.  After a blunderous morning, Jackie meets with her friend, Annette.  Annette thinks Jackie needs a break from the day-to-day.  She and her fiancé, Roger, rented an RV, but Roger couldn’t come.  Since they can’t get their money back on the RV, Annette suggests they take a girls’ trip and go glamping.  Jackie agrees to go, but Annette doesn’t want to drive.  Jackie, a first-time RV driver, happily takes command of the wheel and heads to the Willford State Park.  The map is confusing, but she finds the campgrounds.  Jackie is so focused and doesn’t see a ranger frantically waving at her.  Ranger Sean tells her that she must back into the space to hook up properly.  Sean tries to give her more information, but she believes she has a handle on the situation.  He waves his hands in defeat and leaves.

Ranger Sean has more pressing matters on his mind.  He applied for a grant to remodel the nature center.  Better equipment will bring in more campers, but he can’t get the funding without more attendees.  This catch-22 leaves him with no hope.  Ranger Daisy has something to help: a picture of his parents.  When Sean’s parents met, his mother was a ranger, and his dad was a camper.  They went on a hike, found fluorite, and fell in love.  Sean’s father turned the fluorite stone into an engagement ring for his future bride.  Sean wants to locate the spot in the picture, find another fluorite and turn it into a necklace for his mom.

Annette’s sister goes into early labor, and Annette leaves Jackie at the campsite to fend for herself.  It doesn’t take long for the experienced traveler to create ideas for the park.  She takes detailed notes and brings them to Sean.  Sean believes her notes have validity, but he doesn’t think she has respect for the land.  He wants to take her on a hike to show her the beauty of nature and find the fluorite.  When Daisy discovers Jackie’s profession, she wants Sean to use the hike to convince Jackie to write about the park and bring in tourists to get a grant.  Jackie and Sean will walk in his parents’ path to love.  And Jackie will develop a newfound inspiration to write.

Viewers get camping tips, RV tips, and a scavenger hunt with a love story.  Sean uses the clues in his parents’ picture to find the fluorite.  The twist is that a new picture finds the spot.  It will make sense when you watch the movie.  Now, viewers will get the classic moment of misunderstanding when both people realize they are in love leading to the kiss.  While this is predictable, it’s oddly satisfying to see the pair overcome and the park win.  So, watch this movie and get inspired to unplug.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

First time driving a motorhome – Sean

Sure, common sense – Jackie

I think she might like you – Daisy

Tell the baby that – Annette

Excuse me. Is this poison ivy – Mrs. Davis

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Road Trip Romance – Review

Road Trip Romance – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Megan calls her sister, Claire, before an important business meeting.  She assures Claire that she will be back home before Claire’s bachelorette party tonight.  Megan can’t wait to give the toast, give Claire something borrowed, and act as maid of honor.  Megan waits in the lobby for over an hour and becomes increasingly impatient with every passing minute.  When the boss comes down with the owner of Novelties R Us, they are concluding their interview. Megan recognizes him as Alden, her old high school rival.  Megan completes the long-running meeting with a glum response.  She prepares to head to the airport but gets a notification on her phone.  The Denver Airport closed due to a baggage handler strike.  She has no choice but to drive to Wichita.

Megan arrives at the car rental office with a long line ahead of her.  She gives a sob story to the attendant and gets to cut in line.  She gets a car but runs into Alden again.  He needs to make it back to Witchita for his father’s retirement party.  He never misses family events and doesn’t want to disappoint his family.  He pleads to Megan for a ride.  After taking pity on his predicament, Megan says yes.  Megan plans to have an awkward ride home with her long-time rival.  Instead, she will experience a car crash, a town in the dark, a schemer, and love.

The movie proves that what can go wrong will go wrong.  Each time Megan and Alden make two steps forward, they take one step back.  At most times, it’s Megan’s doing.  She still competes with Alden to prove she is right now like she was right then.  During this road trip to love, she learns humility and cooperation.  Their constant mishaps make this romantic movie pure comedy.  And it’s worth viewing.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You have a genius for stating the obvious – Megan

You go, girl – Claire

I call shotgun – Alden

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Trophy Wife – Review

Trophy Wife – BET – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Toni wakes up in bed alone.  She questions her husband, Marc, about his late-night activities when he walks into their bedroom.  At first, he blames her accusations on her depression and anxiety, but she smells the perfume on his shirt.  He says his clients asked to go to a strip club to close the deal.  Toni doesn’t believe Marc, but she doesn’t have proof.  Marc leaves for work but promises to come home tonight for a romantic dinner.

Nicole, Toni’s friend, visits and sees her handsome landscaper, August.  Toni confides about Marc’s infidelity and broken promises.  Marc told Toni if she quit her job, they could start a family.  And she agreed.  Today, Marc is a successful game designer with his partner, Victor, and has zero children.  Nicole can see that Toni is hurting but distracts Toni with her engagement party.  Nicole and Victor are engaged but haven’t set a date for the nuptials.

Marc’s assistant, Wanda, walks Carmen into Marc’s office.  She is there to interview Marc for her magazine.  When Victor tries to discuss potentially selling the business, Marc doesn’t want to hear it.  Victor comments about the late hour, but Marc blows him off.  Instead of having a romantic dinner, Marc spends the evening in bed with Carmen.  He tells Carmen that he will never leave Toni because her name opens doors.

Marc comes home to find that Toni locked him out.  He presents Toni with a diamond tennis bracelet and a vow to start a family.  She forgives him but wakes up alone again.  Toni walks around the house and finds him talking to someone on the phone.  He tells the caller that it’s over for them and he is staying with his wife.

Before the party, Marc’s sister, London, and his mother, Doris, come over to offer help.  But they have immense disdain for Toni.  They think she is a gold digger, and Toni thinks London leeches money from Marc.  Marc breaks them apart before the altercation becomes physical.

In high fashion, Toni and Marc put on an air of happiness.  Nicole comments on Toni’s bracelet, and she gives it to Nicole.  Victor approaches Marc about the sale of their company.  They have a few weeks to decide, and the offer is for $200 million.  But Marc says he won’t sell, and Victor can’t sell it without him.  Victor leaves and sees Carmen walking up.  He tells Carmen that she’s unstable and to leave.  Carmen refuses, and Toni approaches.  The two women have a heated exchange, and Toni tells Marc to handle it.  Inside, Toni and Marc argue, and London blames Toni.  When Marc walks away, Toni throws a glass at him.  Toni’s friends and family believe that the mixture of medication and alcohol caused her behavior to change.  Marc retreats, telling Toni that he will call their lawyer to draw up the divorce.

Toni hasn’t heard from Marc and checks with his family, friends, and mistress.  No one has seen him.  After 24 hours, Toni goes to the police to report Marc and his boat missing.  Soon they find it unattended, and Marc’s body washed up onshore.  The coroner classified Marc’s death a homicide due to blunt force trauma.  Now they have to pull apart his life to find the killer.  They must decide between a gold digger, leech, business partner, or mistress. Whodunit?

This mystery goes to some dark places but in the best way.  It covers mental illness, involuntary commitment, and self-harm while pulling its viewer into a watchable enigma.  Without giving too much away, you must pay attention to the character’s actions, not just their words.  Every character has a flaw that makes them look guilty.  Without a standard hero, this movie makes you do a double-take for each person.  It will be better to DVR this film, so you can fast forward through the commercials and watch it twice.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

It’s not what you think – Marc

Well, he can landscape my yard anytime he wants to – Nicole 

Really, a flower? – Toni

Isn’t she fancy – London

That fool still don’t want to sell – Victor

Don’t you look good tonight – Carmen

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