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Obsessed with the Babysitter – Review

Obsessed with the Babysitter – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

For years, Elaine babysat Adrian and Sylvia’s two daughters, Lilly and Makenzie.  Sylvia dated several bad men until she met Adrian, and he is a therapist who welcomed Sylvia’s two children with open and loving arms.  Adrian continues his mother’s work of studying people.  However, he doesn’t focus on children like his mother, Sofia; Adrian’s focus is women.  Elaine watches the children in the pool, but Sylvia covers her up.  Sylvia tells her not to wear a bikini around the house.  Elaine complies and apologizes.  Elaine doesn’t know that Adrian was filming her, and Sylvia caught him.  When Sylvia attempts to leave Adrian with the kids, he tells her that she is delusional and gives her pills.  Elaine comes the next morning and can’t find Sylvia anywhere.  She goes to the bedroom to find Sylvia dead.  Since there were no bruises or forced ingestion, police label it a suicide.  Now, Adrian needs Elaine more than ever to take care of his kids.  He will continue his case study by using her as a guinea pig.  Adrian watches her through hidden webcams in her house and records her at all times of the day.  If anyone comes in between them, he will gladly kill.  Adrian believes a true woman is subservient, interested in children, and fearful.  And a true man has a true woman.  He thinks he found it all in Elaine.  Now, he has to possess her.

This movie has the creepy factor turned up to 10.  Between Adrian’s home movies to his mother’s, it’s easy to see why he wants to control women.  But it’s harder to believe he kept this mindset after having two daughters.  That changes when the audience learns the girls are his step-daughters, not biological.  With elements of Kept Woman, the twisted sense of masculinity oozes off the screen.  A great addition to The Babysitter movies but not a fan favorite.  Keep this one on the DVR for a rainy day or a creepy date night.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

No time like the present to fulfill destiny – Adrian

Don’t start with this again – Sylvia

Are you scared of your foot – Damien

So, what are you doing here – Elaine

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The Wrong Fiancé – Review

The Wrong Fiancé – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Richard showed up at Abby’s job again, and her boss, Charlotte, warns him to stay away.  Richard is Abby’s ex-fiancé.  After months of his possessive and domineering behavior, she broke off the engagement and their relationship.  Seeing the continuing harassment, Charlotte determines that sleeping on her couch isn’t enough protection for Abby.  Charlotte got Abby a photography job for a rental property in Kingston Bluff.  Abby can work and get away from Richard.  It’s not the high-end, high-paying job Abby does, but it pays.  Abby takes the job and drives to Kingston Bluff.  She stops in town to snap some nature photos and spots a handsome man working on a fountain shirtless.  She takes a few pictures of him and goes to the rental home.  Abby settles in, checks her voicemail, and has several threats from Richard.  To clear her mind, Abby takes a walk and more pictures.  She eyes the handsome man stretching shirtless again and takes more pictures of him.  She takes a moment to look at her photos, and the man is gone.  He sneaks up behind her and asks for a copy.  Abby jumps.  They playfully argue back and forth until he introduces himself as Logan.  They have a good laugh, and Abby asks him for the local bar.  He answers and walks away.  She goes to the bar and gets a surprise when Logan sits down.  He owns the bar.  The two talk and have a good night, but Richard isn’t far behind.  Richard is in two places at once and ready to kill.

This movie does take time to build, but once it gets going, it moves.  Now, you do get your Lifetime movie tropes with dumb cops and bad boyfriends.  However, you get women kicking butt along with a triple double-cross.  But the movie is quick to point out that it doesn’t want to be another abused woman film.  Abby saw the warning signs and got out before the abuse became violent.  This fact makes things harder for Abby.  Since there is no police history of abuse, the local cops don’t believe Abby when she reports hearing someone in her rental property.  This movie isn’t the best in The Wrong series, but it’s watchable and gives the classic ending line.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Consider this a bit of advice, your last bit of advice – Charlotte

I will decide when it’s over – Richard

He was more snake than frog and we did more than just kiss – Abby

Leave us alone – Logan

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Fatal Fiancé – Review

Fatal Fiancé – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Leah and Mark are three days away from walking down the aisle in front of their family and friends.  Leah, a reporter, loves Mark, but she doesn’t feel comfortable being the center of attention.  Mark is happy to be a part of every detail of their upcoming nuptials.  With no siblings and orphaned, Mark wants to start a new family with Leah.  Two days until the wedding, Leah travels to the bakery but doesn’t see someone is following her.  While Leah is inside the bakery, the mystery person gets in the car, finds the registration, sees Leah walking towards the car, and hides in the back.  Leah drives away, not knowing the person is in her backseat.  When Leah grabs for her purse, she sees the person in her rearview mirror.  Leah pulls over, grabs the mace, and pulls the mystery person out of her car.  Leah can see it’s a woman, but the woman is screaming incoherently.  The woman grabs her mace, sprays a good Samaritan, and runs away.  Leah describes the incident and woman to Mark, and he knows her all too well.  The woman is his ex-fiancé, Faith.  At first, their relationship was great, but after some time, Faith started to become unhinged.  He put Faith into a mental institution and broke off their engagement.  Mark warns Leah to stay away from Faith and contacts the police.  The day before the wedding, Mark puts up security cameras, just in case Faith comes back.  Then, Mark and Leah spend the evening apart to get ready for their wedding.  On the day of the wedding, Leah takes a moment to meditate, but with her headphones on and her eyes closed, she doesn’t see Faith entering the house.  Faith kidnaps Leah and tries to explain her side.  Faith tells Leah that Mark’s real name is Brian, and he’s the crazy one.  She tells Leah that she kidnapped her to save her, not to hurt her.  Who can Leah trust? The man she loves or her kidnapper.

This movie is all about perspective. And with the title, you believe you know how the story will play out.  But with three fiancés, it’s tough to understand which one is fatal.  With shaky cinematography, haunting backing track, and muddled dialog, it’s difficult to understand what’s going on, let alone what someone is saying.  The most deadly and entertaining moment in the movie is Mark’s California Mountain Snake moment (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  See if you can spot it.  While this won’t be a favorite, it’s an entertaining two hours if you need to kill time.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I’m used to chasing the story not being the story myself – Leah

I don’t have to do anything.  No one tells me what to do – Faith

I’m willing to forgive you  – Mark

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The Seven Year Hitch – Review

The Seven Year Hitch – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

When Jennifer graduated top of her college class, her childhood best friend, Kevin, took a sabbatical from school.  She saved all her money during college to put a down payment on a house and allowed Kevin to move in so he could get back on his feet.  She believed that would take two weeks.  Seven years later, they still live together.  Kevin works as a caddy while designing a board game.  And Jennifer is a high-powered executive and dates Bryce.  At a company party, the boss informs Bryce they are looking for another partner for the firm.  While Bryce does good work, his competition is a family man, and family men appear more stable to clients.  The boss knows he is dating Jennifer but has a girlfriend on the side.  The boss tells Bryce to clean up his act and marry Jennifer to cement his promotion.  The next night, Bryce takes Jennifer out and ends the night on one knee.  Jennifer accepts.  Jennifer comes home to Kevin and tells Kevin that they got engaged and he will have to move out so Bryce can move in.  Kevin can’t believe Jennifer would marry Bryce because Kevin believes Bryce is all wrong for her.  But he accepts it until he has dinner out and sees Bryce with his other girlfriend.  He runs and tells Jennifer, but she doesn’t believe him.  She thinks Kevin will do anything to avoid getting put out, but she assures Kevin that moving out will be good for him.  Kevin calls his brother, Jeremy, to explain the situation, and Jeremy makes a snide comment about Kevin and Jennifer being common-law married.  Kevin tells Jeremy to explain. Jeremy tells Kevin that he can declare himself married to Jennifer because they have been together for seven years.  Kevin runs to Jennifer and says he is not leaving because he is her husband.  Jennifer calls her college and lawyer friend, Sally, to check if Kevin is telling the truth.  So Sally lays down what it would take for them to be common-law husband and wife.

  1. Have they lived in the same house for seven years? – Yes
  2. Have they ever presented themselves as a married couple? – Yes
  3. Have they used the same last name on legal documents? – Yes
  4. Had an intent to marry at some point, either verbal or with gifts? – Yes

Sally gives Jennifer the sad reality that she and Kevin are common-law husband and wife.  But Jennifer has legal recourse.  She can fight it out in court, which will take time and money.  Or Jennifer can have Kevin wave his common-law claim.  Jennifer chooses the latter and decides to make Kevin act like a husband to force him out.  She hopes the responsibility will give Kevin a dose of unwanted reality.  But both Kevin and Bryce will surprise her.  

This nicer and less brutal War of the Roses takes a funny approach to divorcing (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It adds the little known common-law situation to pique your interest in the movie.  You will laugh as Jennifer pieces together that the little things they did to get by in the past qualify them as husband and wife.  Whether it’s a ring or a discount, they did it as a couple.  As Jennifer tries to get Kevin to give up, you see the man she chose, Bryce, is a liar and a cheat.  He isn’t with Jennifer for love, only for a job.  Jennifer tries to torture Kevin, but he takes it all in stride and learns about himself in the process.  By the end of the movie, they both become better people.  And you will enjoy watching their progress.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Kevin, it’s time.  Its gonna be a good thing for you – Jennifer

You need a bigger place for your ego? – Kevin

Checkmate – Bryce

You wouldn’t know a real lawyer if she walked up and bit you – Sally

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