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Maternal Secrets – Review

Maternal Secrets – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Two years ago, Jackson won a state Senate seat.  Before he starts campaigning again, he and girlfriend Aubrey are going on a vacation to Bermuda.  For Aubrey, this is a babymoon.  She is seven months pregnant with their first child.  They check into the hotel and settle down in their room.  At dinner, Aubrey brings up the subject of meeting his mom but Jackson isn’t ready.  Upset, Aubrey lays off the subject.  The next morning, they sit poolside and Aubrey starts to feel ill.  She tells Jackson to stay while she lays down in the room.  Hours later, she wakes up to find Jackson is still gone.  She tries to text him, call him, and look for him.  But no luck.  Next, she contacts the hotel staff but they have no information.  Finally, she calls the police and files a missing person’s report.  The police take her information and start to search for Jackson.  They tell her to stay in her room and wait, in case her returns.  Out of the blue, Aubrey gets an email from Jackson.  He has left Bermuda and gone home.  He felt like they are moving too fast and he wants some space.  Aubrey is devastated and the police call off the search.  But something doesn’t sit right with Aubrey.  The police check the custom’s exit list and Jackson’s name isn’t on it.  Aubrey goes to the lobby to get more information and a woman introduces herself.  Her name is Rose and she is Jackson’s mother.  Aubrey pleads for Rose’s help but Rose tells her to leave Bermuda.  Rose believes Jackson is with the woman he truly loves.  Only one name comes to Aubrey’s mind: Samantha.  Aubrey is done playing games.  Now, she wants answers.  She will make deals with the devil to find Jackson and get out of hell.

You have to give your full attention to this movie.  It has flashbacks within flashbacks.  Missing one moment will have you lost.  And keep your eye on the bottom left side of your screen to get the date of the flashbacks.  This will make the twist much more revealing.  With Jackson’s letter, a bloody bathroom floor, and an ex-girlfriend, you get a fun mystery of what happened to Jackson.  Soon, you will start questioning Aubrey.  And in case you are wondering, The Bermuda Indenture and The Expectant Father are real books (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  In films like this, a change of characters’ appearances would have help with the flashbacks.  So stick with this movie for a good climax and a strong payoff at the end.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

‘Relationship’ is something you have to work at. What we have is far much better – Jackson

Don’t tell me what I know – Aubrey

What I know could finish you – Samantha

You’re fighting a losing battle. It isn’t good for you or the baby – rose

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Psycho Escort – Review

Psycho Escort – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Diane is a hard-working lawyer and wants the promotion to partner.  But Russell tells her hard work isn’t enough.  She needs to become a more visible presence at the firm’s events.  When her boss, Garrett, invites her to his wine tasting, she says yes.  She has one problem.  Her husband died 2 years ago and she cringes at the thought of sympathetic looks at the party when she comes alone.  Her sister, Laurie, tells her about the Companionship Collective.  You can hire someone to accompany you to events without it being a date.  Diane goes to Companionship Collective and flips through their profiles.  She is captivated by Miles and picks him.  The company has strict rules to ensure the safety of their clients.  First, all communication is through the company so it can be monitored.  Second, they must meet in person before going on their scheduled outing.  Third, the employee can’t know where the client lives.  Diana meets Miles at a coffee shop and they have a great conversation.  She tells him about the wine tasting and he agrees to go.  Before they leave she tries to take a picture of him and he quickly shuts her down.  He says it’s against the rules to have the employee’s pictures on social media.  Diane apologizes and later meets him at the wine tasting.  Miles impresses all of her co-workers except for Kyle.  Kyle is eyeing the same promotion and will do anything to undermine Diane.  Miles is quick to put Kyle in his place.  Diane’s date is affective and she gets the promotion.  But when she hires Miles again, he starts to stalk her.  He vows to make Diane his, at any cost.

Not much to see here as Diane makes every possible Lifetime mistake.  She forgets to keep her distance, look into his background, and listen to her conscious about Miles.  Even as the truth stares at her from a computer screen, she ignores it and continues to see Miles off the books.  With each mistake, you feel less compassion.  While the writers left the movie open for a part two, it’s really not needed.  This movie can be skipped now and you can watch it during a “Psycho” marathon.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

You seem entangled – Laurie

I just don’t know what happens next – Diane

They’d never believe that – Miles

She’s the one who needs to be worried – Kyle

Ideally a 4th for golf – Russell

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A Moving Romance – Review

A Moving Romance – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


After an underwhelming and dismissive presentation, Olivia is fired from her interior design job.  Her boss feels her designs are too textbook and thinks she needs more real-world experience.  She tells Olivia to come back if she updates her portfolio.  Defeated, Olivia goes home and goes through her mail.  She finds an invitation for the 25th-anniversary party for Wilson Family Movers.  The moving company is owned by her father Neil.  He ran it with her mother until her mother passed away.  Olivia’s roommate and friend, Paula, tells Olivia to go home to LA, spend time with her family, and take a break before figuring out her next move.  Olivia heads to LA and meets her father’s crew.  Scott is the crew leader.  He got a great score on the LSAT and hopes to become a lawyer.  But he has not applied to law school.  His girlfriend, Heather, wants him to take over Neil’s company.  Pete wants more responsibility but doesn’t know how to ask for it.  However, he is keeping quiet in another aspect of his life, his love life.  His friend, Karen, is having a hard time finding a date.  Not knowing Pete is in love with her.  Craig is the oldtimer on the job.  He knows the truth about Neil’s company; it’s falling on hard times.  They are losing their clients to Acme Movers.  Acme’s representative, Rob Fuller, is asking Neil to sell Wilson Family Movers.  However, Neil refuses the offer and keeps it quiet from Olivia.  In turn, Olivia keeps her termination quiet from her father.  When Neil and Olivia meet for lunch, he talks about missing a fishing trip due to work.  Olivia offers to take over for him so he can relax and have fun.  With that decision, Olivia will find her interior design spark, Scott will find his passion, Pete will find his voice, and Neil will find the next step in his life.

A sweet story with a heartfelt lesson in interior design.  If you are looking for a love story, you will be captivated by the love story between Pete and Karen.  They act as each other’s wingmen on a double blind-date and it ends with them standing on the corner together.  You will be so drawn into their plot, you will forget about Scott and Olivia’s budding romance.  Maybe that’s for the best.  It’s her reconnection to her father and her reconnection to herself that take the forefront of this movie.  This is an endearing story about love, loss, and foundations.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I think you need a break from organizing – Paula

Is it even worth setting up shop here – Rob

Working relaxes me – Olivia

I’m a mover, so I’m used to getting stepped on – Scott

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