#HouseWithAClock – Movie Reviews

The House with a Click in its Walls – Budget of $42 million – 1 hour and 45 minutes

The House with a Click in its Walls

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In 1955, Lewis receives a note, a bus ticket, and 2 silver dollars from his long, lost uncle Jonathan.  Jonathan is Lewis’s only family after losing his parents in a car crash.  The moment he steps into his uncle’s home, Lewis feels something is different.  Behind Lewis’s back, stain glass moves and the chair barks.  However, its the clocks on every inch of the house that Lewis notice.  Jonathan tells Lewis that there are no rules in his home.  So, no bedtime, poker games, and having cookies for dinner are allowed.  Then a woman covered in purple comes out of one of the clocks.  Jonathan introduces her as his oldest and smartest friend Florence Zimmerman.  Florence has helped Jonathan around the house for years taking care of the clocks.  Lewis attends a new school as a pariah but makes one friend named Tarby.  Tarby tells Lewis Jonathan’s house was the center of an ax murder and he should be careful.  Lewis comes home and tries to forget the day.  But when a dream about his mother awakes him, Lewis follows a strange sound.  Lewis sees Jonathan striking a wall with an ax.  Lewis freaks out, packs his bag and runs for the door.  Although he tries with all his might, the house won’t let him leave.  Jonathan finally reveals the truth about himself: He is a warlock.  Lewis begs Jonathan to teach him everything.  Notwithstanding Jonathan and Florence help Lewis hone his skills, the pair is keeping a secret that threatens the life of all mankind.  An evil warlock put a clock in the walls of the house before he died.  The number of gongs gets smaller each time.  They don’t know what will happen when it stops, but they do know it will be bad.  Until then, the house ticks.

Based on The House with a Clock in its Wall by John Bellairs, this movie was meant to be viewed in IMAX (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  The small details in the flying books, the changing stain glass, and the topiary cat can only be appreciated in the biggest screen possible.  The movie adds plenty of laughs with the back and forth between Florence and Jonathan.  The movie has school angst, a mystery, demons, a baby, and a war.  This movie will please kids and adults alike and take you to a place of wonderment.  This is good, clean fun without it being an animated movie.  With everything that made this movie wonderful, it should’ve had a longer backstory between Isaac and Jonathan.  At least one trick beforehand to see them as friends before they where enemies.  So, go to the movie and have your children read the book to fill in the gaps.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You live in the slaughterhouse – Tarby

I played it perfect. He suspects nothing – Jonathan

Houses don’t like anything. They’re houses – Lewis

Beginning and the end. Alpha and the omega – Isaac

We’ll take the gumballs, too – Florence

I love being your mother – Selena

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