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Chaos Walking – Review

Chaos Walking – Budget of $100 million – 1 hour and 49 minutes

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In 2257 AD, only men and the Spackle populate the new world.  The men live in a small colony called Prentisstown with old farming values but high-tech weapons.  “The noise” is a condition that allows others to see their thoughts, and it afflicts only men.  Years ago, the Spackle killed all the women, including Todd Hewitt’s mother.  Now, Todd is the youngest member of Prentisstown, and Ben and Cillian raise him.  While doing chores, Todd sees someone coming out of the barn, but he notices they don’t have noise.  Todd chases the figure to a crash site and sees the person is a girl. Todd has never seen a girl before.  Todd tries to control his thoughts while running to tell Mayor Prentiss, but Todd can’t keep his noise down.  The town knows there are a girl and the men run to find her.  The mayor finds the girl and brings her back to his headquarters.  The mayor tries to get information, but the girl won’t talk.  So, he leaves her alone with his son, Davy, and converses with Todd.  The girl sees that Davy means her harm, so she escapes to Todd’s barn.  Hearing the girl has escaped their grasp, the men look for her again, but Todd goes home.  Ben and Cillian hear Todd’s noise about the girl.  They open a map and stab it to mark Farbranch.  Todd never knew there was another colony, but Ben and Cillian say it’s a haven for the girl.  They tell Todd to save the girl from the mayor by going to Farbranch.  With a motorcycle and a horse, Todd and the girl, Viola, run.  Todd will discover the truth about Prentisstown on his noble journey.  

Based on The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness, this movie doesn’t end like the books, so it’s hard to believe there will be a part 2 (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  However, with the right screenwriter, it’s possible.  The visual noise effect is interesting to see, but hearing it can be jarring.  It takes a moment to pinpoint the part of the noise you should understand, especially when the men are together and you hear all their noise.  The fight scene between Viola and the preacher is anticlimactic for such a promising build-up.  You won’t be bored watching this movie, but you won’t have an urge to read the book.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Be a man – Todd

What are you doing – Viola

Mind your noise – Mayor Prentiss

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Boogie – Review

Boogie – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 29 minutes

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After his father, Mr. Chin, got out of jail, Mr. Chin made Boogie change schools to join a different basketball program.  If he beats the best, Monk, then college scouts will give Boogie a full athletic scholarship for college.  The Chins have a mountain of debt, and their marriage suffers every day.  Mr. Chin believes Boogie can make it to the NBA, but his mother feels something different.  His mother, Mrs. Chin, can see that Boogie has an attitude problem that spills over on the basketball court.  Boogie acts like he is the only person on the team and ignores the coach’s calls.  When Boogie’s attitude causes another school to offer him a spot on the team without a scholarship, his new manager, Melvin, has a new offer with the CBA.  If Boogie accepts this offer, he will have to leave his team, give up college, and leave his new girlfriend, Eleanor, behind.  Or he can keep trying for a college athletic scholarship that may not come.  With centuries of tradition weighing heavily on his shoulders, what will Boogie choose?

This movie speaks a lot about culture, responsibility, and family, but you never feel connected to a character.  Also, it gives you a pseudo conclusion.  It tells you the story will end one way, but you don’t see the ending come to fruition or how it affects everyone else.  This movie tries to be romantic as Love & Basketball, culturally relevant like White Men Can’t Jump, and emotionally connected like The Farewell with an independent movie ending (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  But the plot comes up short in comparison to all its counterparts.  It does start a good conversation about the Struggle Olympics, but the rest is forgettable.  One watchable aspect is the movie’s charming lead.  He is someone you can cheer for because he was counted out and counted on since his mother gave birth to him.  Seeing him fight to find his place between two worlds is worth the matinee price.  Otherwise, wait for Vudu.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I thought this was home – Boogie

Tell Juicy I said hi – Monk

Let me pour.  I’m the youngest – Eleanor

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My Zoe – Review

My Zoe – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 42 minutes

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Isabelle and James battle in a courtroom weekly over custody of their daughter, Zoe.  While they don’t fight in front of Zoe, they sharpen their claws when they are alone.  Since Isabelle will be out of town one of her weekends, she asks to pick Zoe up early to have time with her.  James says no and calls Isabelle a bad mother for going out of town.  When Isabelle returns, she picks up Zoe from James’s house and notices that Zoe sneezes.  Zoe doesn’t feel warm, so Isabelle believes it’s a common cold and takes Zoe home.  As Zoe sleeps, Isabelle sneaks her boyfriend into her house and spends the night with him.  The next morning, Isabelle tries to wake Zoe up, but Zoe won’t open her eyes.  The paramedics rush Zoe to the hospital, and doctors discover Zoe has a bleed on her brain.  Sadly, she will never recover.  Unable to deal with the trauma, Isabelle learns a doctor may have an unorthodox and illegal solution.

This movie moves from heart-wrenching to simply absurd to boring beyond belief.  The plot dragged on after it reached the climax.  With such a unique premise, it landed on cheap religious and political propaganda.  If the movie focused on James and Isabelle repairing their relationship, but still not getting back together, after Zoe died, it would have made a better film.  Wait for free tv if you want to see this movie. 

I give it 1 out of 5 stars

Time is relative – Isabelle

Is he here – James

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