#Cinderella – VOD Review

Cinderella – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 53 minutes

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Ella, known as Cinderella to her step-sisters, dreams of having a dress shop in her small village, but women aren’t allowed to run businesses.  At home, she designs dresses and tries to sell them on the street.  However, her stepmother, Vivian, tells Ella to stop.  She wants Ella and her step-sisters, Narissa and Malvolia, to focus on getting rich husbands, so they can move up on the social ladder and get out of poverty.  At the palace, King Rowan wants his son, Prince Robert, to get married.  The kingdom believes Robert is too irresponsible to rule, so Rowan wants Robert to change their minds by settling down.  When Robert says no, Rowan gets an idea.  He will have a ball with all the princesses from other lands so Robert can find a bride.  And the village is invited.  During this royal decree, Ella climbs a statue to get a better look.  It’s not long before the entire town is looking at this odd girl.  She tells Rowan to add some bleachers for the poor people in the back and climbs down.  Robert gets an idea.  He will have the ball, but only if all women are eligible.  No matter their wealth or status.  Rowan agrees.  While Queen Beatrice prepares the ball, Robert can’t get the girl on the statue off his mind.  He loves that she spoke up to Rowan, so he dresses like a villager and goes to town to find her.  He bumps into Ella selling dresses on the street.  She doesn’t recognize him but offers him a dress.  He buys it and becomes inspired by her dreams.  He says he will meet her at the ball and introduce her to others who will purchase her wears.  She is ecstatic.

Ella goes home to tell Vivian, and Vivian says no because selling dresses at a royal event would embarrass Vivian.  Heartbroken, Ella prepares her dress for the ball.  But when Vivian sees Ella, Vivian spills ink on Ella’s dress.  Vivian knew Narissa and Malvolia wouldn’t have a shot at the prince with Ella looking so beautiful.  She tells Ella the ball is for an eligible woman, and Vivian pledged Ella’s hand to another male suitor, Mr. Cecil.  Ella cries in her room and dreams of her shop.  But she knows the dream is over without the ball.  However with the help of someone Fabulous, Ella’s dreams will come true.

This twist on an all too familiar fairy tale is a welcome change (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  They didn’t just rewrite the attitude of Ella; the writers did it for Robert, Beatrice, Princess Gwen, and Vivian.  Be prepared because this film is more of a musical than its predecessors.  The soundtrack will have something for everyone with songs like Rhythm NationMaterial GirlWhatta Man, and Am I Wrong combined with new songs.  If you are a purist, this won’t be a Cinderella film for you.  Of course, Idina is the stand-out.  She makes the stepmother less wicked and more defeated.  You have compassion for her pain.  If you like a modern twist on the classic with a dash of fabulous, you will enjoy this film.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

No, but chicks dig it – Mr. Cecil

I’m into it – Malvolia

Every girl is work more when she smiles – Vivian

You have dirt on your face – Narissa

I would be embarrassed if I wasn’t so bored with my life – Princess Gwen

I don’t make up the rules, I’m just the king – King Rowan

I don’t have a single bat in my belfry – Prince Robert

That’s impossible. I am the only one who can speak me – Cinderella

Women shoes are as they are. Even magic has its limits – Fabulous God Ma-va

What fresh hell is this – Queen Beatrice

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