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A Christmas Winter Song – Review

A Christmas Winter Song – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Clio hasn’t sung since her father passed away.  Everyone is trying to get her to sing in the Christmas Show but her heart isn’t into it.  One day, she sees Mr. Myers outside her home and mistakes his curious nature for deviance.  She apologies and offers him cocoa.  Later that day, Clio hears someone singing with an amazing voice.  The voice belongs to Mr. Myer.  She offers him a job singing in the store.  His voice will fill customers with holiday spirit and get them to buy more items.  Mr. Myers plans to be there early in the morning.  The next few days are going great until Candance, Clio’s business partner, sees Mr. Myers sleeping in his truck.  Clio goes to check on him and finds the truck empty.  She finds a pill bottle with his name on it next to the truck.  Clio tells Mr. Myers he can sleep in the store.  Then she presses him for answers about the pills.  He admits he has throat cancer.  The doctor wants to perform surgery but he is afraid of losing his singing voice.  Without the surgery, is survival rate is slim.  Clio is crushed and she wants to help but he won’t let her.  Then a woman walks into Clio’s store with a look of pain on her face.  She recognizes Mr. Myers as the father that abandoned her years ago. She leaves.  Clio tries to convince him to tell his daughter he is sick but he refuses.  Clio thinks back to her dad.  He never told Clio he was sick.  She felt cheated out of her goodbye and blames her mom.  Can Clio get Mr. Myers to talk to his daughter and get surgery? Maybe he will if she gets back on stage again.

Not to judge.  But if you don’t tear up during this movie, you are a monster.  Unlike 95% of the holiday movies, Clio’s main goal isn’t falling in love with a guy at the end.  It’s about helping Mr. Myer.  She helps him reconnect with his family and get treatment.  Helping him gives her the ability to understand and accept her dad’s decision to keep his illness a secret.  She uses this strength to gain confidence for the stage again.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I thought the washing machine ate it – Jack

Not another word, kind Clio – Mr. Myers

You want way too much Dateline – Clio

What’s his angle – Candace

So you do want to disappoint the children – Gayle

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Matchmaker Christmas – Review

Matchmaker Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Maggie is a copyright editor but she loves to play matchmaker to her friends.  Several of the couples she has matched have gotten married.  When her boss, Amanda, complains about being single at the Christmas party, Maggie offers to set her up on a date.  Amanda gives Maggie the green light to start picking guys.  The next day, Maggie is ready to show Amanda her options but Amanda stops her.  The publishing company has a new author, they want her to take him under her wing.  The writer is her ex-boyfriend Jackson.  Years ago, Maggie’s family didn’t approve of Jackson’s career path and her being serious about a guy at her age.  Their disapproval pulled them apart.  Now, they have to work together to find a new genre for Jackson.  They seem to get along so well until Amanda thinks she has found the right man for her: Jackson.

This is a Hallmark movie on Lifetime.  It does offer some sweet moments and a satisfying conclusion, it’s the typical movie with the standard ending.  Also, it’s pretty easy to deduce who Amanda will date at the end.  This movie offers nothing new to the barrage of holiday movies available this season.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

And please, whatever you do, make it painless – Amanda

I don’t need your negative vibes on this one, ok? – Maggie

Wow, I almost believe you – Alister

Could you just stop note-taking for a second – Jackson

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His Deadly Affair – Review

His Deadly Affair – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


One year ago, Heidi and Danielle had an argument.  They haven’t spoken but they keep track of each other on social media.  Danielle is a successful violinist and secretly dating her conductor, James.  Heidi graduated from college and looking for love.  Danielle is done with the radio silence and asks James for 2 tickets for tonight’s performance.  She would like to invite her sister Heidi.  When she leaves, James looks for Heidi on a dating app and swipes right, then gives Danielle tickets.  Danielle and Heidi meet and the start to fight.  However, they decide to stop fighting and get along when Heidi notices Danielle’s ID bracelet is giving her a rash.  Danielle gives the bracelet to Heidi, laughs, and Heidi agrees to go to Danielle’s performance.  After the show, Danielle texts Heidi she needs to cancel plans for an after-party with the crew.   Upset, Heidi gets a Lyft home.  As she gets the keys out of her purse, a masked assailant attacks her and puts her into the backseat of a car.  The next day, Danielle comes over to Heidi’s home.  She notices blood and Heidi’s phone on the ground.  Danielle has a gut feeling something is wrong.  On the other side of town, Heidi is blindfolded and tied to a bed.  Victoria stands over her and notices her bracelet says “Danielle”.  Victoria checked her husband’s phone and saw he swiped right on Heidi, but the tell-tale bracelet tells her that Danielle is her husband’s mistress.  Now, Victoria will have to kill them both.

This movie gives you the feeling of Searching but with an LMN twist.  As a watcher, you know Victoria had her badge taken away and she is taking medication to regulate her erratic behavior.  She uses her status as a cop to interfere with Danielle talking to the police.  Victoria gets in inches of killing Danielle but keeps getting interrupted.  When she sees James and Danielle in a garage, she takes full advantage of the situation and technology.  This is a juicy addition to the LMN library.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Am I not worth another shot – Danielle

Allergic to the finer things in life – Heidi

Sometimes the most innocent looking people are the ones that are most guilty – Victoria

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Christmas Stars – Review

Christmas Stars – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Layla runs the Lighthouse Caberet with her mother Sandy.  Layla was a famous singer until her father died.  Shortly after his death, she stood on stage to sing Silent Night and froze.  She hasn’t been on the stage since.  Spence walks in for open mic night and Sandy takes notices of his handsome looks.  Spence is insecure about his singing and songwriting abilities, Layla offers him a pep talk.  Spence gets on stage and wows the crowd.  Layla is so impressed, she tells him to come back for the executives.  He begs her to sing with him for a confidence boost.  He is determined to make something of his singing career.  His father left a large inheritance when he died so Spense could follow his dream.  Unfortunately, the money will be gone by the New Year.  If Spense doesn’t make it as a singer, he will have to work on his uncle’s ranch.  During his executive performance, Layla can see him starting to wilt as record label honchos start to ignore him.  She grabs a mic and starts to sing but refuses to come on stage.  So Spense walks to her.  The song is a hit.  The record label wants to sign Spense but as a duo.  Layla can’t imagine getting back on stage and Spense can’t imagine doing this without her.  Can they come together to make beautiful music?

This movie should be called ‘The Recording Business 101’.  The executives try to control what the duo wears, writes, and sings.  Spense doesn’t understand the business and is hungry for success.  He is willing to sign anything to play ball.  Layla is a veteran in this business and is willing to speak up.  When she feels she is holding him back, she is willing to quit.  Layla’s internal struggle will move you.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You are due for some ho ho ho – Sandy Bryce

Mom, I am not sampling his peaches – Layla

Sorry, I forgot my trench coat and glasses in the car – Spence

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Time for You to Come Home for Christmas – Review

Time for You to Come Home for Christmas – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes


It’s been two years since Catherine came home.  She hasn’t been able to come back since her husband Tyler died.  After hearing they will miss another Christmas at home, her son Will is heartbroken.  She hates to see her son in pain, so she changes her mind.  Catherine came home just in time.  Her mother needs help in the bakery.  She has taken personal orders and the Snowball Festival.  In town, she runs into Jack.  This isn’t the first time.  She mistook him for a homeless man at the train station.  Then, he sat with them on the train.  When she woke up, Jack had already left.  She had no idea he had gotten off at the same stop.  Now, she learns Jack is taking Tyler’s place in the band.  She has no problems with this change and is ready to welcome Jack.  She is more concerned with her mother and the bakery.  Her mother is selling the bakery and Catherine will do anything to stop it.  Likewise, Jack is in search of something and Catherine is the key.

Based on Time for Me to Come Home by Dorothy Shackle Ford and Travis Thrasher, this story of love and loss is beautifully written (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).   Seeing Catherine, Will, and Jack all come to grips with the hole Tyler’s passing has left for them, gives them strength.  This movie proves the best way to heal is to talk.  With a few words and baked goods, Catherine can see the impact Tyler has had on the community and Jack.  This will become a classic in your household.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Hi mom. Do you have room for 2 more? I’m coming home – Catherine

Why not that’s the best people to pour your heart out too. No baggage, no judgment – Jack

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Grounded for Christmas – Review

Grounded for Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Pilot Nina faked work to go to Turks and Caicos with her friend Tara.  A storm is raging, she is hoping to get through it.  At the TSA bag check, she sees pilot Brady grab a bag and she stops him.  She thinks he took her bag by mistake.  Brady offers her a deal.  If the bag is his, he gets her phone number.  If not, he gets it back.  She doesn’t take the deal.  Good thing because he points to her bag on the security belt.  She meets up with Tara tells her everything that happened with Brady.  Tara reminds her their #1 rule is don’t date pilots.  Pilots have been notorious playboys and they see Brady no differently.  As Nina starts to board, winter storm Meaghan grounds all flights.  Disappointed, Nina leaves the airport but can’t find a car in her rideshare app.  Brady offers her a ride in his taxi.  They get to a hotel but everything is booked.  Nina tries to head home but the cab driver refuses.  He is ready to head home because of the storm. Nina discovers the driver will pass her parents’ house on his way home and begs for him to detour for them.  He hangs his head and agrees.  At her parents’ house, she hears a joy and laughter.  She remembers they are having their annual tree-trimming party and she knows her ex-boyfriend, Evan will be there with his new girlfriend.  Being dumped by him was embarrassing enough but to be alone is worse.  She asks Brady to pretend to be her boyfriend.  Once the airport is open, the ruse is over.  Can they keep up the act before the secret is out of the bag?

This is a funny comedy wrapped in Christmas traditions.  With a Santa Contest, meditation, and karaoke, you will be laughing at everything Brady and Nina have to do.  Each time their secret comes close to the light, you will be on the edge of your seat.  To make it harder, Brady’s ex-girlfriend comes back like The Ghost of Christmas Past.  Like the beginning, the end will all come down to a suitcase.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

It was a case of mistaken identity – Brady

You might want to call the hotel Fred Flintstone (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer) – Nina

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Christmas at Dollywood – Review

Christmas at Dollywood – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Rachel’s latest design project was canceled.  While she is disappointed, her boss sees it as an opportunity for her to go home and see her family.  Maggie hears Rachel is available and asks her to apply for a decorating job at Dollywood.  Rachel has always loved Dolly Parton and Dollywood, it would be a dream come true to get the job (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  If she does well, Dollywood will become one of her company’s clients.  That business will guarantee her the partnership she always wanted.  She walks into a banquet hall and meets Luke.  Luke is applying to be the new GM for Dollywood.  If he designs a successful Smoky Mountain Christmas, he believes the job is his for the taking.  Rachel gives a few tips on his design and leaves for her meeting.  Luke takes her advice with a cunning and delighted smile.  First, Luke presents his plans for the Christmas Celebration and it’s by the numbers.  Next, Rachel presents hers and its full of passion.  The board decides to hire them both to work together.  She has passion, he has familiarity, and both have experience.  The two will work together to make this the biggest celebration in Dollywood for Luke’s GM position and Rachel’s partnership.

The magic of Dolly and Dollywood is the biggest driver of this movie.  The second is seeing Rachel’s forgotten dream slowly evolve into reality.  She gave up her dreams after her husband died to show her daughter, Ava how strong a woman could become.  Her real dream was deferred and forgotten over time.  It was the magic of Dollywood and Luke’s love that brought it all back.  While you may not cancel plans to watch, this is still one to save on the DVR.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Would I get to meet dolly – Rachel

You’re a spy. Taking top-secret ideas to the competitions? – Luke

I may have better reception around here than you – Dolly

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Dear Santa, I Need a Date – Review

Dear Santa, I Need a Date – TV One – 2 hours and 0 minutes


At Thanksgiving dinner, Jason and Janelle’s parents air out their concerns.  Both of their children are almost 40 and are still single.  They don’t understand the problem.  Janelle owns a coffee shop and Jason manages athletes.  They want to have a table full of family and grandchildren.  Mr. Vaughn lets Janelle know she is running out of time to have kids.  Mrs. Vaungh tells Jason if he needs help, his dad has some pills.  Jason and Janelle leave their parents’ house as fast as possible.  On the drive back, they make a bet to have a date by Christmas dinner and the can’t bring an ex-lover.  If Janelle gets a date, Jason’s clients will have to tweet about her coffee shop on social media for a month.  If Jason gets a date, he gets free coffee and pastries for a month.  They have 4 weeks to find a date.  Let the games begin.

Jason and Janelle run into all types of people in this competition.  While Janelle uses her store to find a date, Jason is encouraged by a co-worker to use a dating app.  They date #TheSenselessKnowItAll, #The RatchetHoodChick, #TheIllusionist, #TheUnderageGrownWoman, #TheGamePlayerWithAClipboard, #The40YearOldBrokeRapper, and #TheOpportunist.  Whether or not you like to admit it, you have dated one of these types too.  But seeing it happen to someone else is much funnier.  While the ending is sweet, it is a bit anti-climatic.  After the first 30 minutes, you know exactly who Janelle and Jason will date.  It is fun watching them get there.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You are in the business of keeping people woke. A caffeine chaotic disaster – Jason

Your father and I are not going to live forever – Mrs. Vaughn

Neither of us are dying but we aren’t going to live forever – Mr. Vaughn

At least I know why there’s a crib in my old room – Janelle

Man she ain’t checkin’ for me – Alonzo

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Christmas Matchmakers – Review

Christmas Matchmakers – ION – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Jen tries to get time off to spend with her family but her boss won’t allow it.  She is the Executive Assistant to Kate, the head of creative for an advertising company.  The holiday season is a money-making time for them.  Jen tells her boyfriend they have to cancel their trip to meet her parents.  She hopes her boyfriend will spend Christmas with her in LA but he doesn’t want his skies to go to waste.  On the fly, he starts making plans with his friends.  Jen can’t believe it.  John is the Executive Assistant to Owen, the owner of Connelly Confections.  John wants more time to work on his novel, but his boss won’t give him the time off.  Jen and John think their bosses will be perfect for each other.  They have to hatch a plan to get them to meet and go on date.  Jen and John hope Owen and Kate’s time together will give them the time off they need.  But Jen and John discover more than their boss’s true love, they discover their own.

This movie is reminiscent of Netflix’s Set It Up in more ways than one (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  If you watched or DVR’ed the first airing of this movie on the east coast, the last 5 minutes were cut.  To see the film in its entirety, DVR or watch it during any other airings.  With that said, this movie has some funny moments and some sweet ones but its not a stand out for the holiday.  It could have fit in any other line up in any other season, it would have worked.  In this mass release of holiday TV movies, this is one that will be lost in the shuffle.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

9 o’clock means 8:30 and on time means your late – Jen

Money never sleeps babe – Peter

What’s the worst that can happen – John

There’s gotta be tougher things to sell than chocolate – Kate

You made this easy – Owen

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Christmas in Paris – Review

Christmas in Paris – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Former model, now head of the art department, Robin is ready to help her godmother, Kate, with their next client Lucas Beaudin.  Lucas has several businesses, including a winery, nightclub, and now, a fragrance.  Lucas knows starting a new fragrance from scratch will be difficult, so he wants to partner with a more established company for his launch. Kate gives him a deal.  They will have the final say on manufacturing and roll out.  Lucas will have the final say on curation and product quality.  Lucas agrees.  The first step is coming up with a media campaign that reflects the fragrance and Lucas.  Robin describes his current campaign as overused, male stereotypes.  She wants customers to know the real him.  The only place she can get to know him is in his home country, Paris.  She agrees to go but doesn’t know the secrets he has hidden stateside.  Will the pain of his past crush their future?

Based on A Fortunes of Texas Christmas by Helen Lacey, this movie delves into the dark side of relationships during the holiday season (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). With affairs, abandoned children, and misguided moms, Lucas’s head will spin with revelations.  While people ask to know the truth, the reality of that truth can be hard.  When Lucas finds out the truth, this movie is realistic with his reactions.  The writers have him lash out and become angry.  His true and honest feelings emerge.  However, the ending feels a bit rushed for their relationship.  With so much honesty in Lucas’s character, his reaction to his relationship with Robin seems a bit rash and rushed.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Just no. Not these lips – Robin

I think I met my match and then some – Kate

You lied to me – Lucas

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A Homecoming for the Holidays – Review

A Homecoming for the Holidays – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes


One year ago, Charlotte and her parents waved goodbye to her brother Eric.  He was being deployed overseas.  Before the troops left, Charlotte grabbed a guitar and started to play.  She dropped her pick and Matt picked it up.  Matt is being deployed with Eric.  The two have a prompt conversation and Matt leaves.   Today, Charlotte is a famous country singer with a rumored relationship with fellow singer, Taylor Robb.  While they are just friends, her manager tells her to run with it.  Charlotte got word that Eric is coming back home and she makes plans to finish her tour and head home.  She is surprised to see Matt is back in town.  He works for Operation Homefront and her father is helping with the building materials.  With Eric home safe, Charlotte learns that some soldiers are not so lucky.   Some die and leave families behind, while others have physical and emotional scars.  She is proud of her brother’s service but she is happy he will be taking over their father’s company.  As Charlotte tries to get some home-life balance, she is asked to perform at the Country Home Christmas Special.  Instead of saying no, she uses her platform for Operation Homefront.  Her act of giving impacts both Matt and Eric.  How will she and her family feel when both consider re-enlisting.

Masked as a love story, this movie is a great way to start a discussion about PTSD and homelessness among our veterans and their families.  To help one veteran with his PTSD, he gets a service dog and talks about going to therapy.  To help veterans and their families with homes, Operation Homefront is there for them.  Donate to offer a helping hand to those who gave everything for their country.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

You’ll never do a whole lot unless you’re brave enough to try – Charlotte

I told you a burglar doesn’t make coffee when they break into your house – patty

Man, your mom has reindeer playing horns – Matt

Would someone tell me what’s going on – Eric

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He’s Out to Get You – Review

He’s Out to Get You – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Four years after a mistake behind the wheel killed her husband and son, Meagan has decided to check herself out of the psychiatric ward.  Her brother, Gary, has been helping her parents.  Since her parents have passed away, she wants to help Gary with their estate.  Her doctor asks her to stay but she leaves.  On her way to her parents’ home, where her brother is staying, she tries to call Gary several times but he doesn’t answer.  She gets to her parent’s home and its empty.  She remembers the backdoor lock is broken and gets in the house.  She walks around and still no sign of Gary.  She finds a note from a woman named Lisa and it mentions a diner.  Meagan goes to the diner and finds Lisa.  Lisa says she has never heard of Gary and she is happily married.  Meagan goes to Sheriff Brunson and is told to wait 48 hours.  Meagan asks him if he remembers Gary and he says he doesn’t.  Meagan feels like she is losing her mind.  But when her parents’ estate attorney says she is the sole beneficiary, Meagan knows something is wrong.  She will do anything to find out what happened to Gary.  She just needs Duke.

While this movie is well-acted, you will have the “who” figured out pretty quickly.  It’s the “why” that will throw you for a loop.  Seeing Meaghan, in a vulnerable state, being dragged through the mud is a tough thing to watch.  She has all the evidence of her brother’s existence but no one will believe her.  The few people who confirm recent sightings are all killed.  The set up is slow but the “why” is worth it.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Right, you would probably sugar coat it – Meagan

You should get some more rest. These things tend to make a lot more sense in the daylight – Sheriff Brunson

I get it. I just for the drinks – Duke

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A Christmas Love Story – Review

A Christmas Love Story – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Christmas Love Story Final Image Assets

After her original writer can’t complete the title song, Kate must dust off her pen and write again.  She needs to create a title song for her choir to sing.  The proceeds will be used to fund next year’s choir.  She needs the inspiration to write something great.  Danny comes to choir rehearsal as a high school volunteer.  But when she hears him sing, she offers him a spot in the choir.  He can’t believe it.  The next day, Kate gets costumes for the show and jumps into a Rideshare car.  She doesn’t see Greg in the car.  Instantly, she takes charge of the situation and gets them both on track to where they need to go.  She talks about her choir and Greg talks about his son.  His son is part of an internship program.  He wants to take over the world of finance like his dad.  Moments later, Kate discovers Danny is Greg’s son.  Greg pulls Danny out of the choir and tells Kate he won’t be back.  Kate calls Danny and tells him to never stop singing.  She tries to call Greg to change his mind but he won’t budge.  Kate does the only thing she can do.  She hires a car to meet Greg face to face.  She is going to convince Greg to let Danny sing.  Kate doesn’t know that Danny has set everything into motion.  As Greg and Kate fall in love, their past will collide.

One of the most touching movies to date.  This hits on another topic Hallmark danced around in the past.  With the holiday season, this topic is gently and carefully brought to the forefront. Then, kindly resolved with a love story in the mix.  It’s beautiful to have this level of singing in a Hallmark movie.  And the title song will warm your spirit.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Does this face looks like it needs time to get ready – Kate

I’m fine, you know that right – Greg

No, terrible – Danny

That was not my idea – Brian

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