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Line Sisters – Review

Line Sisters – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Fifteen years ago, Simona, Valerie, Cassandra, and Dominique watched their friend Brianne get kicked off the line for lying.  To cross the line, the remaining four girls need to complete the bridge over troubled water challenge.  Then, they will become Alpha Beta Omega sorors.  But when Simona discovers they don’t have to swim across the river, she becomes upset.  Big sister Jodi explains that the sorority stopped it after a girl drowned.  Now, they drink river water from a chalice.  Simona decides she wants the authentic pledge experience and convinces the others to join her in a swim.  Halfway across, Cassandra struggles to stay afloat, and Jodi jumps in.  The girls help Cassandra, but they can’t find Jodi.  They decide to protect the chapter and keep the cause of Jodi’s death a secret.  

Today, Valerie is a high-powered attorney who won Cassandra’s case against her controlling estranged husband, Mitch.  After the trial, Mitch confronts Cassandra, but Valerie and Dominique stop him.  They decide the best thing is to get away, and Black Greek Week is the perfect escape.  Valerie swears she sees Mitch but can’t catch up to him at the mixer.  Then, Jodi’s best friend, Ashlee, confronts them about Jodi’s death.  They dismiss her and take a yacht to their AirBnB.  After a string of bad incidences, the ladies decide to cook for themselves and run into Gamma Omega Gamma at the grocery store.  The Gammas bring up Jodi, and the three threaten them.  When they get back to the house, they find water on the floor.  They investigate the source and find their line jackets in an overflowing sink with bleach.  They search the house and find Simona in the kitchen.  Valerie asks Simona about her attendance, and Simona says she got an invite.  Valerie explains it wasn’t from her, because Valerie still blames Simona for Jodi’s death.  Cassandra and Dominique tell them to get along for the sake of the sisterhood.  They decide to make the most out of the rest of the week.  But someone lurks in the shadows with worms, snakes, and knives for their revenge.

This movie is I Know What You Did Last Summer with a turn up (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While the plot tries to throw in red herrings with a crazy ex-husband, angry sorors, and a rival sorority, Lifetimers can see the perpetrator coming a mile away.  This plot of revenge is nothing new to the savvy watcher.  The movie is watchable with crazy one-liners, an allergy, and lots of wine.  But watch to see the truth revealed by the killer, and the last 10 seconds will have you on the edge of your seat.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You know what? I’ve been called worse by better people, Mitch – Dominique

This ain’t the real housewives.  Ya’ll be nice when choosing a room – Valerie

It’s that hair – Cassandra

Can I put my hands down, now – Simona

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Old Flames Never Die – Review

Old Flames Never Die – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Actor Tyson and writer Kira have one more party before they get married.  The power couple has the entire world at their fingertips.  Until Kira receives a text message from her friend, it links to a sex tape featuring Tyson and an unknown woman.  Tyson tries to explain that it happened while they were on a break, and he didn’t know the woman filmed him, but Kira won’t listen.  Days later, the police interview Kira because the woman is dead, and they believe she or Tyson did it.  As Kira crudely escorts the officer out of the house, Randy, her handyman, calls her.  Kira has a rental property in her hometown, and Randy keeps an eye on it.  Yesterday, someone broke in and cut up the mattress looking for something.  The new tenants felt uncomfortable after the break-in and left in the middle of the night.  Kira gets the idea to stay at the home while she escapes reporters and Tyson.  Kira hasn’t been back in years because her parents died and her boyfriend, Shawn, went missing on their hiking trip.  Kira used this experience to write her first novel.

Kira meets Randy at her rental, and they go out and have some fun.  The townspeople don’t know why Kira is there, so she lies and says it’s for her next book.  Kira runs into Sheriff Wade, and Wade tells Kira that his son, Weston, runs the brewery.  Weston was Kira’s high school sweetheart, but their relationship ended when she moved to LA.  They quickly fall into the flow of things and spend the night together.  But an old classmate, Avery, warns her that Weston has an unhealthy attraction to Kira.  Kira decides to heed the warning, but it’s too late.  Weston planned this for years and will destroy anyone who tries to stop him.

As Weston unravels, you want there to be more to the story.  There aren’t any unexpected twists.  If you watch plenty of Lifetime movies, you can pick out the evident twist as characters reveal their lives.  By the end of the film, you engage to see how crazy Weston will become.  Let’s say it takes several people to put him down.  While this won’t be a favorite for the Vicious Valentines slot, it’s a decent way to kill two hours.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I don’t care. I just want you to love me – Tyson

You need to let go of this little crush – Randy

Now you know – Weston

So if you never meet him, why would he come for your – Kira

Kira, his feelings for you aren’t healthy.  You should be careful – Avery

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Cut, Color, Murder – Review

Cut, Color, Murder – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Ali works at and owns the local salon with her mother, Carol, and sister, Chelsea.  As usual, the salon is buzzing with the latest town gossip.  And it’s at an all-time high because the Ms. Golden Peak pageant will start soon.  Years ago, Ali won the crown, but that’s overshadowed by her victory lap fall.  Even today, Ali can laugh off the moment with grace.  As Rachel and Ali work on customers’ hair, Beth does manicures.  And they are all talking about the pageant’s owner, Mitzi.  While Ali credits Mitzi with the salon’s success, everyone else considers Mitzi power-hungry because she owns half the town.  Then Mitzi walks into the shop, and they are on their best behavior.  When Sterling arrives, Mitzi asks him about removing her oak tree.  And she threatens to fire him if he doesn’t.  Sterling asks Ali for a non-date, and she accepts.  Ali still mourns the loss of her husband, Detective Dan, who died on the job.  Then, Darren, the pageant’s host, walks in with a tremendous announcement.  He got the job as a weatherman in Boise.  During his news, Ali hears Sarah and Olivia arguing.  They are stage moms who competed against each other in the pageant’s past.  Mitzi stops them and reminds them that she expects her contestants to be better.  Mitzi believes that Sarah’s daughter, Connor, and Olivia’s daughter, Lisa, have a chance to win.  Then Mitzi spots Chelsea.  She thinks Chelsea is an unconventional beauty who could win the contest and tells Chelsea to enter.

Later, Ali, Carol, and their co-workers convince Chelsea to enter the pageant at the restaurant.  She could win $25,000 for her college education.  Then Sheriff Fred walks over and introduces the newcomer, Detective Kyle.  Kyle can’t believe Fred uses Ali for intel, but Fred knows everyone comes to her salon and talks.  Also, Ali has a detective’s eye for detail.

At the pageant, Mitzi calls Kyle because someone broke into Mitzi’s office.  They didn’t steal anything, but they threw things around.  Kyle gathers information but doesn’t believe there is anything he can do about it.  Then, Mitzi pulls her director, Dan, aside and reminds him that she is in charge.  The pageant’s caterer, Arnold, begs Mitzi not to split his business.  She tells him to bring down his prices and stop putting quinoa in her food.  Mitzi walks over to Lisa and tells her she is out of the pageant.  Someone told Mitzi that Lisa’s GPA was 3.4999, and it should be 3.5 or higher.  When Lisa tells Olivia, Olivia sees Sarah with a smile on her face.  Moments later, they all hear a scream.  Mitzi is dead with a pair of scissors on her back.  The scissors have Rachel’s name engraved on them.  When Kyle has them tested, they have Chelsea’s prints on them.  Ali takes Kyle’s suspicions personally when her sister and stylist are at the top of the suspect list.  She will take a hail of gunfire to prove them innocent.

One of the few original movies not based on a book is coming out strong.  It presents a dynamic storyline with lots of suspects, a villainous victim, and an overarching story for more movies to come.  The film introduces the new cast with solid timing and intriguing backstories.  This pace can be hard to achieve, but the writers do it with ease and grace.  If you have ever sat in a salon chair, you know that talking and gossip are free and expect.  So in a small town, the hairdresser knows all.  As clients sit in Ali’s chair, you will sit closer to the screen, wanting to know all while pulling their story apart for clues.  Add this movie to your DVR list and keep room for it.  It will be one of your favorites.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Me? – Chelsea

Oh, honey. You are so pretty, in an unconventional way – Mitzi

But, you do know it’s personal now – Allie

Like the tide. Don’t try to understand it. Just respect it – Fred

You’re kidding? If people use my shears, they die – Rachel

Why don’t I believe you – Kyle

Every other weekend. I like to sleep in on Sundays – Beth

Good job? She almost got herself killed – Carol

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Listen Out for Love – Review

Listen Out for Love – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Peyton works as a producer at a podcasting company.  Her ex-boyfriend, Graham, broke up after his podcast became a household name.  Then he moved the podcast to a different company.  Peyton pitched an idea for a new flagship podcast, but her boss, Olivia, didn’t believe it had the wow factor.  Olivia wants Alex McKinney.  He hosts a show called Bringing It that has a reputation for sandbagging its guests.  Peyton thinks Alex’s TV show is too low-brow, but Olivia won’t budge.  Olivia tells Peyton to land the deal for a promotion.  Peyton takes a deep breath and meets Alex at a rock climbing wall.  While Peyton’s lack of preparation confounds him, Alex likes her perseverance.  Alex tells Peyton he will think about it, but he has to leave to meet a friend for lunch.  Worried she hasn’t sealed the deal, Peyton walks with him.  When they arrive at the restaurant, Alex’s friend leaves Peyton in a state of shock.  It’s Peyton’s favorite guru, Jacqueline Gray.  Peyton gets advice from Jacqueline’s books every day.  Before Peyton can speak, Alex shakes Peyton’s hand, walks away, and joins Jacqueline.

A few days later, Olivia lets Peyton know that Alex signed with their company.  And she expects Peyton to get Alex up to speed and clean up his show.  After some back and forth, they can’t come up with an idea they both like until they meet with Jacqueline.  It’s hard for Jacqueline to find someone, so Peyton and Alex decide to help.  They will turn Alex’s show on anti-love into a podcast with several episodes about Jacqueline finding love.  When the podcast comes before Jacqueline’s feelings, will it end Peyton and Alex’s personal and professional relationship?

In a world of online dating, Alex and Peyton have to figure out the best way for Jacqueline to find someone.  With her high profile, Jacqueline needs to be wary of the men she attracts in her life.  While Jacqueline’s love story is the subplot, it’s far more interesting than the main storyline.  Also, Graham coming back doesn’t spark the fear and worry the writers expect.  In these movies, you know the ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is a non-factor.  Although, Graham does allow Jacqueline to pull the ultimate boss move.  For maximum watching pleasure, focus on Jacqueline and her storyline.  You can put the rest on the back burner.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Prepare as if you know the outcome but always be willing to adapt – Peyton

Making up your lack of preparedness with perseverance.  I can dig it  Alex

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