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Late Night – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 42 minutes


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Katherine Newbury has hosted her late night show for decades and won countless Emmys.  She is the only female in late night with a tough attitude and very little patience.  She only talks to and sees her right-hand, Bradley, and her head monologue writer, Tom.  This no-nonsense boss fires one of her writers because he asked for a raise to support his new baby.  After her show, the network head Caroline tells Katherine that she is being replaced at the end of the season.  Her ratings have been falling for years.  In addition, Caroline tells Katherine that she hates women because she has only employed male staff members.  Katherine tells Bradley to find a female writer and a gay man doesn’t count.  Molly Patel works at a chemical plant and makes jokes over the PA system.  She loves comedy and performs locally.  She entered an essay contest to meet the boss of her choice.  She won and choose the boss of her company’s parent’s parent’s parent company.  That company owns the network Katherine works for and got her an interview for the writer’s job.  She is hired because she is a woman.   Now, she has to write. While Molly is prepared for a male-dominated room, she is not prepared for a dominating boss.  Katherine renames Molly ‘8’ and within hours Molly is crying.  After Molly gets some advice from her officemate and Katherine’s husband, Walter, she writes jokes that spark a change in Katherine.  But is Katherine brave enough to say them to her audience, especially with 2 scandals looming?

This movie pokes at the establishment while breaking down PC walls.  So, if you are sensitive to political topics in a joking platform, you won’t be able to make it through this movie.  If you want a laugh at today’s most daring topics, then get your ticket.  Shock and awe will keep you from laughing out loud.  John Lithgow takes a step back from the comedy and plays a serious force for Katherine and Molly.  And Emma’s Katherine is tougher than Meryl Streep’s Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada.   This movie touches on a lot of topics but doesn’t aim to judge or fix them.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Oh please don’t die before I get home. I don’t have the strength to plan your funeral – Katherine

Be useful – Walter

I don’t think you think you hate women – Bradley

Can I take the fired man’s seat – Molly

I like the glitter. I like the ponies. So, are you super excited to start your period – Tom


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