#NoTimeToDie – Movie Reviews

No Time To Die – Budget of $250 – 301 million – 2 hours and 43 minutes

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After taking down Spectre, Bond retired the spy’s life for a quaint life with Madeleine.  But she can see that Bond keeps looking over his shoulder.  Madeleine tells him to make peace with his past if he wants to stop looking back.  If he makes peace, Madeleine will tell Bond her secrets.  Bond goes to Vesper Lynd’s tomb but quickly finds himself under attack.  One of his attackers says that Madeleine is the daughter of Spectre.  Bond goes back to Madeleine, claims she betrayed him, puts her on a train, and walks away.  Five years later, Felix leaves a clue for Bond to find him.  Bond locates Felix, and Felix tells Bond that someone kidnapped a Mi6 scientist named Valdo Obruchev.  He was working on the perfect weapon that would ensure zero collateral damage.  Bond says no and leaves, but his car won’t start.  A woman, whom he bumped into at the club, offers him a ride.  At his home, the woman reveals her name is Nomi, and she is the new 007.  After she tells him the truth about the weapon’s origin, Bond agrees to help Felix.  While Bond believes Spectre and Blofeld are behind the plot, they are merely puppets.  The puppet master will collide Bond’s past with his future while uncovering Madeleine’s secrets.  

The follow-up to Spectre picks up where the last movie left off (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Bond is riding off into the sunset with the woman of his dreams with no plans of looking back.  But the life of love and relaxation doesn’t last long for this agent.  However, Bond goes five years working as he sees fit and not at the command of M.  He enjoys a peaceful existence without love.  When Bond gets back into action, he is petal to the metal.  But he has the problem every seasoned vet deals with: Fresh Recruits.  They are fawning or attempting to squash his mythical accomplishment.  While the movie is entertaining and puts a chef’s kiss on several characters, it’s too long.  The editors could remove 30 to 45 minutes of this film and still create an entertaining movie.  You don’t have to see other Bond films to jump into this one, but it helps.  If you are a fan of this series, you will thoroughly enjoy this film at maximum cost and IMAX.  Otherwise, see it at the matinee price.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Double o what? – Nomi

You understand me the same way I understand you – Lyutsifer Safin

You’re right. Letting go is hard – James Bond

It’s growing on me – Madeleine

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