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Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta – Review

Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta

Mrs. Bennet has 5 beautiful daughters and her only mission is to get them married.  She believes they are strong and capable, she wants them to find a strong, handsome, rich man to marry.  She is so motivated, she wrote a book about it.  Lydia is more committed to tattoos and piercings than her prospects.  Mary spends more time looking at her books than for a man.  Kitty loves to gossip and talks men away.  Jane, the eldest, is a widow and mother of Jaylen.  Her mother believes she would be happier if she got married again.  And Lizzie is too busy looking for Mr. Perfect and fighting the good fight. As their father, Reverand Bennet walked to the pulpit, Charles and Caroline Bingley walked in the church.  Charles is a rich pro-golfer and loves his sister Caroline.  After church, Mrs. Bennet starts a strategy to have the girls meet Charles and hopefully marry him in the future.  The reverend interrupts and reveals the family has been invited to a wedding and Charles will be there.   At the wedding, Charles focuses on Jane but Elizabeth has caught William Darcy’s eye.  However, when Lizzie overhears him, he puts his foot in his mouth.  Later, she meets an aspiring congressman, Antwone.  Lizzie despises him.  He wants to tear down the town she loves for a strip mall.  He wants to go out for dinner and discuss their differences.  She declines him.  In a few months, 3 of the Bennet women will have a man at their feet.  Until then, Lizzie has to pick between 3 men who all irritate her.

Inspired by the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, the Atlanta version gives a modern twist to the book (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  ‘Lizzie Bennet’ is written properly as an activist that fights for better schools, helping the homeless, and government accountability.  The original Lizzie was fighting for a women place in the world, so an activist the perfect persona.  Mrs. Bennett’s monologue will leave you quoting and laughing.  To the original fans of the book, a few original passages made their way into this adaptation.  It will take a good ear to spot them all.  Like the original, it’s Lizzie’s burning passion for change that fuels her arguments with each suitor and keeps you engaged.  This movie isn’t for the whole family but it’s ok to watch with your teen.  This movie feels more like a setup for a future TV series  And 90’s kids, play ‘Name that TV Character’ or ‘Name that TV show’ with your family while watching.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Maybe we can ease on down the road – Antwone

If momma has it her way, he’s gonna be your husband – Mary

If a woman ain’t happy alone, she won’t be happy with a man – Lizzie

You always think your right – Lydia

Than for a rich man to find a date with my daughter – Mrs. Bennet

Maybe he actually has some self-esteem – Jane

You know, there are better ways to get off a horse – Charles

I don’t think god oversees mechanical issues. But if your happy, I’m happy – Rev. Bennet

Of course, you’re just so down to earth but it works on you – Caroline

Sorry to hear that – William

Think of me as your hot air ballon – Stevie

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Secrets of the Sisterhood – Review

Secrets of the Sisterhood – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Secrets of the Sisterhood

Ashley, an accountant, feels her world is spinning out of control.  First, she is passed up for a deserved promotion.  When her boss Frank talks about her future, he makes a pass at her.  Her soon-to-be ex-husband Rick left her for another woman.  Now, he wants custody of their daughter Grace and alimony because he didn’t work during most of their marriage.  Ashley is furious that she will have to pay him for breaking up their marriage and lose her daughter in the process.  Finally, her sister Jasmine knocks on her door.  She assumes Jasmine wants money for drugs but Jasmine says she has been clean for 9 months.  Jasmine has been kept on the straight and narrow with the help of a group called the Sisterhood.  She invites Ashley to come and meet the women who have helped her.  Ashley attends and states that the sisterhood feels like a cult.  Jasmine quickly rebukes this and introduces Ashley to the group’s leader, Desiree.  Desiree asks Ashley to speak to the group about her problems.  Ashley talks about her boss, ex, and daughter.  After releasing her demons, Desiree hugs her and tells her things will get better.  The next day, Frank gives her a raise and the adjudicator rules in her favor for custody and alimony.  She knows the Sisterhood is behind it.  With so much positivity, Ashley joins the Sisterhood.  And with so much negativity, she may lose everything if she decides to bring it down.

This movie is The Craft with middle-aged women (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Ashley has suspicions about the Sisterhood the moment she walks through the door.  However, they ‘love bomb’ her.  It is extremely obvious the writer has done their research on cults.  The first step is the ‘love bomb’.  Everyone loves you, adores you, and helps you.  Then, there is the dependency set up.  Everything good is due to them and everything bad is your fault.  Next, the alpha always has an extremely loyal beta.  For Desiree, her beta is a cop.  Then, the offering.  They want your money or a risk to make you broke or mutually destroyed with them.  Finally, the threats.  If you leave, you lose everything.  This attention to detail makes the movie believable and keeps you engaged in the story.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Maybe we can talk about opportunities over a drink sometime – Frank

Please let me prove to you this time how it’s different – Jasmine

Not so much a secret if you are allowed to bring guest – Ashley

Some people confuse being pro-women with being anti-men – Desiree

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Love in the Sun – Review

Love in the Sun – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love in the Sun

Alana decided that Northwestern is her future and her boyfriend, Kai, agrees.  Kai is confident their love can survive 4 years and a long distance relationship.  Ten years have passed and Alana is developing a dating app called Closer.  It matches people in close proximity to each other based on compatibility.  After her mother’s memorial 5 years ago, Alana has not been back to Florida.  Evan, the boyfriend she met through her app, has asked Alana to marry him.  She says yes but with hesitation.  With the fear of the marriage in her heart, Alana tries to contact her father but can’t reach him on the phone.  Her friend and business partner, Renee tells her to go home and talk to him in person.  After arriving, Alana learns her father’s life has changed drastically.  He shut down the inn and he wants to sell it.  While she disagrees with her father’s choice, she determines the inn needs to be fixed up for potential buyers.  She goes to the beach to call Renee and Evan in Chicago and falls.  Kai overs a helping hand.  They pick on each other as the sparks fly.  What will happen to those sparks when Evan comes to Florida to surprise Alana?

This romance takes a back seat to the town’s festival.  When friends tell Alana they lost their hosting place, she offers the inn.  Alana hopes that having people in the Inn, it will inspire her dad to keep it.  Also, Alana’s father has a love of his own.  His next-door neighbor comes over daily to talk, eat, and have fun.  Alana wants her father to be happy and encourages the relationship.  With so many subplots, the love between Kai and Alana isn’t forced.  It’s integrated into their town and Inn contributions.  While it’s great for the plot, the overall story is a little dull, even for Hallmark.  This movie has a few good ‘dad jokes’ but you won’t cancel plans to watch.  This is a background noise movie.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

How long has it been since you’ve been back – Renee

Oh, we have seasons. Pollen, summer, hurricane, football – Kai

I really missed your dad jokes – Alana

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