The #HappytimeMurders – Movie Review

The Happytime Murders – Budget of $40 to 47 million – 1 hour and 31 minutes

The Happytime Murders

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P.I. Phil is a disgraced cop who feels he let Puppet-kind down. He was the first puppet to join the LA police force. He hoped it would open the door for other puppets like him. But after a bad shooting leaves an innocent man and his partner shot, the expert marksman was labeled prejudice for not being able to shoot a puppet criminal. After his partner, Connie testified against him, Phil drinks to cope and his only friends are his secretary Bubbles and his brother Larry.  Sandra Jakoby walks into Phil’s office to investigate a threatening letter.  Phil recognizes one of the note’s magazine cutout letters as a porn magazine.  When he goes to a porn shop to double check his knowledge, the movies playing in the background drowns out the sound of several puppets being murdered by a lone gunman.  Connie is the first on the scene to investigate.  Phil and Connie are at each others’ throats.  But when Larry is murdered by several dogs ripping him apart, Phil knows the killer is going for puppets on the Happytime Gang TV show.  It was the first TV show with a predominantly puppet cast that included Larry.  They must find the murderer before every cast member is dead.

First things first.  THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR KIDS.  THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR KIDS.  This raunchy and dark tale of puppet life off camera is a good laugh for those who enjoy this type of humor.  So if you were not a fan of Sausage Party, it would be best for you to skip this movie.  It discusses prejudice, porn, and an 8-arm reach around in a way you have never seen before.  Also, Melissa McCarthy is in her element with these puppets.  You get a true sense that these puppets are alive and having real-world problems.  As the Happytime Gang is killed off one by one, you try to solve the crime along with Phil and Connie.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You don’t have to sing and dance for the man anymore – Phil

Clean up on aisle Phil – Sandra

One day your gonna slip up Frank. And I’m gonna be there.  I’m gonna take you down with extreme prejudice – Connie

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