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Gone Mom: The Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos – Review

Gone Mom: The Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

In 1999, Jennifer told her friend, Aubrey, that she is leaving New York City for Colorado’s quiet life.  Jennifer hopes the mountain air and quiet will allow her to write her novel.  A few years later, Jennifer wrote 500 pages but is only on chapter 3.  That’s when she meets Fotis, a fellow Brown University graduate.  They cross paths in college but never dated.  After a passionate night together, they part ways and won’t see each other for years.  In 2003, Jennifer, tired of the Colorado air, moves back to New York, and Fotis calls after seeing her picture on the society page for a charity event.  They start to date and get married in less than a year.  Aubrey worries that Fotis wants to marry Jennifer for her money.  But Jennifer hopes that Fotis doesn’t think she only wants him to make babies.  Jennifer believes Fotis can give her the family she wants, and she can help him if he needs it.  Five kids later, the cracks in their marriage are visible to friends and Jennifer’s readers online.  Fotis’s business trips take more time away from his family and mask his affairs.  When Jennifer voices concern, Fotis calls her a failure and threatens to take their children from her.  Jennifer wants out of her marriage.  On May 24, 2019, Jennifer went missing and no one ever heard from her again.  Aubrey believes Fotis knows more than he will tell, but Fotis believes Jennifer is another Gone Girl (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  As police delve into their marriage, they will find a nasty divorce, a custody battle, car seats, and an alibi script.

Often, courts and police don’t take verbal and emotional abuse as seriously as physical abuse.  But it can, and in Jennifer’s case, does have the same horrific end.  With the sad story of Jennifer Dulos, Connecticut voted unanimously for Jennifer’s law.  Of course, this movie doesn’t give all the information, i.e., Fotis’s first marriage, his old attorney’s arrest, or his current girlfriend during his suicide.  Nevertheless, it shows the timeline of their marriage, their divorce, and Jennifer’s murder.  If you don’t know the story, understand that there are no winners.  Everyone lost, especially the Fotis’s five children.  This movie displays the horrible end of marriage to an abusive narcissist.  It’s hard to watch, but something to learn from and discuss.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Don’t be a doormat to anyone – Jennifer

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts – Fotis

Good. Nag him – Aubrey

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The Perfect Wedding – Review

The Perfect Wedding – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lindsay celebrates her wedding with her friends, Dana and Catherine, two weeks before the nuptials with a bachelorette party.  She drinks, dances, and throws all her cares away.  During the festivities, a man approaches the women, buys them drinks, and dances with Lindsay.  In the morning, Lindsay wakes up to panicked knocks on the door.  It’s her fiancé, Brandon.  She missed breakfast with his mother, Nancy, to discuss the seating chart, and he is beyond worried.  Lindsay has no idea what happened, but Brandon has a guess when he finds an open condom wrapper.  He accuses Lindsay of cheating, and Catherine walks into the commotion.  When Lindsay questions the last night’s events, Catherine offers photos on her phone to clear things up.  The pictures show Lindsay dancing with a man who has his hands and lips all over her.  Brandon calls off the wedding.  Lindsay believes she didn’t cheat.  She vows to find the man in the photos, clear her name, and get her fiancé back.

Please, Lindsay, stop begging.  You happily watch Lindsay uncover the bachelorette party mystery but seeing her beg Brandon time and time again is painful.  Lifetimers will know the culprit from a single flash on a cellphone.  So this movie is all about Lindsay finding the truth.  One friend sees it quickly.  So quickly, you are left slapping your forehead when Lindsay shoots her down.  However, seeing the killer unravel Lindsay’s exists and staying one step ahead is oddly satisfying.  This film won’t be a favorite, but it is watchable.  

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You plan on leaving me before we get married – Brandon

You right. I don’t care if this photos are gone. I am going to find this guy if it kills me – Lindsay

No special treatment – Catherine

So, I did something I probably shouldn’t have – Dana

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Dutch – Review

Dutch – BET – 2 hours and 30 minutes

Over a decade ago, Bernard James worked in a local pizza shop owned by Roberto.  A man came in with a gun demanding the money in the register.  Roberto gave the robber the money, but Bernard told the robber about the safe in the back.  While the robber forced Roberto to empty the safe, Bernard got a gun and shot the robber.  Bernard didn’t know the Italian mob financially backed the pizza shop.  They are upset Bernard told the robber about the safe, but they are glad Bernard stopped him.  The leader, Fat Tony, asks Bernard why he works at the shop, and Bernard responded with concern for his mother and money.  Fat Tony thinks Bernard is an upstanding guy and changes his name to Dutch.  Then, they make him a part of the operation.  Fat Tony puts Dutch in charge of automotive, as in stealing them.  Over time, Dutch creates a crew and garners enough respect from the mob to change from automotive to narcotics.  Today, Dutch is one of the most revered and feared dealers in New Jersey.  He walks into a restaurant and sits down at Michelle Nichols’s table.  She tells him that he is at the wrong table, but he humbly disagrees.  He knows Michelle is a defense attorney that understands disparity among conviction rates and race.  While Dutch doesn’t pretend to be a saint, he tells Michelle he’s not guilty of the crime the police thinks he did.  A few months ago, a suicide bomber walked into the 27th Police Precinct and detonated his bomb.  That act killed dozens of officers and injured more.  The police believe Dutch forced the bomber to commit the crime and issued a warrant for his arrest.  While she is rejecting his case, the police come in and arrest Dutch.  Michelle’s interest piques, and she takes a picture of Dutch’s face and tells the police he should look the same after his booking.  The police ask Michelle who she is, and she states that she is his lawyer.  During this trial, Michelle will discover the criminal within the man.  But is he guilty?

Based on Dutch by Teri Woods, this movie uses testimony to go through the life of Dutch (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  You see him form his crew, gain respect, and commit crimes.  However, you see him gain enemies along the way.  These enemies are rivals, friends, and within the mob.  Throughout his life, Dutch had to think three moves ahead of everyone else.  Now, the entire police force hates him, along with the prosecuting attorney, Anthony Jacobs.  Anthony will attempt to manipulate Dutch’s friends, enemies, and watchers to get a conviction.  Michelle has no idea if he is guilty.  But when she becomes a target, she starts to believe Dutch.  While this movie slows down in the middle, it makes up for the lag with an explosive ending.  Don’t be surprised if you want to pick up the second book in the series (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

That’s not a crime – Michelle

If you think it’ll work, I’m game – Dutch

Would dutch do the same for you – Anthony

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The Secrets She Keeps – Review

The Secrets She Keeps – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Amara is the odd-girl out in a new school.  She has social anxiety, and it’s hard for her to make friends.  On her first day, Amara tries to get her chemistry book, but Jake informs her that she doesn’t have one because she registered too late for classes.  However, he asks an administrator to give her Lacey’s book.  Lacey won’t be returning, but no one explains why.  Jack and Amara spark a conversation, and she leaves with a crush.  Before class, Heather and Becky stop Amara to asks her about homecoming themes.  Amara gives her opinion, hoping to make friends, but they brush her off immediately.  Later, Amara meets her mom, Diana, at Diana’s future gallery.  Diana decided to sell the items the old tenant left behind and left Amara up to the task of sidewalk saleswoman.  During the sale, Shane approaches.  He can’t believe they are offering high-end weapons for cheap.  As they talk, Amara smells smoke coming from the gallery.  An intruder broke in, trapped Diana in her office, and lit a fire.  Diana didn’t see the intruder but calls the police.  Later, Amara tries to put it out of her mind at school and gets some unforeseen assistance.  Heather and Becky ask her to join the homecoming committee.  They tell her she won’t have to do much because Heather’s boyfriend will do the work.  They inquire if Amara has a boyfriend, and she tells them she doesn’t, but she has a crush.  They want to know more, then Jack walks in and kisses Heather.  Amara’s crush is Heather’s boyfriend.  Amara decides to stay mum about her crush, but Heather can see something is afoot.  The girls decide to create an online dating profile for Amara to focus her attention on another boy.  On the dating app, they lie and say Amara is 18, not 16.  When Amara sees her matches, she decides to keep the app.  After swiping, Amara sees a familiar face, Shane.  They match, and she goes out to see him.  On their date, he tells her that he isn’t 19; he is 23.  But she decides to keep seeing him.  With more gallery break-ins and vandalism, Diana suspects Shane is behind them.  So, she wants him out of Amara’s life.  Amara refuses to believe Shane could do those things and starts sneaking out to see him.  Amara can’t see the evil in front of her and what he will do if she doesn’t bend to his will.

A year ago, this plot would be too far-fetched.  Nevertheless, with people losing their jobs, it’s easy to see how someone could crack and go to the lengths Shane does.  While watching Shane is compelling, Amara garners little to no sympathy.  This bratty teen does and says everything you would expect from an entitled, spoiled teenager.  Before you get too mad, remember that Shane is her first experience with a boyfriend.  She doesn’t have the self-esteem or street smarts to see what he wants and his manipulation.  So, don’t be too angry.  Amara will have to learn the hard way while people die.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Great, everyone has a date but me – Amara

I’m on it.  I have a plan for what we can do with cute little Amara – Becky

Talking about it won’t bring her back – Heather

You’re a handful Amara – Shane

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A Party Gone Wrong – Review

A Party Gone Wrong – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Brittney and Taylor try to convince their friend, April, to go to a party.  But April doesn’t want to because her ex-boyfriend, Sam, and her ex-friend, Natalie, will be there.  Three months ago, Sam cheated on April with Natalie, and April wants nothing to do with either of them.  After talking to her mother, Ms. Bishop, April decides to go out and have a good time.  At the party, April sees Sam talking to Taylor and feels betrayed again.  She thought her friends stopped talking to Sam months ago.  When Brittney hears April’s grievances with Sam and Taylor’s budding friendship, Brittney admits she planned the party with Sam.  Upset, April goes to the bathroom to clear her mind.  But that does her no good because Natalie is there and wants to hash things out.  April refused to listen and walks out.  Taylor gives April a few drinks to unwind, and it doesn’t take long for April to feel the effects.  April calls a rideshare, and Taylor helps her to the car.  As the car goes down the road, April’s concern grows.  Soon, the driver gets out and attacks her.  He, along with an accomplice, drag April into a freezer and lock her inside.  April tries to think of a way to get out when she hears a commotion outside the freezer.  The door opens, and another woman falls inside.  It’s Natalie.  The two women need to get over their differences and work together to save themselves.

Inspired by actual events, this movie sheds light on another cause for human trafficking.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself screaming at the T.V. because Ms. Bishop refuses to call the police.  Remember, police in Lifetime movies are useless props that only put on handcuffs at the end.  Heroines in these movies often do things themselves after discovering the cops are worthless.  Ms. Bishop just skipped that step.  Now, viewers have two teams to root for in this film.  They have April and Natalie trying to get out.  Along with Ms. Bishop, Taylor, and Sam trying to find the women.  And this movie adds fight scenes that will grab your attention.  Not just pushing and shoving, but weapons, fists, and sweet revenge.  When everything comes to light, this movie will have an impact.  For more information, go to the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

If we call the police then somethings wrong – Ms. Bishop

It’s time you stop hitting the pause button on your love life – April

I miss you – Natalie

It’s been ten minutes – Taylor

Close the door – Brittney

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