#SeaChange and #FallingForVermont – TV Reviews

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Sea Change – Review

Sea Change – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Sea Change

After the death of her father Greg, Miranda is leaving everything behind her to meet her mother Amelia for the first time.  While on the ferry into town, Miranda meets TJ.  He lets Miranda know all the ins and outs about the town but warns her that she will be the talk of the town, being Amelia’s long-lost daughter.   As Miranda starts to meet the vacationers (Virginia, TJ, Bobby, CC), she also meets the locals (Leo and Naomi).  She realizes there is a class divide among the two sets.  While most fall into the trap, Miranda notices that CC is a sweet girl who considers the vacationer group frienemies.  While on the beach, Miranda runs into Leo.  He warns her that she does not belong on shore.  But all she can focus on is his scars.  She tries to befriend him but he disappears.  She starts to spend more time with Miranda and learns about the local folklore of the Sea Walkers.   During a party, Miranda plays “Never Have I Ever”.  When the group learns she can swim, they decide to take her out to the water.  Miranda goes out but is overcome by the surf and starts to drown.  Miranda sees Leo in the water with glowing eyes and saves her.  But she has no idea what Leo saw.  Miranda is obsessed with Leo, his scars, and the Sea Walkers.  Leo is obsessed with Miranda and what she really is.  But both don’t know that Miranda’s mother Amelia is keeping secrets from everyone.

Based on the NY Times Best Sethler, Sea Change, this another niche in the teen romance genre.  It has the same feeling as other books/films in this genre.The girl is new in town, distant from parents, mythical creatures, saved by one, and falls in forbidden love.  This biggest difference is the town seems to know that something is going on.  Overall the look and feel of the most of the graphics were better than expected from a Lifetime movie.  It doesn’t require your full attention to watch.  While it does give a few twists, it doesn’t provide a satisfying ending.  This feels like a Part 1/Book 1 of a Series.  In time maybe more books/movies will come.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Probably not – TJ

Did you just turn summer into a verb – Miranda

Why? So she can offend us all with that flannel – Ginny

Boating accident – Leo

Oh, no one can get your shoe size. We’ve been trying all day – CC

It’s not a good idea to friend the help – Bobby

And you are married – Naomi

I thought, of all people, you would understand the importance of protecting family secrets – Amelia

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Falling for Vermont – Review

Falling for Vermont – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Falling for Vermont

Angela Young is feeling the pressure of being a successful author.   She often hides from Cynthia (sister/assistant) and Brad (manager/boyfriend).  Recently, Angela learned that her book, which has been turned into a movie, was extended for 3 more books.  Angela feels like to book is complete and wants to move on.  She dreams of going back to Nantucket and to a time where she could just write.  So just before a morning interview, she sneaks off and drives away.  During the drive, she gets to Vermont and crashes in Hopedale.  When the Sheriff finds her, she remembers nothing and left without her ID or phone.  Dr. Jeffrey works on her and tells her the amnesia will wear off with time but she must relax and give it time.  With a nudge from his parents Bob and Jan, he offers her a place to stay with his kids Alex and Emily.  They give Angela the name “Elizabeth”.  Elizabeth loves her life in the small town of Hopedale with Dr. Jeffrey and his family.  She can’t imagine anything being better, like her memory coming back.  But with an Instagram post, Cynthia, and Brad looking for her, her old life and memories are not far behind.

This is a sweet and charming love story.  It dedicates 20 minutes for you to get to know Angela’s life through her conversations with Cynthia and Brad.  You can feel the stress rolling off of her.  She doesn’t seem ungrateful, just overworked.  She became a writer to write, not to be famous.  So when she runs, you cheer for her.  You see her happy in her new life as “Elizabeth”.  “Elizabeth” even inspires Emily to write.  Unbeknownst to Emily, she is getting help from her favorite writer.  Sit back and enjoy this light-hearted, family movie.  And don’t be surprised if you want to visit Hopedale yourself.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Thanks so much. Now all I need is some time in my schedule to enjoy it – Angela

Time traveling teens.  Who comes up with this stuff – Jeffery

Ok, one’s going away. It’s just me and you – Brad

For Angela, that’s what she does when she is stressed out – Cynthia

When you rest, you rust – Jane

How can you search for yourself when you don’t even know your name or where you came from – Wendy

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