#PlayingWithFireMovie – Movie Review

Playing with Fire – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 36 minutes


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Superintendent Jake ‘Supe’ Carson oversees the Redding California Smokejumpers.  Supe is a straight-laced, by the numbers type of guy.  His father was a smokejumper that died in the line of duty.  He dreamed Supe would become a smokejumper and Division Commander one day.  After containing a fire, Supe loses his Alpha team, comprised of 3 smokejumpers and a pilot.  They want to go to teams with more recognition.  Supe as 3 men left, the Beta team.  First, Axe.  He will cut down anything in his path and carries an ax at all times.  He is a man of few words.  Second, Rodrigo.  He is a man who quotes great advise, incorrectly.  He loves to cook everything with spam.  He is the new pilot for the team.  Last but not least, Mark.  Mark, a former accountant, was saved by Supe.  It inspired him to become a smokejumper.  Now, he is there for Supe at any time.  Supe gets a fire alert.  He asks his past love interest, Dr. Amy if he could user her cameras to check the fire.  She obliges with a snide comment about their last date.  Supe sees a cabin on fire with movement inside.  Nervous, Rodrigo flies a chopper over the cabin and Mark lowers Supe into the house. Supe finds 3 children inside hiding.  Supe grabs the kids and lifts them to safety.  Once the kids and Supe are safe, Rodrigo discovers a strong storm coming.  Normally the smokejumpers would take the kids to the hospital but the chopper would not be able to handle the storm.  Supe decides to keep the kids with him.  Brynn tells Supe it’s her parent’s 20th anniversary and they went up the mountain to relax.  They should be back tomorrow.  Supe leaves a voicemail on Brynn’s parents.  Because of the Safe Haven law, the kids are Supe’s responsibility until the team can reunite them.  News of Supe’s rescue spread and the Division Commander Richards calls him.  Richards is retiring and looking for a replacement.  With all the news coverage, Richards is considering Supe.  This is a dream come true for Supe.  Supe has to fill out the application and withstand a surprise inspection.  How hard can that be with three kids? Brynn, the oldest, has sticky fingers and loves to steal cars.  Will, the only boy, is mischevious and leaves a path of destruction.  Zoey, the baby, loves to use turpentine for tea.

This movie relies on awkward moments, poop jokes, and running gags to keep you laughing.  Everything you would expect from Nickelodeon.  While this movie does provide laughs, it gives the viewers a lot of heart.  When Supe puts his guard down, he finds a connection to the kids and a new love interest.  Following his lead, Brynn lets her guard down and tells Supe the truth about her parents.   He needs them and they need him.  This is a sweet movie that packs a lot of laughs.   It may not be an adult’s favorite but your kids will love it.  There is a gag reel during the credits but nothing afterward.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

This must be why there are so few smoke jumpers – Will

Sparkle pony – Zoey

That was disturbing – Mark

In the middle of our date – Dr. Amy Hicks

As long as there’s not a hint of malarkey – Brynn

Ha Ha Ha Ha – Axe

The five P’s: Proper preparedness prevents poor performance – Rodrigo

The time for steam relocation is later – Supe

Click on a vendor to purchase (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)
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