#FromStraightAsToXXX and #WalkingTheDog – TV Review

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From Straight A’s To XXX – Review

From Straight A’s To XXX – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

From Straight A's To XXX

Miriam, a conservative Christian raised high school student, gets wonderful news of her acceptance to Duke University. Her family is ecstatic for her, but tries to hide their concern when they notice her financial aid is low. Miriam isn’t concern until her dad is redeployed to Afghanistan. They tell her not to worry and they will figure it out. However, while at school, her mom calls her and tells her they can’t pay. She goes to the financial aid office and they say her parents make too much to offer financial help. Miriam is hellbent not to take out loans that will leave her in debt forever. She jokingly mentions to Jolie, her roommate, she could become a porn star, but looks for campus jobs. She does the math and realizes a campus job is not enough for tuition, so she looks for porn applications. She fills one out online as Belle Knox and gets a call within hours from a fetish website. It was an experience that leaves her crying in the bathroom. Once she gets back to campus, she does research and learns this website is notorious for abusing new stars. However, with that research, she gets the name of a manager, Don. This manager decides to represent her and she is making $1200 for an hours work. Miriam is happy but she knows this job can’t be a secret for long. Even with a support system, Miriam is a guppy in shark infested waters at work and in school. And once the bubble burst, Miriam is in for a fight.

This movie, inspired by a true story, starts as a cautionary tale about the porn industry; and them becomes a tale of bullying and harassment; and then changes back to the industry. It’s hard to pinpoint what lesson, if any, they are trying to teach. While the character is flawed and naive, she continues to debate why she is doing what she wants and no one should judge. You might agree with her argument until you remember she was on her high school debate team. With cameo appearances from Peirs Morgan, The View, The Young Turks, and Huffington Post, you consistently hear her argument for the industry. The watcher will either want to hug her (for the ongoing harassment) or smack her (for being so naive). In the end, she is a girl trying to be liked who can give a good speech. DVR and watch on your time, preferably without youngsters around.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

When you put your studies first and you are willing to work hard, good things happen – Harcharan

I don’t want you to worry about this. These things have a way of working themselves out – Dr. Kevin

I did everything I was suppose to do all the time – Miriam

Some people are thinkers. Some people are listeners. I’m a talker – Jolie

Mir whats wrong? I can hear it in your voice – Paul

City, we got a new angel – Don

Turn me into belle – Miriam

This is your chance to tell your side. Don’t you want to make lemonade – Amanda

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Walking The Dog – Review

Walking The Dog – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Walking The Dog

Christy Simmons, a lawyer, visit her boyfriend, Bill, at his vet practice. It’s then that she meets a pup, Gidget, who needs a foster home. She is quickly smitten by the dog and offers to take the pup home. The next day, she takes Gidget for a walk and Gidget finds Simon, a dog. Christy greets Keith (Simon’s owner) and they talk. They agree to have a play date for the dogs in the future. Later, while in court, Christy meets the opposition’s lawyer – Keith. She wants to write him off, but their dogs keep finding each other. Christy decides to convince Keith to see things her way, so he will negotiate a deal that is better for her town. Keith, tempted by her strength, is falling for Christy wants to know more about her. But with a boyfriend, her friend, broken hearts, and an enemy, the two will have challenges that may stop them from starting a relationship.

This is a background noise movie. You can turn your head, walk away, check your email, or do anything else; and you won’t miss anything special. This movie maybe cute, but not worth canceling plans or setting the DVR. Just catch it when you can. The actors do the best they can, but the script is average and slow. Hallmark has, can, and will do better.

I give it 1 out of 5 stars

Nope, I don’t fall in love anymore – Christy

I got as many good surprises as I do bad puns – Keith

Wow, sweet talker – Delia

Wow, and here I thought you only went all out for Christmas and Halloween – Bill

Everyone comes here, everyday – Mrs. Simmons

I thought that might get your attention – Laura

Since when does Christy Simmons dance – Jeff

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