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My Nightmare Landlord – Review

My Nightmare Landlord – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Lydia looks for a new apartment to leave her obsessive, alcoholic boyfriend Tim for good.  Before a potential landlord can sign the lease, Tim shows up and ruins the deal.  Lydia turns Tim down again and keeps looking for a new place.  She walks into a building and sees Drew fixing a light.  He tells her to leave and she does.  However, he goes outside and apologizes for being rude to her.  He offers an apartment with smart controls.  He turns off the lights and locks the doors with a push of a button.  Then, Lydia starts having a panic attack.  Drew sees she is upset and turns the lights on.  Drew leaves and Lydia gets settled in her new place.  Lydia juggles a job while going to school.  So when she gets a leak in her apartment, Drew is already there to fix it.  He tells her the previous owner took care of him and showed him how to keep up the place.  He bought the building from the owner and loves looking after the tenants.  After fixing the leak, she offers him a drink.  They talk and laugh some more.  She has no idea how Drew could be so perfect for her.  But he has an ace up his sleeve.  He set up cameras in her apartment and watches her all the time.   As long as she is nice, he will be a dream.  But Lydia pumps the breaks when he goes too far, causing him to become a nightmare.

This movie does shine a light on Scotophobia and its causes but the plotline is a bit overdone.  With so many ‘Nightmare’ movies in the genre, this can easily get left behind.  Now, the best aspect of this film is that Lydia has an idea of what’s wrong with Drew.  She can see he is coming unhinged and puts an end to the relationship.  She doesn’t make excuses or blames herself, she tells him to leave and immediately puts up boundaries.  That is the best takeaway for anyone watching this film.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I was counting on this place. I don’t have any place else to go – Lydia

People do crazy things for love and money – Drew

Drew rumor has it that you have a pretty powerful jackhammer – Kaylee

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Fame at a Deadly Cost – Review

Fame at a Deadly Cost – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Blake is a smart girl whose intelligence is only appreciated by her boyfriend Mason.  Everyone else at school calls her a nerd.  She comes home from another hard day, sets up her phone to record a video, and starts to sing and play the guitar.  She sends the video to Mason.  As she sits with her mom, her phone’s notifications come in quicker than a jackrabbit in heat.  Blake sees comments posted to a video.  She clicks on the link and sees the video of her singing.  And it has gone viral.  At school, she confronts Mason.  He admits to posting the video.  He wanted the school to see her talent.  Mason isn’t the only person who takes notice.  Rachel, a talent agent, saw the video and wants to sign Blake.  While Blake is ready to sign now, her mother, Michelle has second thoughts.  She wants Blake to keep up her school work and focus on getting into college.  Blake begs Michelle to give her a chance and she agrees.  Blake starts going to parties, getting a fake ID, and meeting producers.  One, in particular, is D.C. Conway.  D.C. has written hit songs for several artists and thinks Blake will be the next big thing.  While she is recording, Blake starts to cut off her friends and family.  Next, D.C. asks her to get a passport.  When her mom finds the passport and the fake ID, she hides the passport and confronts Blake about the ID.  She grounds Blake and leaves for work.  Before Michelle returns home, someone breaks into their home.  They don’t notice Blake’s passport was the only thing stolen.  D.C. convinces Blake to leave home and record a record in Mexico.  After she leaves, Michelle learns about the dark side of D.C. and his Mexican villa.  With a text message, a reporter, a kind stranger, and a near-death experience, Michelle will do anything to get her daughter back.

Thank goodness for the music.  Blake’s singing and playing are not dubbed nor lip-synced.  The actress really puts her heart and soul into each song.  And they are available for purchase.  You will be dancing in your seat or feeling deep compassion for human trafficking victims.  While the plot feels like something from Surviving R. Kelly, it’s the music that will stick with you (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

There’s my number one nerd – Mason

I am very protective of my girls – Rachel

For once? – Michelle

You don’t know what’s good for me, okay – Blake

I believe in you – DC

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His Fatal Fixation – Review

His Fatal Fixation – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Lilly and her boyfriend fought off her stalker.  While her boyfriend died, she was able to push her stalker, Spencer out of a window.  But not before he cut her face.  Six months later, Lilly has a noticeable scar and goes by the name Stella.  At her plastic surgery appointment, she wows Dr. Michael Marlon and is P.A. Joyce with her knowledge of surgical procedures.  After her surgery to fix her Hypertrophic scar, Stella is asked to fill in for Joyce.  Joyce was attacked by an unknown assailant and will be in the hospital for a while.  With Stella’s medical background and knowledge of the doctors, she will fit right into the environment.  Stella is happy to take the job.  At first, everything is going great.  However, Stella is having an affair, is labeled a pill popper, and causes strife in the office.  While the office is suspicious of her, she’s worried Spencer is back and coming after everyone she cares about at work.

With such a short timeframe between Lilly becoming Stella, its obvious who Spencer is and is not.  This fact offers little to no suspense in this film.  Now, the way Stella a.k.a. Lilly gets into Spenser’s mind to save the day is thought-provoking.  The last 15 minutes will really grab your attention.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

That’s not how that’s supposed to be – Spencer

We’re soulmates – Lilly

So you know just enough to be dangerous – Dr. Marlin

She’s a popper – Brandon

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Secret Millionaire – Review

Secret Millionaire – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Sean Peyton’s father, William has given him an ultimatum.  Get and keep a job for one week or he will be forced to work for his father’s company.  The thought of working in real estate is mind-numbing to Sean.  But if he doesn’t do it, his father will cut him off.  So he heads to his car and unlocks it.  He sees a young woman jump from behind his car.  She assumes he is a valet and tells him to get down.  Allison is a law student, an activist, and works part-time in a food truck called C’est si Bon.  She was papering cars with flyers to save the Fountain Green Park.  The Peyton Real Estate company wants to bulldoze the park for a strip mall.  Sean keeps up the ruse and helps Allison escape the country club.  She takes him to her boss’s food truck and they talk.  She worries he will get fired because of her stunt.  So she offers him a job as a sous chef on the food truck.  He tells Allison he went to Le Cordon Bleu … online.  So he has a lot of french cooking experience.  As he spends time with her, Sean starts to fall for her and she for him.  But when the truth of his lineage comes out, will she stay with him?

While this ending is predictable, the story arc of the character’s growth is a good watch.  Seeing that Sean has a connection to the park drives his need to save it while proving himself to his father.  Allison also learns to forgive.  In a world of activism, its easy to focus on black and white, Sean helps her see the gray.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You look like you work here – William

I’m sorta between cars right now – Allison

That doesn’t sound like a promising start – Jared

Hey, a job is a job.  My father never said what type of job – Sean

What am I doing – Beth

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Bad Date Chronicles – Review

Bad Date Chronicles – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Leigh writes a blog for the Richard Records called the Bad Date Chronicles.   People, mostly women, tell her about their bad dates and she writes about them with colorful commentary.    Leigh and her friend, co-worker, and roommate Erin want to do more humane stories.  Their boss and editor, Allison believes they are ready to expand but nothing too flowery.  Leigh leaves work early to head on a date with Conner.  Conner is a trendsetter writer for Peterson Post.  He is mentally prepared for his blind date but his co-worker Brad spilled coffee all over his suit.  Conner has no time to go home and change so he borrows some of Brad’s workout clothes.  After a date that almost left the roof on fire, Leigh writes about it for her blog.  Conner reads the article and is dumbfounded by Leigh’s side of the story.  So he writes a rebuttal telling his side.  Allison sees the readership skyrocket.  When she discovers Conner works for her long time rival and Peterson Post Editor, Milo, Allison sits with Milo and they come up with an idea.  They will have Conner and Leigh go out on 3 dates.  Whichever writer attracts the most readers, the editor will win $2.  Conner and Leigh agree to try for the sake of their jobs to go on 3 more dates.  However, as Allison and Milo ramp up the stakes, Conner and Leigh’s dates get crazier.  It will take one rumor and one post to ruin 3 relationships.

This movie is as funny as it is eye-opening.  Just because someone has a different perspective, it doesn’t make them wrong.  On the first date, Leigh thought he skipped out on her and left her with the bill.  However, Conner got locked in the bathroom and couldn’t call for help.  On the second date, Conner thought Leigh was uninterested because she was paying attention to her phone.  However, she was being set up by her boss.  Their past relationship failures make it easier for them to be manipulated.  When they come clean and be honest with each other, they find true love.  Not just for themselves but for the others around them.  This is a movie you will fall in love with and laugh with over and over again.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Sorry.  In his defense, he put me out quickly – Leigh

What happened – Erin

You’ve got viral dude – Brad

No, no, no. don’t jinx it – Conner

Ok, this means war – Milo

We don’t do fiction – Allison

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Her Secret Family Killer – Review

Her Secret Family Killer – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Sarah runs an ice cream shop and her cousin April works for her.  She wishes her brother Will would help but he loves to live life to the fullest.  However, he is dependable when she needs someone to watch her daughter Zoe.  Her husband, Geoff, throws her a birthday party and invites all her family and friends.  During her party, her best friend and daughter’s teacher, Victoria gives her a DNA testing kit (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Sarah is excited to try it but her cousin Lyle is less than enthusiastic.  The next day, Victoria’s husband, Roger comes to Sarah’s home.  He is worried.  Victoria didn’t come home after the party.  When Roger came home from the night shift, he could tell she didn’t sleep in their bed.  Sarah’s concern is growing too.  Zoe told her Victoria didn’t come to school either.   While Sarah and Detective Roger hoped for the best, Sarah finds Victoria’s body in the woods.  Sarah is devastated.  While Roger can’t work on the case, he keeps Sarah in the loop.  And Sarah returns the favor in kind.  She found the camera Victoria used to take pictures at the party (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). She found some stunning pictures after the film was developed.  Roger tells Sarah DNA was found at the crime scene.  It didn’t match anyone in the criminal database.  So they cast a wider net to include DNA testing kits.  Roger has good news and bad news.  Good news: they got a hit.  Bad news: its a relative of Sarah.  Sarah has to look beyond what she knows to find the truth hidden under the secrets.

With strange characters and even stranger behavior, Sarah’s brother, Will, and Lyle all look like viable suspects.  It’s been said that DNA sites are being used to solve crimes, so this story is believable.  There are enough surprises to keep you watching but trained TV sleuths can find the easter eggs in the story.  You will be able to put the clues together before Sarah.  However, there this enough thrilling action in between to keep you entertained.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Yeah, well I’m old school – Victoria

I tried to tell her her entire family’s crazy but she would listen to me – Geoff

Why does everyone have to know everything about everybody – Lyle

Stay quiet – Roger

We experience a tragedy – Sarah

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