#BlackCobra2 – Review – #ThrowbackThursday

Black Cobra 2 – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 34 minutes


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Lt. Robert Malone has gone too far.  He shot a perp holding a hostage at knifepoint.  Robert’s boss knows one bad move and the hostage could have been hurt, or worse, dead.  He believes that putting Robert in an exchange program with Interpol will help.  Robert doesn’t want to leave his home state.  His boss laughs and says he is going to another country.  He is going to the Philipines.  It’s there his boss hopes he will learn to think before he acts and work with others.  The moment he lands, Robert is pickpocketed.  Annoyed by this crime, Robert tells his liaison Lt. Kevin McCall.  Kevin gives Robert a photo array and knows the criminal the moment Robert picks him out.  Robert wants to find the guy and end him but Kevin reminds him that he has to do things the right way.  Now, the two are constantly at odds.  They go to find the pickpocket to get Robert’s wallet back but he was murdered.  Pickpocketing is a crime that ends in death, so Robert and Kevin investigate.  After receiving a letter and lots of money, Kevin’s child’s life will hang in the balance due to the investigation.  Kevin will have to do things Robert’s way to save his child.

Adding a new country to the plot doesn’t make the movie better,  It still has a lackluster performance, dead dialogue, and a weak plot.  And to make it worst, unlike its predecessor, it doesn’t have a strong bad guy either.  While this sequel spends its time unraveling a mystery, it just doesn’t capture the viewer’s attention.  Some sequels should not be made.  The only saving grace the ‘Bob’ and Bobby moments.  Seeing the male ‘tough guy’ lead show his softer side with a kid provides plenty of laughs.  This sequel can be skipped.

I give it 1 out of 5 stars

Society’s gratitude, ma’am – Kevin McCall

You make weak drinks man – Robert Malone

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