#Creed2 – Movie Review

Creed II – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 57 minutes

Creed II

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In Kyiv, Ukraine, Viktor Drago is constantly reminded of his father’s, Ivan, failure in 1985.  When Ivan lost to Rocky Balboa, he lost his respect, his country, and his wife.  Now, it’s up to Viktor to get it back by defeating Rocky’s protege Adonis Creed.  After defeating Wheeler, Adonis is the heavyweight champion of the world and he got his Mustang back.  With this win, Adonis is ready to take the next step: Marrying Bianca.  And even with this decision, he has Rocky in his corner.  On a night out, Adonis sees Viktor issue a recorded challenge with Ivan in his corner and boxing promoter Buddy Marcelle on TV.  At that same moment, Ivan sits in Adrian’s restaurant waiting for Rocky.  Ivan lets Rocky know all that he lost in 1985 and everything his son is willing to do to get it back for them.  Watching videos of his father dying in the ring takes a toll on Adonis.  He wants to face Viktor and create his own legacy.  Although he has heart, Rocky doesn’t believe he can win.  He tells Adonis if he does accepts the challenge, it will be without him.  Rocky stays in Philly; meanwhile, Bianca and Adonis go back to LA.  His mother Mary Anne can’t stop Adonis from making his father’s mistakes.  But, surprising everyone, she lets him know this fight will affect him, Bianca, and their bun in the oven.  With more motivation behind him, Adonis trains with Little Duke (the son of the man who trained his father) to prepare for the fight. After getting in the ring, Adonis’s spirit and body are broken.  And the champ becomes a 25 to 1 underdog.  It will take a bloody towel, a mother, and Adonis to set everything right.

A heartfelt and genuine entry into the Rocky Universe (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While it doesn’t pick up where the 1st left off (like the Rocky movies), it catches you up on Adonis’s rise to the top.  While it uses Apollo Creed’s death as the base, this movie, like Adonis, wants to build its own narrative.  It does help to see the first 4 Rocky movies and the Creed movie to get the jokes and recall Rocky’s engagement to Adrian.  This movie will make you laugh but you will feel true concern when Adonis’s life is falling apart in and out of the ring.  During his worries for his daughter, he is trying to remember who he is as a man and a fighter.  And honest to its legacy, you will cringe and cheer during the match.  You will love this movie so much that you will not only want a Creed 3 but you will also want a Drago 2.  The Drago family has never been portrayed outside of the boxing ring.  And this won’t let you down.  And yes, you will get a training montage.  See this one in Dolby so you can hear every punch, crunch, and spit.  And there are NO post-credit scenes.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Why don’t you just turn off your brain and let your heart do the talking – Rocky

Did you take a $hit – Bianca

This is the fight he should take. Unless he’s worried about history repeating itself – Buddy

You don’t need my blessing. You clearly don’t have Rocky’s – Mary Anne

He’s afraid – Viktor

What would I have to be afraid of? I’m a fighter. This is what I do. This is who I am – Adonis

Nice picture – Ivan

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