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Poisoned Love: The Stacey Castor Story – Review

Poisoned Love: The Stacey Castor Story – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Ashley and her sister Bree are bewildered when their mom, Stacey, comes home with an engagement ring.  She is engaged to her boss, Mr. David Castor.  While the girls are happy with David, they really don’t know him.  Also, they are not over the loss of their father.  Bree concedes to the wedding for her mom’s happiness but Ashley refuses.  With one daughter’s approval, the wedding is on.  After the wedding, Stacey and her daughters move into David’s home.  Ashley is unhappy they have to share a room.  As time goes on, Ashley’s discord grows and she starts to make dumb decisions that affect David personally.  Her behavior starts to affect their marriage.  David gets drunk and throws a glass.  The shards hit Bree.   Stacey packs up the girls and moves to her friends temporarily.  The next day, Stacey goes to check on David and finds him dead.  At first, police believe it’s a suicide.  But, one cop thinks something about the house looks off.  While her instincts are right, they are dangerous.  When Stacey is backed into a corner, as the person who poisoned David, she will stop at nothing to put the blame on someone else.  Even doing the unthinkable to her flesh and blood.

Based on the crimes of Stacey Castor, this film seems to be missing critical story elements.  You don’t feel any connection to any member of the Castor family.  Not even Ashley.  Not until Ashley is on the stand.  Then she goes from spoiled brat teen to wrecked little girl.  Also, the movie portrays Stacey as a mother bear defending her cubs.  However, it’s been said she only wanted the insurance money.  Stacey’s mother is introduced as a shrew, but it’s hard to believe her disapproval of Stacey getting a divorce is a motive to murder.  It doesn’t really nail down why she did what she did.  It leaves it up the viewer to speculate.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Oh, I don’t care. I’ll fire them – David

That’s 7 in dog years. And at my age, you count them all – Stacey

You make a choice and you have to stick with it – Julie

I miss it the way it was. Everything is different – Ashley

Don’t worry, mom. He didn’t mean it. It’ll be ok – Bree

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Sinister Stalker – Review

Sinister Stalker – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Karen is 9 months sober and slowly rebuilding her life.  After her AA meeting, Karen decides to walk home.  She is attacked by an unknown man and another man jumps in to help her.  Her knight in shining armor is Daniel and he was injured.  Daniel doesn’t want to go to the hospital because he doesn’t have insurance.  Karen’s RN training kicks in and she offers to help him.  They walk back to her place and she bandages his wounds.  When he starts to get dizzy, she tells him to sleep at her house so she can keep an eye on him.  If he is showing signs of a concussion, she will call 911 and have him taken to the hospital.  Karen has no idea her knight is an evil stalker who orchestrated everything to get close to her.  And he will stop anyone who gets in his way.

So many dumb choices made by the main character, you stop having sympathy for her.  This sinister Angel Eyes doesn’t capture your attention and feels more laughable than suspense building (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  This movie can be skipped in the Lifetime line-up.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

You don’t owe me anything. I was just in the right place at the right time – Daniel

Now, that’s what you call a rebound – Ronnie

Still pretty intense – Karen

So Daniel, just you and me – Izzie

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Grand Theft Auto Girls – Review

Grand Theft Auto Girls – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Emily and Max steal cars and joy ride.  Then they abandon them when they are done.  Emily works on her late dad’s old car and attends Mr. Pernell’s shop class.  Although she isn’t the biggest fan of Mr. Pernell, she loves the shop class.  He often leaves her with boring fixes in cars and gives other students the fun work.  Dylan, who has a crush on Emily, thinks Mr. Pernell does it because Emily is a better mechanic than him.  While finding parts for her dad’s car, she sees Nestor working out a deal.  It doesn’t take long for Emily to see Nester is running a chop shop.  Emily and Max mind their business and go home.  After learning her mom is deep in debt, Emily and Max go back to the shop.  They make a deal with Nester.  For every car they steal, they get $500.  Things are going great until Mr. Pernell gets wind of what they are doing.  But instead of turning them in, he forces them to work for him.  He has a device that clones a key’s RFID chip.  With this device, they can click a button, open a car, start the car, and drive away.  Mr. Pernell wants them to steal luxury cars.  When Nester hears rumors the girls are working for someone else, he wants to end them.  When they try to stop, Mr. Pernell gets desperate. How will Max and Emily get out of this situation?

This is an interesting movie about how good intentions can go bad really fast.  At first, Emily just likes to joy ride.  When she decides to help her mom, she steals for money.  Although she and Max have enough, the can’t stop.  Then, they are forced to continue.  Putting Emily’s family and friend’s lives at risk.  You keep wondering how much farther down the rabbit hole can they fall.  The best aspect of this movie is how the conclusion was written.  Everything didn’t magically get better; there are consequences for their actions.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

He just resents the fact that I’m a better mechanic than him – Emily

So you think you’re the queen of this little ant farm – Dylan

We’re already stealing cars for free – Max

Ya’ll are either really stupid or ya’ll cops – Nestor

Throw it out with the trash – Mr. Pernell

Oh Emily, what have you gotten yourself into – Mr. Welder

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Late Bloomer – Review

Late Bloomer – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


In high school, Jenny was an unpopular, smart girl who loved plants.  She was picked on by the popular kids and nicknamed Poison Ivy.  After the most popular guy in school stood her up for prom, she dreamed of traveling the world and finding the heart orchid.  The myth of the orchid is it blooms when true love blooms.  Then she will be successful and their opinions won’t matter.  Today, she is working on her doctoral thesis with her boyfriend Owen.  She created a boxed environment and found the seed of the heart orchid.  She and Owen hope it blooms before their doctoral presentation.  While Owen comes up with creative troupes for their project, Jenny gets a call from her mom.  Her mom needs her to come home and clean her greenhouse.  Unbeknownst to Jenny, her mom has decided to sell the house now that her dad has passed on.  Jenny goes home.  While taking a walk, she sees a rare flower growing in a tree near her old school and climbs up the tree to get a better look.  Jenny falls out of the tree and Frankie, a senior runs to her to help.  Frank ask her teacher to get bandages.  Jenny gets three big shocks.  First, the teacher is Shane, the boy who stood her up on prom.  Second, he is engaged to his high school sweetheart and Jenny’s biggest tormentor Allison.  Third, he doesn’t remember her.  It’s not until Shane talks to Allison that he remembers Jenny and he feels like scum.  As a teacher, he sees kids get picked on every day.  He decides to make it up to Jenny by taking her to the prom.  Owen and Allison won’t let this happen without a fight and a flower.

If you are a survivor of bullying, this movie will hit all your emotions.  Especially as Jenny tries to mentor Frankie through the minefield of high school.  Frankie is a bright young photographer with a bully all her own.  When someone tries to use Jenny’s past against Frankie, Jenny is determined to make Frankie stand up for herself.   Stand up in a way she never could.  As Jenny grows mentally and spiritually, she finds her true self and gets everything she deserved since high school.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

If you find a man who loves your hair for the way that it is, marry him – Nancy

Are you sure you’re not slipping into a coma – Frankie

Yes you are – Madison

You don’t remember me, do you – Jenny

What we did is horrible – Shane

Thanks, Frankie. I’m sorry – Ethan

Good for you. I am sure that will be very rewarding or something – Alison

It’s ok. Daddy’s here to take care of you – Owen

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Adopted in Danger – Review

Adopted in Danger – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Candace and her husband, Shawn, want to have a kid.  Candace is concerned because she doesn’t know her family’s medical history.  Candace was adopted when she was a baby and never connected to her biological family because the adoption was closed.  So she takes a DNA test and anxiously waits for the results.  When the results come back, she is happy to learn her ethnicity and get a clean bill of genetic health, but Candace is a little sad.  She hoped the DNA test would help her find her parents.  Her friend Ally has an idea.  Ally’s friend, Margo, can do a not-so-legal search for her genetic history.  Candace agrees to let Margo do it.  She was a 99.9% match for real estate tycoon Tom Mason.  She decides to meet Tom face to face.   Soon, the air is let out of her sail when Tom says he never gave a child away.  He accuses her of trying to extort money from him and has her taken out of his office.  Candace’s pain and shock of rejection turn into anger.  Then, it turns into determination.  She will do everything to prove Tom is her father.  Even put her life on the line.

First, you need to watch this movie from the beginning to understand the state of Candace’s adoption.  It’s obvious someone is in control but you don’t know who.  It could be Tom or any member of his family.  For some, you will wonder why she tries to connect after her father blows her off.  Many would have given him the same courtesy.  But she pursues it and finds more than she was bargaining for.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

All I care about is our kid is 50% you – Shawn

I also love chocolate – Candace

Don’t push me – Tom

We are anything we need to be to protect our family – Jannette

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Hearts of Winter – Review

Hearts of Winter – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Bethany is an interior designer that created the MAP system.  It means Meaning, Abundance, Peace.  It allows a person to have creative visualization over a space to decorate it.  Her book with MAP guidance is selling fast.  However, to get more buzz, she creates a contest.  The Denver family winner will get their home designed by Bethany.  Zoe hears about the contest during Bethany’s promo and decides to enter for her dad, Grant.  Grant has not been able to keep up the housework and decorations since his wife passed away.  He often turns Zoe’s clothes pink and stopped decorating.  Zoe thinks Bethany will help her dad a lot.  After reading Zoe’s heartfelt letter, Bethany chooses it to be the winner.  She knocks on Grant’s door to offer the prize and the two recognize each other from the bookstore.  Since their meeting was brief, Bethany decides to continue.  She has no idea the amount of pushback Grant will give her about every choice she makes.  As they work together, the progress of the family’s home is put online.  Bethany’s followers grow as the pair is being “shipped” online.  When a family bond is broken will their budding love break with it?

Have Kleenex closeby, you will need it.  This movie offers a Hallmark plot but with genuine pure heart, true understanding, and deep compassion.  At first, you believe Grant is being too harsh to Bethany.  But as the story goes on, you realize he is hurting and is trying not to fall apart.  He struggles with letting items go because he doesn’t want to let his wife go.  It’s Zoe that gives him permission to move on and open himself up to the possibility of love with Bethany.  This Hallmark movie will be an instant favorite.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Oh, I like that – Grant

Thanks so much for the book – Zoe

I lot of overnight delivers, copouts amounts of caffeine and wine – Emerson

I don’t like it when you’re all calm and logical when I’m trying to worst-case scenario a situation – Bethany

You have to be ok with just mostly perfect or you’ll go nuts – Ryder

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