#HerDeadlySugarDaddy and #FollowMeToDaisyHills – TV Reviews

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Her Deadly Sugar Daddy – Review

Her Deadly Sugar Daddy – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Bridget moved across the country with her best friend, Lindsey.  She lost her job after the company went belly-up, and she dumped her boyfriend Zack when he wouldn’t commit.  Bridget hopes to become a famous writer like her father.  Until then, Bridget’s mother, Jolene, tells Bridget to get a job to pay the bills.  Bridget did apply to the Swerve blog, but the boss didn’t believe she had enough life experience.  She told Bridget to find her voice, write a personal blog, and apply again.  At dinner with Lindsey and Jolene, Bridget catches the eye of Anthony.  But she believes he was looking at Jolene.  Without her permission, Lindsey puts Bridget on a dating app, and she has a match.  To lift her spirits, Bridget accepts the date.  While waiting on her date, Anthony sits down and introduces himself.  He tells Bridget she was the woman who caught his eye.  Then, Anthony gives Bridget his well-made business card and offers her a job as his assistant.  After waiting for hours, Bridget’s date finally appears, and he is obnoxious.  Bridget leaves, but her date follows and harasses her.  Anthony stops the attack and offers her a ride home.  With her white knight’s kind gesture, Bridget takes the job.  She stops in her tracks to learn the job pays $10,000 a month.  At first, she spends her time shopping, eating, and running errands.  When Anthony wants her to look good, he gives her his card and tells her to go shopping.  At dinner with a client, the client starts to get handsy with Bridget.  She attests and tells Anthony to make the client stop.  Anthony says its part of the deal, and she doesn’t have to do more than what she is willing to do.  He will provide everything she needs if she keeps the job and become a rich man’s arm candy.  With a new sense of misplaced power, Bridget keeps the job and uses it to write her blog.  While Bridget thinks Anthony is a sugar daddy, she has no idea Anthony is a pimp, and he has killed before.

Bridget talking about feeling empowered by being pimped is the saddest moment in this movie.  You will do the biggest eye roll you have done in your entire life.  Her misguided empowerment parallels her misguided need for life experience for her blog.  Her saving grace is the strongest woman in this movie: Jolene.  Jolene doesn’t fall for the nonsense Bridget spews about her new job.  Jolene quickly calls B.S. and tells her daughter to find a new line of work.  After that doesn’t work, Jolene expresses her deep disappointment in a way only a mother can.  You will breathe a sigh of relief because Jolene is saying everything you are thinking.  If you plan on watching this movie, watch for Jolene and cheer on a momma bear ready to kill for her cub.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I never forget a pretty face or a drink – Anthony

Promise me you’re not some psycho guy – Bridget

He uses ironic emojis, he can’t be that bad – Lindsey

Bridget, he’s your boss not your dad – Zack

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Follow Me to Daisy Hills – Review

Follow Me to Daisy Hills – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jo prepares her general store for the morning when her sister, Sophie, walks in.  Jo takes a moment to razz Sophie about her first published article in the Daisy Hills newspaper, but gets serious about the mail.  Jo saw a large letter from Iowa State addressed to Sophie.  Jo had no idea Sophie was applying to school out of state, and she worries that Sophie won’t come back.  Sophie assures Jo she will stay local, and she just applied to see if she could get in.  Jo’s mind is at ease, but there is unforeseen trouble lurking.  Jo and Sophie’s father, Mr. Mason, has to resolve the store’s finances.  Without changes to the business, the general store will have to close its doors and soon.  So, Mr. Mason calls Blake, who lived in Daisy Hills, but left town for college and a job in New York, to help him keep the store.  At Sophie’s graduation party, Mr. Mason tells Jo he has a surprise for her.  Awestruck, Jo sees it’s Blake, her ex-boyfriend.  Blake works as a business reconstruction consultant and offers to help Mr. Mason update and innovate the store so the family can keep it.  Angry, Jo lets her feelings known to Blake but abruptly stops when Mr. Mason experiences chest pains.  To ease Mr. Mason’s stress, Jo agrees to listen to Blake’s three ideas.  First, create an online presence so people can shop online instead of the small town.  Second, rearrange the store based on social engineering.  Third, update the store with modern technology to save on energy costs.  Jo says no to all of Blake’s ideas.  The store was her mother’s dream since she died; Jo wants to do everything to keep the store the way she wanted it to be.  To save the store, Blake and Jo have to compromise on how to update the store but within the Daisy Hills’s small-town feel.

Are you ready Hallmarkies? This movie features the first-ever drunken tweet in a Hallmark movie.  And it’s a doozy.  Jo’s fear of technology comes from the fact that she doesn’t know how to use it.  You will know real horror as you watch Jo unknowingly post her message to the whole world.  To make matters funnier, after the drunken post, she leaves a drunk voicemail.  That one scene is worth the entire movie.  This movie does follow the formula of ex-lover comes to town to help, but it expands beyond that formula.  It allows the ensemble cast to take the forefront, allowing the viewer to know and love Daisy Hills.  This movie can become a weekly Hallmark series.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

You’re my sister. You kinda have to think I’m amazing.  It’s required by law – Sophie

And here I thought children was suppose to honor and respect their parents – Mr. Mason

I just think friends are people you talk to in real life – Jo

It’s much better to change something now that you might like than having to change something in the future that you’re definitely gonna hate – Blake

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