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#DogDays – Movie Review

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Dog Days – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 53 minutes

Dog Days
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People love their dogs.  And on the hottest days in Los Angelos, the dog days of summer, several peoples’ lives will be intertwined all because of their dogs.  Tara is a barista who feels she is putting her marketing degree to waste.  She has a crush on the local vet Dr. Mike but is too nervous to approach him.  But after she finds a dog hiding behind the coffee shop’s trash can, she uses it to get to know Dr. Mike better.  Walter is a widower and a retired English teacher.  His dog is his only connection to his wife.  But his dog runs away after Walter has a heart attack.  He will search to the ends of the earth to get his dog back.  Dax skates through life until his sister goes into labor with twins.  She asks, well demands that Dax takes care of her dog.  Dax barely takes care of himself so he is extremely hesitant about taking care of a dog in his “no pets” building.  Finally, Grace and Greg are getting the child they have always wanted.  Grace does have concerns because Amelia is not a baby.  She is quiet and shy until she finds a dog in the park.  Elizabeth works for Wake Up LA.  After catching her dog with another woman’s bra inside its mouth, she is single again.  With so many more stories, it’s only fair that everyone will run into each other and grow.  All because of their dogs.

This feel-good comedy is for the “12 and up” crowd.  You will fall in love with each dog as they warm their owners’ hearts.  There are moments that will cause you to laugh out loud, be in complete shock, and get misty-eyed.  And with so many characters, like New Year’s Eve and Mother’s Day, you may be concerned about losing track of each storyline.  But don’t worry at all.  Since this movie is over the course of months, it has the same precision as a soap opera and with some of the juicy drama.  If you don’t own a dog, you may start looking after this movie.  And the credits are funny too.  However, don’t be late for this movie.  If you miss the first 5 minutes, you will miss everything.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I thought you were a giant beige rat – Tara

What if I’m not good at it, being a mom – Grace

I’m plenty loose – Elizabeth

Sorry, but this is not my dog – Walter

How do you like it – Dax


Grease: Live – Review

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Grease: Live – Fox – 3 hours

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Grease: Live
Click here to purchase the Original Grease on Amazon (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)

Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko have a summer romance while on vacation. They think they will never see each other again.  Then Sandy moves from Salt Lake City, Utah and attend Rydell High School.  On her first day she meets the Pink Ladies, headed by Betty Rizo.  Sandy tell the Pink Ladies about her summer romance, but unbeknownst to her, Zuko is Rizo’s ex.  Rizo decides to keep her friends close, and Sandy closer while trying to make Zuko jealous.  Will Sandy and Danny’s romance outlast high school drama, drop outs, and pregnancy? Only a song and hand jive will tell.

This televised musical was a gigantic feat with 600 cast and crew, 14 sets, and 20 acres to perform.  And if that wasn’t enough … it’s LIVE!!! The close-up costume changes, large dance numbers, and set changes will make everyone appreciate the theater.  This production gives viewers hope for young Hollywood.  Young Hollywood has talent, not just selfies, clubbing, and wardrobe malfunctions.   Viewers will see a mix of the stage version of grease and the film version.  Both version are wonderfully good and this adaptation is great!!!  The time will fly by and make you want more.

I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars

We girls gotta be our own people.  That’s what they tell us in Home Ec – Frenchy

If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter – Principal McGee

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