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Suburban Swingers Club – Review

Suburban Swingers Club – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Suburban Swingers Club

Grant and Laurie move out of their condo and into a huge house to get a new start after losing their baby 5 months into the pregnancy.  Grant wants his wife to get better but she just doesn’t know how.  Later, the couple is invited to a party by their neighbor Rachel.  Derrick, Rachel’s husband, can see Grant and Laurie are having issues.  He offers a suggestion to help put their marriage on track.  Joining their neighborhood swingers club.  Laurie is appalled by the idea and Grant begrudgingly accepts her refusal.  When Laurie talks to her younger sister Kat, Kat tells her to try it.  If Grant wanted to cheat, he wouldn’t have asked.  At least, he is empowering her with a choice. Laurie decides to try it but with a few rules.  One, they have to approve of the other’s partner.  Two, they can veto at any time.  Three, they have to think of each other while having sex with the other person.  At their first party, Grant gets Giselle and Laurie gets Noah, the sexy across the street neighbor.  After the party, Grant and Laurie go home and make love.  The next morning, Noah is a little too friendly for Laurie’s taste but Grant agrees to go of his house for dinner.  With one short and uncomfortable dinner, Grant decides to veto Noah.  Laurie accepts but Noah won’t.  In just a few short days, Noah will be dead, Grant will be in jail, and Laurie will be in the trunk of a car.

This movie goes from wild to crazy in 2 hours.  Of course, if a couple has to swing to help them through a miscarriage, you have an idea where that marriage is headed.  But you are compelled to watch anyway.  Also, Laurie makes some classic Lifetime mistakes, but she does use one high tech solution to put an end to Noah’s blackmail.  This movie isn’t the best of the season, it’s still a fun watch.  But keep the kids away unless you want to answer some questions.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Oh my, you certainly have a room with a view – Rachel

Relax, it’s just me – Grant

I was admiring your furniture – Laurie

It depends on how we use them – Noah

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Love Under the Rainbow – Review

Love Under the Rainbow – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love Under the Rainbow

Lucy has either had her heart broken or not had her feelings reciprocated in the past.  She has slowly closed her heart off to love and focused on her career.  Jack has closed his heart after losing his wife.  He tries to protect their daughter Sophie from the loss by moving before either of them become too attached.  After a spilled coffee encounter, Jack introduces Sophie to her new teacher, Lucy.  The two laugh over the past mishap but Jack doesn’t tell Lucy his wife died.  When Lucy learns the truth, Lucy feels sad she mentioned his wife so many times.  As Jack’s job is under greater pressure, Lucy is there to help pick up the slack with Sophie.  Each moment becomes a “not-a-date” date with a very cute chaperone.  Lucy looks back on her childhood wedding wish book and knows Jack is the right guy for her, but can she open up? Jack sees how much Sophie and Lucy get along plus, he really likes her.  Can he let love come before work?

So far, this movie is the biggest tearjerker of 2019.  Seeing Sophie’s heartbreak when she doesn’t get her to wish will make you grab tissues.  As Lucy looks through her book, you will have to hold back the tears.  And if that’s not enough, you will get an inspiring science project, a vow renewal, and a birth.  It’s hard to believe you can pack so many emotions in one movie.  The cherry on top: Moonbows are real.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Next time, I’ll be the guy in the hazmat suit – Jack

Do you actually think wishes come true – Sophie

Life would just be better if I had a big giant eraser – Lucy

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Sins and Seduction – Review

Sins and Seduction – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sins and Seduction

John and Leslie are pastors in love.  He wants to get married but she worries she will be relegated to being a pastor’s wife.  She wants to continue leading her own devoted, yet picky, flock.  During a sermon, she notices a new, young couple in the pews.  She tries to meet them to welcome them to the church but they leave before she can.  Luckily her assistant, Nancy gets some information.  The 2 are Gareth and Emma.  They are newlyweds and just moved to town.  Later, she meets with the couple but overhears them fighting.  Emma calls Gareth controlling but he just wants to sit with the pastor.  Gareth catches Leslie snooping and she invites herself to leave.  Later, she offers Gareth counseling and he admits that Emma is physically abusive towards him.  She encourages him to get her out of his life and the two spend more time together.  When John sees them having dinner, he warns Leslie that they are getting too close and she should break ties.  Leslie gets upset and tells John to leave.  However, Leslie has no idea of Gareth’s past or what he is truly capable of doing.

Moral of this movie: Don’t just walk into someone’s home.  This movie doesn’t really capture your attention because you know where the plot is headed.  Unlike most Lifetime movies, you do understand why Gareth is unhinged.  So if you need some background noise, watch this movie but pay attention to the first 5 minutes to understand Gareth’s issues of religion and abondonment.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Do you feel the spirit moving within you – John

Well, as my mother always said you can go to hell for lying just as well as stealing – Gareth

I’ll get it tomorrow – Lesley

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Chronicle Mysteries: Vines that Bind – Review

Chronicle Mysteries: Vines that Bind – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Chronicle Mysteries: Vines that Bind

Colton, an experienced winemaker, died in a carbon monoxide accident while cleaning out the vats.  His two sons – Jackson and Gil – have taken over the business but Gil believes their father’s death was not an accident.  Neither does Eileen.  She calls Alex to come out and film the next season of Recovered with a focus on Colton’s death.  First, Alex talks to Caitlyn (Jackson’s daughter).  Caitlyn shows Alex around and tells her they have been feuding with the neighboring farm about their stench.  Next, she talks to Gil.  He found a new will leaving all his father’s shares of the vineyard to him.  Jackson would be left with 20%.  In the future, he could only sell his shares to Gil and at a price Gil picked.  Alex tries to talk to Jackson but he blows her off. When she talks to Mary – Jackson’s wife – she gets the same cold shoulder.  Feeling she is not wanted, Alex believes she should leave but Eileen convinces her to stay.  As they sip wine after dinner, Eileen and Alex hear gunshots.  They drive to find Gil on the ground dead with Caitlyn standing over him.  Now, this cold case is heating up and Jackson wants justice.

So here’s what we know: First, this is the best mystery on HMM.  Second, the entire cast is platinum.  Third, you are hooked from beginning to the end.  Fourth, you will watch this movie more than once.  With superior writing and magnificent acting, you are guessing to the very end with plausible yet unique motives.  Everyone is suspicious and hiding something, so you must unravel the case with Alex.  And let’s all give a round of applause for Chuck.  He is Red in Shawshank Redemption.  He can get you anything and knows everything.  He is a true “Guy Friday” that provides real laughter in every scene.  Fingers crossed that HMM will continue this series with the same actors, same writers, and same director.  Please don’t change a winning formula.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I told you, subtext, hidden currents – Eileen

Vat room help!!! Seriously 3 exclamation marks – Drew

I could use a catch-up guys – Chuck

Aww, you two are bonding. You should invite him out to shoot pool – Alex

Just look before you leap, ok? – Miles

– miles

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