#Firestarter – Movie Review

Firestarter – Budget Unknown – 2 hours and 0 minutes

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Andy wakes from a nightmare to see his daughter, Charlie, sitting in the kitchen, playing with a lighter.  She tells him that she is experiencing weird feelings again and can’t sleep.  He tells her to use the techniques he taught her to control her emotions.  When his wife, Vicky, wakes up, Andy makes them pancakes.  

Charlie makes a mistake at school during frog dissection.  The teacher tells Charlie not to fret because she can look up the frog’s intestines on Google.  Charlie reminds the teacher that she doesn’t have the internet.  The teacher remembers and apologies.  Later, Charlie plays dodgeball with her classmates, and her bully, Gavin, slams a ball at the back of her head.  Charlie runs to the bathroom and turns on all the faucets.  The teacher finds a sweltering room with boiling stalls when she checks on Charlie.  Then, an explosion comes from Charlie’s stall.  The principal and the police want answers about how Charlie caused the explosion.  

Andy starts to pack their things to go on the run again.  He worries that DSI will come after them after Charlie’s explosion.  Charlie overhears the conversation and wants to know about DSI.  For years, Andy and Vicky kept this secret from Charlie.  Now, they decide to tell her the truth.  During college, Vicky and Andy participated in an experiment for a chemical called LOX-6.  It gave Andy the ability to control people’s minds and Vicky the power to move objects.  DSI stole Charlie after learning she was pyrokinetic shortly after Charlie was born.  Andy used his powers to get Charlie back.  Andy believes Charlie’s explosion exposed DSI to their location, and this exposure is why Andy never allowed the family to have WiFi or cell phones.  However, Vicky blames Andy.  Vicky thought they should train Charlie, but Andy wanted to suppress her because his power makes his eyes bleed.  Charlie becomes increasingly upset and accidently sets Vicky’s arms on fire.  Andy bandages Vicky’s arms and makes plans to leave the next day.  To calm Charlie down, Andy takes Charlie out for ice cream.

They come home after their sweet tooth run, and Charlie admits that she meant to hurt Andy.  He forgives her outburst and enters the house.  When Andy sees pictures off the wall and glass on the floor, Andy knows something is wrong.  He runs into the living room and sees Rainbird behind a pendant light with a knife at Charlie’s throat.  Rainbird tells Andy that DSI sent him, and they want Charlie alive.  Then Vicky’s deceased body falls to the floor.  Charlie becomes enraged and creates a blast to knock Rainbird to the ground.  Andy and Charlie go on the run, but Dr. Jane, Rainbird, and DSI aren’t through with them yet. 

Based on Firestarter by Stephen King and a remake of the 1984 cult classic Firestarter, the producers marketed this film as a horror, but it doesn’t have the jump scares you expect (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Viewers should expect a sci-fi thriller more than a horror flick.  With time, this remake has better graphics and special effects.  Unlike the original, the parents don’t agree on rearing young Charlie.  It’s the equivalent of Professor X and Magneto fighting over Jean Gray.  One person wants Charlie to contain her abilities, while the other wants her to train and hone them.  While this won’t be another cult classic, it has compelling special effects and solid acting from a young actress. 

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I wish you would talk to mom about this – Andy

I don’t have Google – Charlie

That stuff rots your brain – Vicky

Where did they go – Rainbird

We wanna understand her – Jane 

There are none so blind as those who will not see – Joseph

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  1. Can someone tell me where the cellphone came from, that Charlie used to called 911 after she burned her mom? Her dad had just said, “The bad people ate why we can’t have cellphones or computers.. ”
    Pathetic film making.


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