#BadBoysForLife – Movie Review

Bad Boys for Life – Budget of $90 million – 2 hours and 4 minutes


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Mike is weaving through the streets of Miami with Marcus screaming in the passenger seat.  They are in a race against the clock.  But they are not chasing bad guys.  They are headed to the hospital.  Marcus is a grandfather.  Megan and Reggie just had a baby boy, they named Marcus.  Later, the precinct celebrates the new future cop to the fold.  Marcus takes Mike aside and tells him its time for him to retire.  He wants to see Little Marcus grow up.  Marcus states age is getting the best of them.  Mike believes he is in his prime and will continue to stay on the force.  In order to prove Marcus wrong, the two decided to have a foot race.  If Mike wins, Marcus stays on the force.  If Marcus wins, he can leave.  Mike gains the lead and celebrates the win.  But the celebration is short-lived.  Mike is the target of a hit.  He is rushed to the emergency room with 4 bullet wounds to the torso.  Marcus sits by his side every day and makes a deal with God to heal Mike.  Six months later, Mike is feeling better but stunned.  While he was recuperating, Marcus officially retired.  Since Mike coded on the operating table, Marcus feels he kept his promise of Bad Boys for Life.  On the other hand, Mike won’t rest until he finds the person who tried to kill him.  Since he can’t investigate his own case, Captain Howard teams Mike up with AMMO, an elite team of officers trained in combat, tech, and marksmanship.  AMMO is made up of Lieutenant Rita, Officer Kelly, Officer Rafe, and Officer Dorn.  Mike doesn’t believe in their methods but he has no other options.  In order for Mike to discover who is trying to kill him and why; the Bad Boys of the Bible will go head to head against a Witch, the Aretas cartel, and a doting son.

The third installment of the Bad Boys franchise has all the bullets, explosions, and crazy car chases you’d expect (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While Marcus has matured into his role as grandfather and husband, Mike still wants to chase bad guys.  Marcus truly makes an attempt to retire.  Even when a CI tries to pull Marcus back in, he calls Mike to take over.  It takes one bullet to make him ride one last time with Mike.  The comic relief of their arguments is funnier as they joke about hair dye, dress, women, and – of course – driving.  This movie laughs at itself by describing it as a real-life telenovela.   The action sequences makes IMAX a great choice for this film.  Stay after the first set of end credits but not until the end.  Don’t worry loyal fans, they give you the slow double stand, blue pill joke, a Reggie flashback, and a set up for the next class of Bad Boys.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

So, you want me to speed up and slow down at the same time – Mike

Turn up? What are you, 20? You need to turn off – Marcus

I got 50 on a torn ACL – Captain Howard

I don’t do renegotiations – Armando Aretas

Hasta el Fuego – Isabel Aretas

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