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Secrets on Sorority Row – Review

Secrets on Sorority Row – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

In 1997, preschool best friends, Michelle and Kelly, rush Epsilon Theta.  Before rushing, Kelly, at Michelle’s urging, wrote her boyfriend, Lucas, a letter.  She ended their relationship.  Lucas tried to convince Kelly to give him another chance, but Michelle and fellow pledge, Stacey, stopped him.  That night, the sorors haze Kelly, Michelle, and Stacey.  And if one of the girls crack, none of them will get into the sorority.  The last game is a drinking game.  The three girls must finish an entire bottle of vodka to become pledges.  Kelly doesn’t drink, so Michelle offers to finish hers, but that’s against the rules.  Stacey and Michelle try to come up with a plan.  Instead, Kelly grabs the bottle and guzzles it all.  All three girls get in but learned none of it was necessary.  They would have gotten in either way.  Michelle leaves and asks Stacey to keep an eye on Kelly.  However, Kelly falls down the stairs and dies.  Twenty-two years later, Michelle is a professor at the college with a daughter, Quinn, attending.  While Quinn knows Michelle is proud, Quinn doesn’t want to attend college or pledge.  Michelle says Quinn can skip pledging, but she should give school another try.  During history class, Quinn takes notice of a quick-witted girl named Lucy.  Lucy plans on rushing Epsilon Theta and will get brownie points for bringing a legacy.  She asks Quinn to come to a rush party.  Quinn begrudgingly says yes.  After one mean girl encounter, Quinn is ready to join and take over the sorority.  At the party, Quinn hears of the legend of the girl that died in the basement.  The story goes that each year the ghost claims a new victim.  A guy challenges Quinn to go into the basement, and she takes the challenge.  Soon, items fall on Quinn, leaving her injured.  When Michelle comes to pick up Quinn from the hospital, Quinn tells Michelle she will join.  Much to the dismay of her mom.  Michelle doesn’t believe Quinn can handle the hazing, but there is one more thing concerning Michelle.  She got a threat in the mail against her and Quinn.  The writer wants her to tell the truth about what happened to Kelly.  Back then, the sorors told the police Kelly drank too much and fell, not that the sisters hazed her.  The admission could ruin Michelle’s career.  With Stacey and sorors, Gretchen and Myra, well-being in the balance, they need to decide if they will tell the truth and lose it all.  Or lie with a dangerous person watching.

This thriller gets slow in the middle, but it has plenty of crazy to keep you watching.  With nightmares, graveyard confessions, and a meeting outburst, you won’t leave your seat.  The shenanigans are worth the price of admission, but the double plot twist will make your head spin.  The first twist is evident because the killer has blaring issues during the movie whenever someone says Kelly’s name.  However, the second twist will make you watch again to gather all the clues you miss.  The film may not be a 100% knockout, but it is a TKO.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I do love him – Kelly

He’s not a monster, we are – Michelle

Age is just a technicality – Quinn

Then, go for the cash – Lucy

Ignorance is bliss – Stacy

That’s not the whole story and you know it – Gretchen

Oh, cut the innocent act, Michelle – Myra

I’m an easy guy to hate – Lucas

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Mommy’s Deadly Con Artist – Review

Mommy’s Deadly Con Artist – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Samantha sits with Landon in a restaurant, and Landon declares his love for her.  Landon wants Samantha to come to his family’s home and meet his father, George, and his sister, Alice.  To complete the family, Samantha will bring her mother, Christine.  Samantha worries she won’t fit in because she grew up poor, but Christine assures her that won’t be a problem.  When Landon and George meet Samantha and Christine, they are all smiles.  But Alice keeps her distance.  She thinks her brother is too gullible and believes something is wrong with these women.  Their housekeeper, Bridget, shares the same sentiment.  Bridget caught Christine looking through papers and jewelry, so she is keeping a watchful eye on the pair.  With so many eyes watching, Christine must speed up her plan.  Christine knows faking a pregnancy is the best way for Samantha to get a ring and a quick marriage, so Samantha does it.  It’s not long before Landon is on bended knee with a wedding ring.  Christine’s plans are coming together, but there are several people on her heels.  A year ago, Christine went by Maggie, and her old partner, James, is watching her new con.  Also, Denise follows Maggie too.  When James was Christine’s partner, James killed Denise’s estranged husband when he caught them in the act.  With the walls closing in on them, Denise will need to get her hands dirty to get Landon’s family money.  

Sequel to Deceived by My Mother-in-Law, this mom is back and with a vengeance.  She refuses to let anyone stop her from getting her hands on easy money.  She has a new partner, but the old one wants in on the new ruse too.  And Christine is under more scrutiny than usual.  But she has changed one thing about her M.O.  Instead of being mean, rude, and unreasonable, she is kind, warm, and friendly.  With each con, Christine is getting better.  This great series will have you ready for a part three.

I give it 4.5  out of 5 stars

Have a nice trip bitch – Christine

I need this to go right – Stephanie

And now I see why Stephanie is such a knockout.  Apple. Tree – Landon

Don’t be sorry about that – George

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Burning Little Lies – Review

Burning Little Lies – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After her father and stepmother die in a house fire, Heather returns home for the funeral.  Only to learn she is too late.  Her step-sister, Gwen, had the funeral without her.  Gwen bitterly assumed Heather would be too busy in France to make it.  Devastated that she missed her father’s funeral, Heather can’t believe Gwen is preparing to put the house on the market.  Heather tells Gwen to leave while she claims her belongings, and Heather calls her best friend, Anika, to help.  During the clean-up, Heather finds her old bike and gets it checked out before her ride.  After the check-up, she sees Ben outside the bike shop.  In high school, Ben and Heather went on a few dates.  But nothing ever came of it.  Ben tries to ask her out, but she turns him down due to her lack of judgement when it comes to men.  The next day, Heather goes on a bike ride but notices something is off.  She gets off the bike to check it out, and Ben approaches.  He tinkers with it and tells her everything is fine.  She rides away, but her breaks give out.  She careens out of control and starts to fall off a cliff, but Ben catches her in time and saves her life.  After his heroic efforts, Heather decides to go on a date with Ben.  The next day, Heather takes the bike to the shop to have it assess.  The bike repairman tells Heather that someone tampered with the brakes, and they were fine when she brought the bike the first time.  Heather comes home and tells Gwen and Gwen’s husband, Jason.  They all believe it could be Ben.  But Heather thinks her ex-husband, Richard, could have done it too.  Or Gwen could have done it for the inheritance.  Before the credits roll, the attacker will come after Heather with an ax, fire, and mace.  Will she live through it?

This movie is a fun whodunit with plenty of suspects with motives.  With each new attack, you get a clue with another name to cross off your list.  Experienced Lifetimers could find this mystery a compelling challenge, unlike most Lifetime mysteries.  However, the movie title or the killer’s actions don’t give anything away.  When the movie credits roll, each character gets a watch-worthy ending.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I thought you were a burglar – Gwen

I thought you were an ax murder – Heather

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Review

Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hannah prepares for her family tropical cruise, but her boss, Erin, puts a kink in Hannah’s plans.  The travel agency wants to open a new division that specializes in winter vacations.  Erin wants Hannah to check out the Ice Hotel as a potential destination.  Hannah isn’t too keen on the idea because she doesn’t like the cold.  Erin tells Hannah she will be the manager if she goes to the Ice Hotel for research.  The promotion means no more cubical, cold calls, or unpleasant clients.  Hannah says yes and goes home to pack.  Hannah tells her roommate, Phoebe, of the opportunity, and Phoebe decides to go with her.  Phoebe wants the trip to forget her ex-boyfriend, Shawn, instead of being the 5th wheel on their parents’ cruise.  At the Ice Hotel, Phoebe and Hannah are instantly impressed.  The spa and room amenities leave Hannah in awe.  As both women find their rooms, Hannah gets lost and sees Ben making ice sculptures in another room.  She asks for assistance, and he acts like a valet.  Later the manager, Bridget, tells Hannah that Ben owns the hotel with his father.  Ben has a hand in designing the hotel every year.  Hannah leaves smitten with Ben but focuses on her job.  After Hannah leaves, Bridget explains to Ben that Hannah is there to do research for the travel agency.  Also, Bridget discovered that one of their guest, Robert, used a fake name because he is a world-renowned hotel reviewer.  Now, Ben is on edge because he has to impress two guests.  As Ben shows Hannah around, she destroys events to garner Robert’s attention and high praise.  She will use her hospitality management degree to help Ben get back on track.  Will they get more than they bargain for, like love?

While watching this movie, have Google nearby.  With Aebleskiver, Spettekaka, and Kransekake, you will fall into the delectable rabbit hole of Nordic Desserts.  The script introduces Bridget as a romantic rival and impediment to Hannah’s confidence, but Hallmarkies will see Bridget as a benign threat.  While their love is inevitable, Hannah helping Ben to get out of binds, to impress Robert, will keep you watching.  She uses her education and luck to find alternatives like snowshoeing and glassblowing to get Robert’s attention from the disasters to the delightful.  It will get yours too.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

So, you are here on reconnaissance – Robert

I see my identity has be compromised – Ben

I hope that cake isn’t for anything special – Hannah

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