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Stolen by My Mother: The Kamiyah Mobley Story – Review

Stolen by My Mother: The Kamiyah Mobley Story – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Lexi wants to gain independence by getting a job and making money.  Her step-father and step-sister, Oskie and Erica respectively, believe Lexi is spoiled by her mother Gloria.  Lexi eats her free cake on her 16th birthday and sees her favorite waitress is due any day.  She asks if a position will open soon.  The waitress goes to the manager and the manager approves Lexi.  The waitress tells Lexi the job is hers if she wants it.  She can start tomorrow.  She just needs to bring in her social security card and fill out the paperwork.  Lexi and Gloria get in the car.  She is so happy to have a job and make money.  But her mother lets the wind out of her sails.  Gloria tells Lexi to turn down the job offer and return her apron.  Lexi doesn’t understand and begs Gloria for an explanation.  Gloria tells Lexi her name is really Kamiyah Mobley.  And she kidnapped Kamiyah from the hospital when she was 8-hours old.  Kamiyah can’t believe what she heard and runs away from Gloria to her friend, Swerve’s house.  Gloria tells her parents and her husband Oskie what she did.  They decide to keep Gloria’s secret, including Kamiyah.  Kamiyah’s curiosity gets the best of her and she looks up her mother, Sanarah, on the internet.  Kamiyah makes one phone call that blows up her world.

Based on the true story of Kamiyah Mobley’s kidnapping, this movie is a textbook case of Stockholm Syndrome.   This movie is tough because you have more sympathy for Gloria than Sanarah.  Remember, Gloria was the kidnapper.  While she didn’t physically abuse Kamiyah, she did mentally abuse her.  Kamiyah’s relationship with her birth father was easier because she never had a male role model while she was growing up.  She appreciated Oskie, but she never looked at him as her dad.  So she was accepting of Charles immediately.  Her birth mother, Sanarah, had an uphill battle.  Always remember who was the real criminal before you pass judgment.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I don’t care about the other family, you’re all I know – Kamiyah

A man isn’t a man till he has a child of his own – Charles

Ya’ll gotta let me out – Cray

Every road is hard, she gotta learn that – Oskie

You can’t take that job – Gloria

Happy birthday Kimayah – Sanarah

Honestly, I thought you were allergic to it – Erica

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Who Wants Me Dead? – Review

Who Wants Me Dead? – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Carly finishes a photoshoot when she is approached by a lawyer.  Her estranged sister, Nikki, died and left everything to her daughter Zoe.  Her business, her money, and her home.  Zoe’s guardian will be in charge of the money and Nikki chose Carly to be her guardian.  If she doesn’t move and take care of Zoe, Zoe will be placed in the system.  Carly and Nikki grew up in foster care so Carly doesn’t want that happening to Zoe.  She flies to the west coast and greets an angry Chris.  Chris was Nikki’s husband.  He didn’t know Nikki never changed her will and he didn’t know Carly existed.  In a matter of days, Chris lost his wife, home, and his daughter – because he never formally adopted her.  Carly feels sorry for him but the lawyer tells her to focus on Zoe.  Bumpy at first, Zoe and Carly find their grove.  Then, Carly starts working in Nikki’s flower shop with Madison and April.  Things seem to be going great, but Zoe screams at night and believes someone is trying to take her away.  When Carly is told her sister was poisoned, she starts to see things and believes someone is after her.  Can she find her sister’s killer before she becomes the next victim?

This gives a fun twist to the Lifetime murder, mystery drama we all know and love with a good body count.  While the killer’s motive is typical, you are never sure how many people are involved in the overall scheme.  This keeps you watching and playing along.  Carly’s willingness to sacrifice everything to learn the truth and save Zoe is wonderful.  And the conclusion is extremely adult for this type of movie.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I tell you, you will do anything to get out of meeting Chris – Tina

I feel bad about that. I feel like I’m the one that’s kicking him out – Carly

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Kidnapped by My Classmate – Review

Kidnapped by My Classmate – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Brooke is getting used to her new windfall.  She and her mother, Shannon, lived on the poor side of town until Shannon married Andrew.  Now she has a gracious step-dad and a new home.  Yet, Brooke still wears clothes with holes in them.  At school, Brooke meets Corey.  He has liked her from afar and gained the courage to talk to her.  They exchange numbers and plan to meet in the future.  Eric, Corey’s best friend, tells Corey she is out of his league because of her new zip code.  Corey doesn’t believe she is like other girls in that town and still wants to talk to her.  Hunter, Corey’s brother, learns Corey’s new love interest comes from money.  Corey admits Brooke will be out shopping with her mother.  Hunter is in debt to a drug dealer and their home is in foreclosure.  So he decides to rob Brooke’s family.  During the attempted robbery, Hunter finds Brooke is home and concludes he can get more money from ransom than a robbery.  Shocked and scared, Eric and Corey go along with the plan.  Hunter grabs Brooke and makes a video call to her mother.  Her mother has until midnight to come up with $250,000 or Brooke is dead.  If she tries to call the police, he will kill Brooke.  With 10 hours until the deadline, Shannon and Andrew will go to the darkest corners of their town to get their daughter back.

With the ticking clock on the screen, you feel the pressure Shannon and Andrew are under to get the money.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself agreeing with Andrew every time he says ‘let’s call the police’.  It’s just the option that makes the most sense.  However, Shannon doesn’t know if the kidnappers are professionals or amateurs, so she does what they say for their child.  This is a good watch if you like nail biter movies.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Well, can I use family members as references – Shannon

You wanna mom swap – Brooke

I have no idea what you are talking about – Corey

You were supposed to be out shopping – Hunter

You still haven’t read the chapter, have you? The baby died – Eric

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A Beautiful Place to Die: A Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries – Review

A Beautiful Place to Die: A Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Jeff has retired from the harsh streets of New York to his home town in Martha’s Vineyard.  The chief of police is happy to see Jeff in town and tells Jeff about a charity gala his daughter, Zee, will be attending.  Jeff politely laughs and says no thanks.  While helping a friend, Jeff hurts his back and goes to the hospital for help.  He can’t believe Zee is his doctor.  Not only is he the Chief’s daughter but she is Jeff’s ex-girlfriend.  Jeff asks her to give him a Cortizone shot and he will be on his way.  She takes a closer look at his X-ray and sees the cause of his problem.  He was shot a few months earlier and the bullet is still in his back.  It’s too close to his spine.  While it’s causing him pain, taking it out may cause paralysis.  She will only give the shot as a temporary solution but promises to look for something permanent.  On a whim, Jeff goes to the gala.  On the surface, everything is grand.  But Zee and Jeff see something is brewing.  Peyton has thrown Jackie, a reporter, out of the gala.  Bradley and Stacey are trying to keep Ray away from their dad, Gerald.  Bradley and Ray got into a physical altercation before Jeff broke it up.  The next day, Jeff sees a blue jacket with blood along the cliffs.  As he walks closer to the edge, he sees Ray’s body in the water.  He calls the Chief, who later calls the ME, Zee.  Zee is the only doctor in the vineyard with any autopsy experience.  When Zee declares Ray’s death as murder, the Chief asks Jeff to look into the case as a consultant.  Jeff says no because he still has flashbacks about the day he was shot.  But Jeff just can’t help doing research on his own.  Jeff’s ambition drives him headfirst into the case with Zee right by his side.  Much to the worry of her father, Zee and Jeff will work together to discover who killed Ray.

Based on A Beautiful Place to Die: Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries by Philip R. Craig, this movie has a great mix of characters with different but strong motives (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). The main characters are introduced to the audience and gives you great sympathy for Zee and Jeff.  Seeing Jeff’s trauma makes you want to look deeper into his backstory.  His heart is still in the job, his body is just not there yet.  It will be amazing to see how the writers will deal with his injury in the future.  This new mystery has plenty of potential for growth.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I still think this weird – Stacy

I’m guessing this is the real reason for your retirement – Zee

You don’t even know what you are asking me – Jeff

To love and be loved is everything – Thomas

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Psycho Party Planner – Review

Psycho Party Planner – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Newly widowed, Lindy left behind the politician’s wife’s life and becomes a party planner.  She applies to work for Kerry’s sweet-16 party.   After the interview, she realizes she left something and walks back into the room.  She overhears Kerry’s mom, Kayla and Kayla’s assistant, Shonda, deciding to pick the other applicant, Dulce.  Lindy obtains Dulce’s address and goes to her home.  She tries to convince Dulce to reject a forthcoming job but Dulce laughs in her face.  Lindy offers half the fee. Dulce laughs and pushes her out the door.  Lindy won’t let this woman get in her way.  Lindy kills Dulce and takes over Kerry’s party.  When Lindy starts to overstep her boundaries, Shonda and Kayla voice their concerns.  Lindy won’t have that.  Lindy loves Kerry and will do anything to have Kerry for herself.   Who will be the next to die for Carrie’s party?

With any psycho – insert job title here – story, you know there is a deeper story in the background driving the insane behavior.  At first, you are not sure why Lindy is going after Kerry.  Then, her parents have a conversation about when to tell Kerry a secret.  Experienced Lifetimers will put two and two together quickly.  And don’t be surprised if you find yourself laughing at Lindy’s kills.  It was all too easy.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Celebrities adopt. Politicians create bloodlines – Griffin

You so sure about that – Lindy

Only a crazy person shows up to someone’s house for a job they didn’t earn – Dulce

Yeah but I’m not – Kerry

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Brimming with Love – Review

Brimming with Love – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Love cynic and recently hired journalist, Allie needs a new 3-month series idea for her boss.  She proposed a series about the circus but he shot it down.  Then, she tells in about a coffee shop with an owner that doubles as a matchmaker.  Sam, the owner, will attempt to find you a match by the time you order your 30th cup of coffee.  Allie sits with Sam to discuss the series.  She offers free press in exchange for a list of satisfied customers.  At first, he agrees but after a few bad interviews, he turns her down.  He thinks she is too cynical to write a fair and balanced article.  After talking to her best friend and co-worker, Mia, Allie writes an article called Love and Lattes.  It’s a huge hit.  Sam sees the article was well written and decides to let Allie continue the series.  But this time, Mia will be his next client.  He has 30 days to find her a guy with Allie watching.  Sam realizes that Allie is still cynical about love, so he goes to the original matchmaker for advice.  His grandpa Walter.  He tells Sam, Allie wants love but she has been burned.  He just has to give her a chance.  Sam gives Allie a chance by giving her a card for 30 cups of coffee.  He is determined to find her love. Not realizing how close it is.

This is a sweet story with a lot of subplots.  The Mia/Eric relationship developing over cups of coffee gives you an insight into Sam’s operation.  And the Tyler/Emily friendship allows you to see another type of relationship form.  Even Sam’s relationship with his grandfather Walter grows at the end of the story.  It’s these subplots that will keep you watching the movie.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Wait, I work for you – Allie

I don’t date my customers – Sam

Everyone wants love. Some people are just better at hiding it than others – Walter

You like her don’t you – Emily

She laughs at all my jokes – Tyler

I don’t want to see you sighing and rolling your eyes every time I talk about love – Mia

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Love in Winterland – Review

Love in Winterland – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


To get more publicity for her hotel, Ally became a contest on the reality dating show, Happily Ever After.  She had no idea she would become a finalist.    Before Tanner makes his final decision, he has to choose a woman to have a hometown date.  He chooses Ally.  In her hometown, Ally’s parents own the Winterlight Inn and they employ her ex-boyfriend Brett.  Even though Brett tries to remain aloof, he is watching Ally on the dating show every week.  With a camera crew in tow, Ally heads home.  She prepares her family for the show’s expectations and gets reacquainted with her hometown.  It’s not long before Brett finds her.  As their attraction starts to pull them together like magnets, Tanner arrives in town.  Ally has to keep up appearances for the show and Tanner but she is starting to fall for Brett again.  Then she gets bad news.  Most of the businesses are doing bad because tourism is drying up, including her parents’ inn.  Ally and Brett will put their skills to good use to help the town in front of the cameras.  Leaving everyone to wonder, who will Ally choose: Brett or Tanner?

The typical Hallmark plot with a reality show twist.  You know the ending 15 minutes into the movie.  So, Ally’s final choice is not a big deal.  You are watching for Ally’s parents’ one-liners and the town’s competition. Once you see several closed shops, you will have a clue of Ally’s real challenge: saving the town.  So, come for the love story and watch for the business tips.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Snowblowers are overrated – Brett

Says the guy eating cupcakes with my parents on a Friday night – Ally

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