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The Evil Twin – Review

The Evil Twin – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Emily leaves her abusive boyfriend, Jared, and gets picked up by her best friend, Lena.  Since Lena will be out of town, she offers Emily a place to stay, a car, and a job.  Lena’s generosity overwhelms Emily, and Emily prepares to make a new start.  At her new job at Lena’s antique shop, Emily sees a car following her and believes it’s Jared.  Lena can’t believe Jared would violate the restraining order, but Emily is not quick to judge.  She never saw the driver’s face, just the car.  Emily heads to work, and the neighbor, Vera, gives her a dirty look and doesn’t believe this woman came back to town.  Later, Blake rear-ends her car, gets out, and tells her to leave, or he will kill her.  But during the threat, Blake calls Emily Charlotte.  Emily’s curiosity grows, and she tracks down Linda, a real estate agent who gives her dirty looks too.  The moment Linda sees Emily, Linda tells her to leave.  Emily wants to know what she did that was so bad.  Linda explains that Emily had an affair with her husband a week before he died.  Emily assures Linda she is not the woman, and Linda tells Emily that she must have a twin.  And that twin is evil.  Emily asks for the twin’s location, and she drives to find this twin.  The door opens, and Emily sees her twin, Charlotte.  They were separated at birth and adopted.  Charlotte grew up on the west coast, but when she met Trevor, Blake’s brother, and Linda’s husband, she followed him to Mill County.  Emily grew up in Mill County but moved to the city for work.  Emily and Charlotte can’t believe they landed in the same town at the same time.  Charlotte wants to continue the conversation, but Emily must leave for work.  While Emily is happy to have a twin sister, Charlotte creates a devious plan to get out of trouble and start a new life before Blake and Linda convince the police she killed Trevor.  Charlotte won’t let anyone get in her way, not even her long lost twin sister.

This movie begins with a strong start, slumps in the middle, but picks up at the end.  Experience Lifetimers will get the hint that differentiates these twins for Emily’s new love interest, David.  It’s foreshadowing at its finest.  It does help to pay attention in the middle because it gives Charlotte’s backstory with the town.  The police believe Trevor died of carbon monoxide poisoning due to a faulty fireplace, but the townspeople think she killed him.  Then, Trevor left Charlotte a large house and a lump sum of cash.  Charlotte is in hot water with a lot of people, and they all want her dead.  No wonder Emily gets dirty looks.  The conclusion doesn’t leave room for interpretation or a continuation.  The end finalizes all the character’s storylines.  While it’s not an HMM mystery, it’s a decent Lifetime thriller.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

What did I ever do to you lined Carmichael – Emily

Whoa, this is a new low, even for you – Linda

Well don’t just stand there looking flabbergasted, come inside – Charlotte

Be careful.  I know she’s family, but she’s still a complete stranger to you – Lena

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The Wrong Mr. Right – Review

The Wrong Mr. Right – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jess talks to her friend, Rick, and her boss, Sandra, about her mother’s new boyfriend, Paul.  After six months of dating, Jess’s mother, Tracy, allows Paul to move into their home.  Tracy didn’t tell Jess because she didn’t know Jess would be coming home for the summer.  Jess is upset with Tracy and suspicious of Paul.  After hearing her concerns, Rick tells Jess to snoop through Paul’s things for more information.  Jess finds a box and takes a look at the contents.  Inside, Jess finds Paul’s ID with a different name and pictures with another woman.  She confronts Paul with the information, but Paul explains it away, and Tracy believes him.  Jess can’t believe her mother accepts Paul’s wild explanation.  Jess tries to focus on work until Tracy comes home with an engagement ring and an exciting announcement: Paul wants to get married in a week.  Jess has to find the truth behind Paul’s lies, or she could lose her mom forever.

Lifetimers, try to be patient with Tracy because a broken heart can make someone do childish things.  It’s hard to believe Tracy accepts every excuse Paul gives, no matter how outlandish.  The plot provides all the main characters a backstory to help you understand their reasoning behind their actions.  However, Jess’s comments toward her parents’ divorce are vitriol and very bratty.  But it is typical for children to turn on the parent that stayed, but Jess’s character is a grad school student.  She should act more like an adult than a spoiled teen.  This movie is another staple in ‘The Wrong’ series and gives the classic line.  Sit and enjoy with a glass of wine.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Next time I don’t go with my gut feeling, can you punch me in it – Jess

She mentioned or complained? – Tracy

It’s get to know Paul Riley time – Paul

So, he did have an explanation and your mother totally believed him – Sandra

Another name, another lie – Hal

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The Nanny Murders – Review

The Nanny Murders – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

With zero work experience, ivy-league educated Jamie can’t find a job and her frustration grows.  When she gets an interview with an old college friend, Zack, Jamie believes she will get a marketing job with ease, but he didn’t call about marketing.  He called about a nanny job for his biggest client.  The job pays well, and the client is in the marketing field, so he could hire, refer, or recommend Jamie for a job.  With looming rent, Jamie takes the job and fills out all the required forms.  On her first day, Jamie meets the children, Madison and Gwen.  Jamie walks around the home and gets the surprise of her life because Jamie’s boss is Walton Page, her business idol.  Jamie hopes to use her nanny position to learn from him and make the necessary connection to find a job.  After the girls are asleep, Walton takes the time to talk to Jamie and learn about her ambitions, dreams, and background, and Walton’s intelligence smittens her.  The next day, an erratic man approaches Jamie and asks about his sister, Nina.  Gwen and Madison tell Jamie that Nina was their old nanny and she disappeared.  Walton’s security guard drags the man away, and Jamie leads the girls inside.  Walton apologizes for the man’s actions and serves Jamie a drink to unwind.  Before the night is over, he kisses her, and she pulls away.  Jamie sits with her roommate, Claire, and tries to make sense of what happened.  Jamie determines that Walton was wrong and should pay for his actions.  She prepares to bargain with Walton, but she has no idea of the horror she will unleash.

Have you ever heard a story of harassment and wondered why the storyteller went back or didn’t say something? Well, this plot answers that question with unbridle ease.  At first, Jamie is so enamored with Walton that she doesn’t see how this man could be dangerous.  She sees him with goggles of reverence.  With naiveté, Jamie sits with him and doesn’t understand that he is grooming her with compliments and promises of the future.  When he crosses the line, Walton tells Jamie that she flirted with him, and she apologizes.  When Jamie sees this for what it is, she can stand tall and speak her mind.  In this situation, education is no match for experience.  A viewer can spot Walton’s game from a mile away.  The plot make sure you understand that Jamie is too green to understand the full scope of what’s going on around her.  This movie is a fun watch that requires more attention than you believe it will.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

It’s like I have a sticker on my forehand that says 0 experience – Jamie

I think you look great – Walton Page

Well it’s not worth your mental anguish – Claire

I am not a lawyer but these are pretty ironclad – Zack

That feels good – Sheryl

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Blueprint to the Heart – Review

Blueprint to the Heart – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Tiffany ponders what her ex-boyfriend, Hayden, could want after he calls her for an impromptu meeting.  Hayden discovered her design talent and helped her become a home restoration TV personality.  Liz, who doubles as Tiffany’s producer and friend, tells Tiffany to meet up with him but not to expect much.  On the date, Hayden drops a bomb.  The network chose him to be a co-producer on her show, and he wanted to give her a heads up so she wouldn’t be surprised.  Tiffany runs back and tells Liz, but Liz had no idea what was going on.  At the network offices, the boss tells Liz and Tiffany the ratings are down, they want to change the show’s direction without alienating fans or sponsors.  Instead of renovating a home, the boss wants Tiffany to renovate a person and their lifestyle.  And they have just the perfect guy.  During the last renovation, the carpenter’s wife went into labor, and Brooks had to replace him.  He and Tiffany butted heads, but it rated high with the focus group.  Tiffany, much to her disdain, will not only have to work with Brooks but work on him too.  If she doesn’t get this right, Tiffany could lose her show while Hayden watches.  But the more time Tiffany spends with Brooks, she starts to wonder if the show is what she wants.

You must watch the first 20 minutes of this movie. It sets the tone and pace with a lot of laughs and uncomfortable moments.  From Tiffany’s meeting with her ex-boyfriend to Brooks’s shirtless and wet introduction to TV contestants, you will laugh from beginning to end.  While this movie is humorous, it packs a lot of heart.  Brooks’s minimalist tendencies have a deep-rooted cause that stems from his past heartbreak.  While Tiffany attempts to makeover Brook’s life, he can see that she is unfulfilled in her life.  Tiffany has success but no voice in her TV show.  She is at the mercy of the production company and the sponsors.  You will be concerned about both and highly invested in the movie’s conclusion.  Give this movie your undivided attention.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Oh, did he return the batteries – Liz

Can I trust you – Brooks

What would you like us to do, break stuff? – Tiffany

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A New Year’s Resolution – Review

A New Year’s Resolution – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Producer Kelly took Wakeup Milwaukee from rating slump to rating darling in a year.  However, her success came at the cost of friends and family.  She repeatedly misses important dates and gatherings to improve the show.  On New Year’s Eve, Kelly sits with her friends at a restaurant and makes a New Year’s resolution.  For the entire month of January, she will say yes to all invitations.  Next to Kelly’s table, Marketing Strategist Tom sits with his friends.  He doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions because they are all about small changes.  Tom bets, ‘I can predict anyone’s resolution.’  He goes to Kelly’s table, and he gets everyone’s right but Kelly’s.  When Kelly tells Tom her resolution, he is intrigued.  He wants to ask her out but doesn’t want her to say yes because of her New Year’s resolution.  When Tom isn’t looking, Kelly writes down her number and puts it in his pocket.  He calls her and hopes to see her again.  At her first ‘yes’ resolution, a polar plunge, Kelly sees Tom.  His company, Imperial National Bank, sponsors the challenge and other activities to promote their bank to the local businesses.  During Kelly’s one-month ‘yes’ tour, she and Tom keep bumping into each other.   But when she gets a hot tip about fraudulent bank practices at Imperial, Kelly will have to choose between Tom and a career-making story.

Unlike other movies in this genre, the sole focus isn’t the love story.  The love story is the catalyst for the bank fraud mystery.  When Kelly tips Tom on the fraud, she begs him not to tell his bosses until she gets all the evidence.  Tom has to choose between helping the company he has been with since college or the woman he met a few weeks ago.  It’s loyalty versus love.  While you have this romance wrapped in a financial mystery, Kelly and Tim must come to terms with who they are and who they want to be.  Hallmark should make a resolution to create a part two for this movie.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I am going to say no to no this year – Kelly

Fall in love with yes, no is the enemy – Tom

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