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The Virgin Sinners – Review

The Virgin Sinners – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Six months ago, someone called Aubrey and her friends the seven deadly sins.  At first, the girls hated it, but now they embrace it. Aubrey is Pride because she likes to answer questions in class to prove she is better than everyone else.  Katie is Greed because her daddy indulges her every whim. They gave Envy to Stacey because she wants everything Katie has.  Robyn got Sloth because Robyn does well but does their bare minimum to get anything to obtain or keep.  Molly is Gluttony because Molly fills the hole of self-hate with food.  They gave Tori Wrath because she is angry at the world for everything.  Finally, virgin Grace is Lust.  She broke up with her boyfriend, Kit because she is attracted to Tori.  Grace goes home to her family after school, and her father, Pastor Dean, is filled with rage.  Someone confessed to the Dean about Grace and her friends.  He wants Grace to come home directly after school and to stop hanging out with the Sins.  She doesn’t want to be a sheep and follow the bible blindly. And since the town’s talking, Grace decides to live up to her sin.  But first, she has to find out who snitched to her dad in their confessional.  During class, Grace grabs Aubrey’s journal while Aubrey went to the bathroom.  Inside the journal, the ladies reveal that Aubrey kept an account of every bad thing they had ever done.  They decide to teach her a lesson by having a sinners’ meeting under the guise of bible study.  When that doesn’t scare Aubrey enough, they grab Aubrey off the street, put her into a car, and beat her up.  Overcome with guilt, Grace stops and pulls the girls aside to talk sense into them.  But when they turn around, Aubrey is gone. A few days later, Aubrey’s body is in a lake with a rose in her mouth. Grace wants to find the killer before the killer comes after her.  

This movie starts as The Craft and morphs into a Lifetime mystery after the first hour (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  With bible verses, witches, and satanic rituals, this film has something for everyone.  However, the plot will leave some behind as the killer monologues with details about the crime and why they did it.  It doesn’t take long before you need a second viewing to understand everything that happened.  As Aubrey takes you through the events that brought on her demise, you cross off suspects in your head.  But with seven deadly sins, you may need a notebook and a pen to keep it straight.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Are you done – Tori

Who needs a savior, when you have the lord – Aubrey

If people want to talk. Then let’s give them something to talk about – Grace

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Designed for Death – Review

Designed for Death – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jim wants to have his home redecorated before his wife, Miranda, and daughter, Chelsea, come home from Rome.  After looking up interior designers online, Jim calls Ava because he likes her portfolio.  Jim wants Ava to start as soon as possible and gives her more money than she requested.  When Ava finishes the job, she sits Jim down to talk, but Miranda and Chelsea come home early.  The changes to the home pleasantly surprise the women, but no one sees Ava’s fury.  For days, Ava fantasized about Jim leaving his wife for her.  Ava walks away and starts to formulate a devious plan to get Jim by her side, Chelsea under her thumb, and Miranda out of the way.  Jim has no idea the evil he brought into his life.  He will suffer a fire, a separation, and sitting by a dying loved one’s bedside.

This movie is something you have to watch closely and with a quality screen.  If you pay attention, you will see that Ava named all the cameras she installed in the house.  This small detail lets you inside her mind’s depraved state.  She uses her ex-boyfriend and Jim’s acquaintances to create must-see TV,  It’s almost frightening to see her eat popcorn while watching the mayhem.  As she breaks apart, the movie shows you why from beginning to end.  You see that Ava had an abusive mother who told Ava no one would love her.  Like Ava, have popcorn at the ready.  And if you have a small TV, have a pause button to read the screen or glasses. It will be worth it.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Well, that was a quick rebound – Betty

No they don’t.  I chose everything in this house.  Everything – Ava

It’s nice – Miranda

Thanks for asking this one to help you – Jim

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Sweet Revenge: A Hannah Swensen Mystery – Review

Sweet Revenge: A Hannah Swensen Mystery – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hannah’s mother, Delores, buzzes with excitement because her book launch party is in a few days.  She wants Hannah to make Cream Puffs for the occasion and dress in a period-appropriate gown.  Delores, like everyone else, wants to know the date of Hannah and Mike’s wedding.  Each time Hannah and Mike get time together, someone interrupts them.  To add to their interruptions, Hannah’s sister, Michelle, came to town for the party, and Hannah shares the town gossip.  Days before, as Delores and Hannah bickered, a woman confronted a customer, Ronni, calls Ronni a homewrecker, and throws a drink in Ronni’s face.  Hannah ran over to help Ronni.  Ronni told Hannah she is okay and left the bakery.  With the events behind her, Hannah goes to her morning spin class.  Afterward, she sees Ronni’s car with the word homewrecker spray-painted on the side.  The next day, Hannah goes to the gym’s jacuzzi with Michelle to relax but finds Ronni dead.  With an FBI agent looking over Mike’s shoulder, Mike and Hannah will investigate Ronni’s co-workers, ex-husband, and current lover to crack the case.  

Have your Candy Bar Cookies, Blueberry Crunch Cookies, and Mega Chocolate Chip Cookies nearby for this mystery.  Based on Cream Puff Murder by Joanne Fluke, this movie turns up the gossip before presenting the audience with a murder (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Unlike other mysteries that give you a glimpse of the victim before their death, you feel like a fly on the wall as you see Ronni’s life unfolding in front of you.  This version of storytelling makes you a part of the movie, not just a person watching on the sidelines.  This killer’s reveal will stun you with just a small item.  Don’t worry, this mystery has a new title but the same great stories.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I’m a writer, Hannah. I’m very intuitive – Delores

You wanna have a backyard wedding. Mom would lose her mind.  I love it – Michelle

She’s our mother, not a velociraptor – Hannah

Just being thorough – Mike

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Lethal Love Triangle – Review

Lethal Love Triangle – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Professor Dr. Stone is not happy with her teaching assistant and student, Julia.  Julia arrived late again, but she promises it won’t happen anymore.  If it does, Dr. Stone promises to take away Julia’s job.  For the students’ next assignment, Dr. Stone wants them to interview a convicted criminal and write a profile.  But Julia still has to research information for Dr. Stone’s next book.  It’s Erin to the rescue.  Erin is Dr. Stone’s second teaching assistant, a criminology student, and Julia’s best friend and roommate.  Erin loves to party and stays out at all hours of the night, but she makes it to class on time every day.  And unlike Julia, Erin had to plead for the teaching assistant job with Dr. Stone.  Erin devises a plan to divide and conquer.  Erin will find the criminal to interview, and Julia will finish Dr. Stone’s research.  By the end of the night, Erin hands Cole’s information to an exhausted Julia.  A jury convicted Cole of killing a married couple after the wife rejected his advances.  When the husband tried to save his wife, Cole killed him too.  When Erin and Julia present their choice, Dr. Stone has some concerns.  She worries that Cole will manipulate Julia because Julia is timid.  During the interview, Cole still declares his innocence while Erin flirts with him.  But as they write their profiles, new evidence in Cole’s case frees him.  A man committed suicide and left a note admitting that he killed the couple.  Unmatched DNA in the case file matches the man, so Cole got an early release.  After Erin and Julia request more time for their paper, Cole meets them in the campus courtyard.  Cole focuses on Julia, but Erin focuses on him.  He invites them to dinner, but Julia makes an excuse and walks away.  Later that night, Erin meets up with Cole at a bar and sleeps with him.  She never tells Julia.  But when Erin goes missing, Julia wonders if Cole got away with murder, and now, kidnapping.

Talk about burying the lead.  This movie’s title gives nothing away because there isn’t a love triangle.  Julia nor Dr. Stone show interest nor profess love for Cole throughout the film.  All that aside, you get a captivating mystery.  With a hard-nosed detective following Cole and Julia, audiences must investigate two crimes.  Erin’s disappearance forces Julia to take the lead and look into the crime as a working profiler.  While the title is misleading, the case is intriguing.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Don’t make me sound like Yoda, Julia – Dr. Stone

Oh my god.  My heart is pounding out of my chest right now – Erin

I don’t need your help. And why do you care anyway – Julia

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The 27-Hour Day – Review

The 27-Hour Day – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Efficiency blogger, Lauren, creates tips so we can maximize our time and have 27 hours in a day.  Her blog gained national attention, including that of Barbara Davrow.  Barbara hosts speaking engagements each year, and the guest speakers get TV shows, book deals, and expanded brands.  When Barbara calls Lauren for a meet-and-greet, Lauren can barely hide her enthusiasm.  In her meeting, Lauren spouts her accolades, future endeavors, and hopes for her brand.  But midway, Barbara stops Lauren and asks her about self-care.  Barbara, while the queen of efficiency, believes in an adequate work-life balance.  Barbara becomes increasingly concerned when she learns that Lauren has never taken a vacation.  Just like that, the meeting is over.  Lauren wants to make a good impression on Barbara, so Lauren decides to take a break.  After researching online, Lauren found a ‘no tech’ vacation and makes reservations at the Meadowlawn Retreat.  When Lauren arrives, she has a tough time letting go of her devices, but she has activities planned.  There is only one issue.  Meadowlawn doesn’t have clocks.  So, time-watcher Lauren can’t schedule her life to the second any time soon.  On her second day, she tries to take a relaxing walk and spots a farmhand named Jack.  The barn intrigues her because she doesn’t remember seeing an animal aspect of the retreat.  Jack tells her there is no animal aspect, and he is more than a farmhand.  He is part-owner of the Meadowlawn.  And Jack works as the handyman while overseeing the retreat’s expansion.  He can tell she is an overworked and overstressed New Yorker and offers his help.  Throughout Lauren’s stay, they keep bumping into each other.  Each time, Jack helps Lauren find that peace that she lost.  However, Jack will need her expertise.  Meadowlawn’s investors may decide to go with a bigger hotel chain, but they offer Jack another opportunity to present his proposal.  Lauren rolls up her sleeves to help Jack prepare.  As she works with Jack and his family, Lauren discovers the Jack behind the businessman.  Is helping Meadowlawn hurting Jack’s aspirations?

Jack’s dreams give this storyline a much-needed twist.  It’s pretty easy to see where Lauren’s plot will conclude, but giving Jack an aspiration to pursue is a nice change.  In the end, you will start to worry if these two will become a couple.  With these small but significant changes to the plot, your eyes will stay locked to the screen.  Also, Barbara makes a second-act appearance, which is unheard of in these movies. The writers, like Lauren, made efficient use of the plot.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

If I do anymore reflecting, I’m gonna turn into a mirror – Lauren

Soon, you won’t even miss these – Ayla

Well she’s gonna need some time to adjust – Jack

What is it that you want for yourself – Sally

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I’m Fine (Thanks for Asking) – Review

I’m Fine (Thanks for Asking) – BET Her – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Recently widowed Danny uses the ring of her late husband, Sam, to make an angel wish with her daughter, Wes.  Danny wishes for Wes to give her a big smile, but Wes wishes for a fan.  After many nights under the hot sun, Wes is over camping.  Wes brushes her teeth, gets dress, and walks with her mom to the babysitter’s home.  Before they knock on the babysitter’s door, Danny makes Wes promise to keep their camping a secret.  Unbeknownst to Wes, they are not camping.  Danny couldn’t make ends meet after Sam died and lost her home.  Danny promised Wes they would have a house by today.

Danny does every odd job to save money to get a place, and she is only $200 short.  After braiding a customer’s hair, Danny waits to get paid.  But the client has bad news.  The client’s mom found the money and used it for a utility bill.  Danny is furious.  She skates to the manager of the apartment and gives him the money.  As he counts the money, Danny’s heart sinks.  He points out that she doesn’t have the full deposit.  She pleads for more time.  He reminds Danny that he has other people waiting for the apartment willing to pay the listed rent price.  He offered Danny a discounted rent for the apartment.  He decides to give Danny to the end of the day to get the $200, and Danny agrees.  Now, she will do hair, deliver food, and meet with a gold dealer to get the money.  When everything falls, will Danny trade a promise to keep a promise? Well, don’t worry because Danny is fine.  Thanks for asking.

Those five words in the title speak volumes for any person that uttered them in their darkest moments.  As you see Danny struggle, she meets with friends, old classmates, and grumpy clients, and Danny keeps telling them all that she is “fine.”  Some people are genuinely worried for her and Wes, but Danny doesn’t want to let them know.  It makes you think about the times you had too much pride to seek help.  Or if someone you know isn’t coming to you because of their pride.  As society changes, we learn how toxic “I’m fine” is and ask people to open up.  This movie exposes the truth behind the words “I’m fine” for so many people in today’s world.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

We gonna do this Sam – Danny

Do you promise this is our last night camping – Wes

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