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The Wrong Mother – Review

The Wrong Mother – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

The Wrong Mother

Kaylene goes for her daily bike ride when she his struck by a car. It seems like a terrible accident until the police let her know that evidence shows otherwise. She wants to help but she doesn’t remember. While in recovery, her husband Drew suggest she gets a home health aid to help. Her nurse Vanessa explains that aids have little training and they should hire a nurse instead. She offers her services for the job. Kaylene and Drew like the idea and move Vanessa in to help with the recovery. Kaylene and Drew’s twins, Toby and Zoey, like Vanessa and quickly bond with her. However, Kaylene is sleeping constantly and it is taking a toll on her husband. When her best friend (who she feels is a sister) Samantha comes to visit, she knows something isn’t right. She takes a picture of Kaylene’s prescription and shows them to a professional. The doctor tells Samantha that Kaylene is being illegally overmedicated. With this information, Samantha must warn Kaylene and expose Vanessa, but Vanessa has plans to make this family her own, at any cost.

The Wrong Mother is a “when will they figure it out” movie and a “why is she doing this” movie. You know who the crazy person is but you don’t know why. You sit and watch as some are blind and others die. It’s not a bad movie but it’s not a new plot twist. You will find yourself enticed by this antagonist and she slowly weaves herself into the family and destroy anyone in her path. Others will leave you annoyed with their cluelessness. So, keep this movie in the background while accomplishing other tasks.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I guess we are not going to the beach today – Kaylene

You don’t have to be sorry. Just get better. I love you – Drew

Please don’t be mad, my heart was in the right place – Vanessa

Don’t take this the wrong way, but you kinda look like hell – Samantha

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Secrets in Suburbia – Review

Secrets in Suburbia – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Secrets in Suburbia

Gloria, at her friend Scarlett’s divorce party, knows her marriage is falling apart. Her friends, Scarlett, Monica, and Kim, try to reassure her. But each is holding a huge secret. After the party, Gloria tries to introduce counseling to her husband Phil but he rejects it. A few days later, Gloria starts to feel ill while taking her dog to the vet and crashes her car. Her doctor discovers she is going through kidney failure and recommends dialysis while rehabbing her broken leg. As time goes on, Gloria discovers the cause of her illness and it becomes the cause of her wrath. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

You must give your full attention to this movie. Because it breaks down the events for 4 friends perspectives. In order: Gloria, Scarlet, Monica, and Kim. Each women story is important to piece together everything that is going on. Also, the story is not linear. They all start at the same point: Scarlett’s divorce party. The writer ensures you would be annoyed with Gloria’s weak demeanor, so once she becomes strong, you are cheering for her. So relax and get your wine … well maybe not wine … and watch this movie.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I’m sure she meant it as a compliment – Phil

That and the bipolar medication – Monica

Everything about her is fake – Troy

I just needed some motivation – Gloria

He should have shot scarlet – Nikki

I haven’t slept at all since the party – Scarlet

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A Neighbor’s Deception – Review

A Neighbor’s Deception – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Neighbor's Deception

Chloe and Michael are getting a fresh start in their new home. Michael is working overtime to afford the changes leaving Chloe at home alone. Chloe often hears things going bump in the night but believe she is imagining it. After seeing her neighbor (and being ignored by him), Chloe tries to make nice. She and Michael have dinner with their neighbors Cheryl and Michael. At dinner, they learn that Michael is a therapist who works from home. Later, Michael offers to help Chloe for free because he can tell she is still struggling with something. It takes a while, but she agrees. It’s not long before she gets a call saying he doesn’t know the real Michael and should do some research on him. When Chloe finds out the truth, someone will pay with their life.

This movie is a very slow build to a decent ending. Most of the focus of the first 1.5 hours is on character building for Chloe, then the fun begins. It’s not a new lifetime movie (in terms of character, plot, or set). This movie is just background noise until the last 30 minutes. Don’t cancel plans to watch. DVR, but save space if you don’t have it.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Get it together Chloe – Chloe

Chloe just remember a broken bone doesn’t heal on its own. Neither does a broken mind – Gerald

Slow down stranger – Cheryl

I was a jerk – Michael

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Concrete Evidence: A Fixer Upper Mystery – Review

Concrete Evidence: A Fixer Upper Mystery – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Concrete Evidence: A Fixer Upper Mystery

Shannon is starting to restore her boyfriend Mike’s home with a new foreman Shawn. When it’s brought to Shannon’s attention that the dumb waiter is stuck with a 2 by 4, she loosens it and it falls to the basement. The crew goes to the basement to assess the damages and finds a body in the rubble. The coroner marks it as a suspicious death but Shannon carpenter skill makes her believe there is something more. Shannon points out to the detectives that the 2 by 4 in the dumb waiter was different from the house, the banister was badly fixed to hide a crack, and the were cracks in the tile below the banister. With the premortem cracks in the skull, Shannon believes the victim was murdered and moved to the dumb waiter. The hardest part for Shannon, finding out the victim was Lily, the sister of her new foreman. It was believed that Lily had run off to California years ago to escape her parent’s divorce, but the body has been there since the disappearance. Shannon tries to leave it to the police, but when Shawn is arrested, she must help. With several suspects, a missing diary, and a house set to blow, Shannon must watch her back and fight for her friend.

Based on the Fixer Upper Mystery Series by Kate Carlisle, this movie offers many twist, suspects, and motives (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). You will need to keep notes in order to keep up with Shannon and the clues. Shannon is still met with the “stay out of this” and “leave it to the police” advice she gets each movie, but of course, she doesn’t listen. But how can she when murder is happening all around her. This movie does lag in the middle, but when Shannon is framed for murder, it picks up. So give it a chance and pay attention. This movie is full of fun and misdirects.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I admire loyalty – Cliff

And I survived to tell the tale – Mike

But I never gave up hope – Shawn

I have never been in here. When I was a kid this seemed like a magical, secret room – Shannon

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Girl Followed – Review

Girl Followed – LMN – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Girl Followed

Regan is always 2nd fiddle to her sister Taylor and her friend Sabine. She doesn’t understand why she is not popular. But when she learns her sister sent a picture to a boy in school, which got Taylor a date, Regan decides to do it too. She sends the picture to her crush Austin. But when her sister sees the picture, Taylor says it’s lame and not really sexy. However, Austin liked it enough to send it to his friends. Later, to up the ante, Regan steals lingerie and takes another picture for Austin. Before she sends it, she gets Nate’s advice on whether or not it is sexy. Nate is the administrative assistant that works with Regan’s mother. He talks to Regan often and they share a lot in common, accept the age difference. Nate tells her the pictures are really sexy. So, she sends a copy to Austin and Nate. But when the pictures get around school, Regan is bullied and her parents shut down her privileges. Nate tells her they are being unfair and she should make her own decisions. With Nate in Regan’s ear, it will take a kidnapped girl, duct tape, and a gun to get through to Regan.

Lifetimers just breathe during the bratty teen part. Remember, Regan is a girl with low-self esteem with little to no experience with boys. She doesn’t fully understand the consequences of her actions. However, you should delight in the parents not being technical idiots. When they learn Regan is sexting, they quickly take her phone away, monitor her emails and text, and put strict guidelines on usage. They just don’t shrug their shoulders and believe everything she says. Also, Taylor isn’t keeping her mouth shut and protecting her sister secrets until the last 5 minutes. These changes make the movie stand out from other Lifetime movies. While the ending is predictable, it’s great to see the family not become a Lifetime stereotype. This movie is more of a cautionary tell of the internet than a PSA on sexting/revenge porn. It is worth a DVR recording.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

We are on your side. But we are still your parents and you will live by our rules – Abby

Ok N-dog – Regan

Ok regan, what have you been up to – Nate

I swear she shops in the toddler section – Taylor

I don’t know who’s doing this but I am going to find out – Jim

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Love at First Bark – Review

Love at First Bark – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love at First Bark

Julia has left everything behind to start a business with her best friend. She is nervous that she will fail and listens to motivational speeches every single day. She decides to bring something new into her life by adopting a pet. She goes to “Love At First Bark” expo to find a dog. But a dog named King finds her first. She wants to raise king on “love is enough”, however, Owen tells Julia that King needs structure. Owen is a dog trainer for rescue and other types of pets. Julia doesn’t believe she needs his advice. But, Owen will be seeing her again because King must have an in-home visit to make sure he is thriving with Julia. During the first visit, King is controlling the home and Owen puts Julia on notice. So, Julia takes Owen’s lesson to train her dog, but helping King build is strength will increase her own strength and business.

There is nothing special about this movie. The premise, characters, and ending weren’t original. This movie can be skipped or used as background noise. Even with good chemistry between the leads, the slow pace, foreseeable twist, and likely conclusion make this movie a bore.

I give it 1.5 out of 5 stars

Come on, I’m not the that particular – Julia

You wanna be the alpha or not – Owen

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