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Love Takes Flight – Review

Love Takes Flight – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love Takes Flight

Lizzy, an OB/GYN, took a promotion as COO of Saint Carmen’s Hospital to run it the best it has ever been run before.  She takes great pride in making sure everything is top-notch and counted.  She tries to anticipate every obstacle before it happens.  She believes it will help the hospital get picked for a cutting edge, first ever, transplant.  The only element she is missing is a pilot to fly in the organ.  Charley arrives early for his interview and makes himself at home on the landing pad.  Acrophobic, Lizzy wants to have the interview back at her office.  Charley, unlike Lizzy, believes “people save lives, routines save lawsuits”.  Hearing this, Lizzy doesn’t want to hire Charley and continues to look.  Her director, Felicia, wants her to give Charley another chance.  He was a war pilot for several years and has lots of experience.  Lizzy agrees and hopes he will make a better second impression.  After seeing Charley in her office, Lizzy hires him and the hospital gets the transplant job.  However, it’s Charley’s connection to Lizzy’s daughter, Quinn, that allows Lizzy to see Charley’s softer side.  And her love soars.

While the love story is the focus, your heart will melt at the connection between Quinn and her new friend Walter.  As they play the piano, Walter’s heart heals over the loss of his wife while reconnecting him to his son.  Also, Lizzy’s need for control is explained in great detail when she talks about her divorce.  Her ex would make promises to their daughter and break them.  So, she has to pick the slack.  Seeing her daughter’s pain guided her to find a less demanding job and focus on keeping a strict schedule.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Hello, old person – Quinn

I’m sure I’ll find it. Upstairs until I see the sky – Charley

He seems very eager – Felicia

I think it would be more professional in my office – Lizzy

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My Mother’s Killer Boyfriend – Review

My Mother’s Killer Boyfriend – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

My Mother's Killer Boyfriend

Nicole’s friend Carrie wants her to start dating again.  It’s been a year since she divorced Ben and Nicole doesn’t feel ready to date.  Carrie convinces her to come to a BBQ.  There, Nicole could make polite conversation and find out if she likes him or not.  At the BBQ, Nicole meets Jonathan.  He is a widower, English professor.  He lost his wife in a car accident after she was drunk driving.  They start to date and everything goes well.  But he starts to make comments that make her and her son Connor uneasy.  She brushes them off as a bad mood or a misunderstanding.  Later, Jonathan’s house floods and he plans to stay in a hotel.  Nicole offers to let him stay until his home is ready.  He moves in a few boxes and things slowly get worse.  While doing laundry, Nicole knocks over some of his boxes and finds 2 papers.  One with Jonathan’s name and another with the name Carl. The papers are exactly the same.  She starts to investigate Jonathan’s past.  However, the investigation is stalled because Connor is a victim of a hit and run.  Now, he is in a coma with no suspects.  Nicole has no idea Jonathan is behind it and no idea what he is willing to do.  Not for her, but for his self.

Be ready to say WTF more times than you ever have before.  Each time Jonathan gets touchy or makes a backhanded remark, your blood will boil.  Your only relief is when Connor says exactly what you are thinking.  Don’t see Nicole as dumb, just naive.  She believes him because she WANTS a plausible explanation.  So, even as the truth is in her hands, she believes the lie because she wants to believe it.   For Nicole, like so many others, she needs to see the truth to handle it.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Guilt is a highly overrated emotion. You work hard, you deserve this – Jonathan

Mom, why do you let him talk to you like that – Connor

I can be your teacher for once – Amber

If anyone can get through to him it’s you. He hangs on to your every word – Nicole

He seems kinda like a narcissist – Carrie

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Morning Show Mysteries: Countdown to Murder – Review

Morning Show Mysteries: Countdown to Murder – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Morning Show Mysteries: Countdown to Murder

When the delivery for Billie’s tv segment and restaurant are both late, Billie goes to the distributor to see what’s wrong.  The police are already on the scene.  Billie goes to be with the family because Art (the victim) was a friend of her father.  At the scene, Billie finds a rubber duck with the eyes X’ed out.  She takes a picture and saves it on her phone.  Art’s children believe his former partner, Edmond, is guilty.  Art and Edmond battled over ownership of the store.  But after a strike, Art won.  Edmond has always been bitter since.  When Billie mentions the ducks, Lucy recognizes it from a children’s song.  The song is a countdown song.  Each time the ducks go to the pond, one duck doesn’t come back.  The red duck is the first one to go.  Since the song starts with 5 ducks, Billie worries there could be 4 more victims.  Billie believes Edmond did it until his boat explodes and she finds an orange duck with the eyes crossed out on the dock.  With the number one suspect gone and 3 more victims to go, can Billie solve the crime? Or will she be the next victim?

You will never look at rubber ducks the same after this movie.  How can a sweet bathtime toy be so creepy? However, it’s the innocence of that duck that makes the crime that much more compelling.  And yes, take notes.  There is so much in-fighting and backstabbing, its hard to keep up.  With greedy kids and a bitter ex-wife, there are plenty of suspects and everyone has a motive.  So set the DVR, and watch it twice.  You will need to keep and you get to enjoy it double.  Then get the book (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Billie’s is here to stay.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Girl I’ve been married 3 times, I’m an expert – Cassandra

He was having a tantrum like a little boy. Just because his father like my father better – Jay

Is this what you meant when you said don’t muddy the waters – Billie

Do you think I’m uptight – Ian

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My Mom’s Letter From Heaven – Review

My Mom’s Letter From Heaven – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

My Mother's Letters From Heaven

Connor is heartbroken when the doctor tells him his wife has a few weeks to live. He has no idea how he will raise their daughter Zoe on his own.  She tells him he is a great father and he will do an amazing job.  She wants him to find love again and give Zoe a letter.  But she wants him to wait until she is older and really needs it.  Years later, Zoe is a troubled teen.  She has alienated all of her church friends, is dressing provocatively, is sneaking out of the house, and is drinking.  When Zoe overhears her father talking to his new girlfriend, she runs off to be with her boyfriend Liam.  After a few days, Zoe frantically looks for a childhood book.  When she questions her dad, he said she put it in the donation pile.  She is crushed because it was an accident.  Connor tries to replace the book but Zoe knows it’s not hers.  Then, Zoe learns Liam is going to college and leaving her behind.  With so many emotions, Zoe runs away.  When Connor learns she is gone, he calls the police.  A police officer finds a pregnancy test in the trash.  It’s positive.  Connor is dumbstruck.  That night, Connor has a dream.  His wife, Elizabeth, tells him to give Zoe her letter.  But he can’t find it.  A miracle will bring it back to Zoe and give her the guidance she needs.

A heartwarming story about faith and love.  While some would write Zoe off as a bratty teen, she is truly lost and confused.  It’s evident when she starts looking through old friends’ Instagram post; she still cares for them and wants to be a part of her old group.  She’s just hurting and scared.  Normally, people freak at the words “teen pregnancy” but this movie handles it differently.  It does talk about the option of adoption, however, with Elizabeth’s letter, Zoe feels capable.  This flowery view on teen pregnancy is the reason why it’s on Lifetime and not Hallmark.  However, for Lifetime, it’s a pretty sweet movie for teens over 16.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Your mother would die all over again from embarrassment – Jenny

God doesn’t care what you wear – Connor

Do you mean as a mother or as a maid? Rachel will never be my mother – Zoe

Give it to her when you think the time is right – Elizabeth

Oh my god, it is fate – Maggie

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