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High School Lover – Review

High School Lover – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

High School Lover

Kelly is a free spirit teen and loves spending time with her friends, Allison and Larry. She doesn’t get along with her step mother, Sam, but loves her dad, Rick. One day, Allison gets access to an exclusive party for the “Box Brothers”; and tells Kelly and Larry to come. At the party, Kelly catches the eye of Christian Booth, a famous actor. He quickly approaches her and ask her for her number. She is smitten and obliges. Christian wants to know everything about her and send time with her, but runs into an obstacle when she is grounded for 2 weeks. Kelly sneaks out and goes for a helicopter ride that is captured forever. But when Kelly’s step-mother warns her father about Christian, Rick puts the breaks on Kelly’s relationship. Christian agrees to Rick, but ask Kelly to sneak out again. With love on the brain, Kelly doesn’t heed the warnings or the signals for a love that is sure to turn.

This movie is a mix of 50 Shades of Grey and the first Mother May I Sleep with Danger (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Franco does a good job of playing a strong protective, albeit slightly clueless, dad. And the women aren’t completely weak, if not naive, to Christian. If you are a Lifetimer, you will see the hints of who Christian will become, but it’s still fun to watch. You can’t be distracted while watching, because some of the dialog is in text. So if you can’t give this movie your full attention, don’t bother or you will be lost. The best parts of this movie are the confrontations. Your mouth will be left open. Don’t cancel plans but DVR or On-Demand it.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Can you not call him dad. Just because you’re young enough to be his daughter, doesn’t mean you have to act like it – Kelly

I look super good today, so I want you to keep up – Allison

For someone who doesn’t like me very much, you sure do like my taste in clothing – Samantha

I mean, I’m not a quitter – Larry

I don’t like it either – Christian

This could nice. A little father-daughter bonding time – Rick

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Madiba – Review

Madiba – BET – 6 hours and 0 minutes (2 hours over 3 nights)

Madiba BET

Part 1

Born with the first name Rolihlahla, a young Nelson Mandela learned adversity, strength, and change after his father died. On his deathbed, his father requested that he live with another family to receive a good education.  In his first day of school, his teacher said he needed a Christian name; and chose to call him Nelson. Later, Nelson used his education to attend law school and fled an arranged marriage to do something to help his people. He and his brother, Justice, went to Johannesburg and learned the only jobs for them were in the coal mines. But one day, the injustice he saw inflicted on another miner changed the course of his life forever.

This 1st part of a three part series will leave you stunned. This part focuses on his childhood and his time in the ANC before having to flee. Seeing his passion for justice while working with a system, which didn’t want to work with him is powerful. He is strengthen by those around him and hopes to get fearful people to stand up. Nelson “Madiba” Mandela is one force that will not be moved, bent, or broken. It’s hard to watch this movie and not draw a parallel to the things going on in today’s society. It’s easy to forget how much South Africa has been through and how far it has to go. While the cinematography and costume designs are amazing, the accents phase in and out at times. This can be distraction in the movie.

I’m a man – Madiba

I suppose that’s it then – Justice

As I walked among the dead bodies, I knew there was no turning back – Madiba

The people want to see change.  They want action – Winnie

I think this is going to take a bit of adjustment – Oliver

There is the cause and there is family. Your duty is to both – Walter

God bless the Republic of South Africa– Dr. H.F. Verwoerd

Part 2

After Madiba runs, he is hiding from safe house to safe house. He knows he can’t keep running forever, so he must fight. However, he makes a bold and risky move by changing one of the core values of the ANC: non-violence to violence. After watching peaceful protestors get shot, Madiba tells them to start a bombing campaign. It’s not long before Madiba and his associates are captured and put on trial. They are charged with treason and other crimes. For the crimes they are charged, they are given the possibility of the death penalty. With the help of his wife, Winnie, he makes a statement in court that cannot be ignored. Once the trial is over, Madiba and his associates are sentence to life. Once in prison, he his given the highest security ward with the least amount of privileges. But even behind bars, the strength the ANC will move on, but at what cost?

This part of the 3 part series is a look into the mind of those behind the scenes. Verwoerd and Nelson both understood the ripple effect of what they were doing. Not just the immediate impact but the overall outcome for years. Verwoerd wants to stop Madiba, but doesn’t want to make him a martyr. Madiba wants to fight against apartheid, but doesn’t want to lose his purpose or family. Both know they have to create a stronghold of supporters to continue success. This is the part you will believe you know … but you are wrong.

What ever else he is doing, he makes us look foolish … worst incompetent – Dr. H.F. Verwoerd

You say violence begets violence. But in South Africa, non violence begets violence – Walter

You are not the only one in this family who believes in this struggle. I want to fight too – Winnie

I will no longer hide from this. We have to face it head on – Madiba

Part 3

After 18 years in prison, South Africa is still going through horrific struggles between Black South Africans and the Government. During the Soweto Uprising, several children are killed by police officers as they attempted to protest learning Afrikaan. After seeing tragic violence, Winnie doesn’t feel content just organizing protest. She wants to lead the fight and speak up. This has some in the ANC worried that she cannot be controlled or contained. Madiba, on the other hand, is worried about her safety and blames himself for everything she is going through. The government resolve is starting to weaken due the “Free Nelson Mandela” movement, Winnie’s speeches, and financial pressures. This will not be an easy change and Madiba will have to work with a pragmatic man to get it done.

The news clips of protest, burials, and change drives this movie home. The final installment of the series focuses on what lead to Madiba’s freedom and change for all South Africans – black and white. Also, this movie doesn’t end with Madiba getting out of jail. It discusses the changes in Madiba and his wife, Winnie, as they try to adjust to freedom and continuing the fight. Madiba and Winnie know more work is needed. Never give up the fight!

I am off to work but I am with you in spirit – Winnie

To understand one’s opponent is a good thing – Madiba

Black consciousness leads to black power – Steve Biko

Ruth wouldn’t let you get away with talking about Winnie like that – Oliver

Don’t worry about the tea Winnie. Don’t get up. I will let myself out – Walter

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Stage Fright – Review

Stage Fright – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Stage Fright

Sarah, a soprano opera singer, had a nervous breakdown after being attached by a crazed fan with a knife.  It is believed that her stalker is dead, but no body was ever found.  She cannot perform on stage and has nightmares within nightmares about the attacker.  But when a rival opera singer backs out of a charity performance, Mark (Sarah’s old manager), asks Sarah to perform.  At first Sarah says no, but she is persuaded to come back to the stage.  Once that decision is made, Sarah gets creepy phone calls, gifts with no sender, and a few dead bodies. Sarah must convince the police, her therapist, and her manager that she is being stalked again.

Bring a pillow.  This movie is not a mystery because you know the killer within the first 10 minutes.  You will be annoyed with the main characters lack of security and surrounding awareness when she seems to be terrified of everything.  Its easy to lose interest because the story is nothing new: dumb cops, absentminded friends and family, and “let’s investigate the creepy noise in the dark corner”.  This movie feels like deja’vu and it can be skipped.

I give it 1 out of 5 stars

I don’t want to be afraid – Sarah

Ok manager, but then I want out of there and it’s gonna cost you lunch – Melissa

She’s a tough cookie but I think she’ll come around – Mark

That doesn’t look good – Ryan

Yeah, unless you want to get inside – Hailey

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Love Locks – Review

Love Locks – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love Locks

Lindsay and Jack’s time together was coming to an end, so they decided to put a Love Lock on a bridge in Paris to cement their bond and vow to meet again in a few months. But the lock falls in the water and their relationship is doomed. 20 years later, Lindsay’s daughter, Alexa, was accepted to an art school in Paris; and they go to get her registered and moved in. To deal with the stress of a big career decision and empty nest syndrome, Lindsay goes to the hotel’s bar for a drink. Guess who is the bartender? That’s right, Jack. The two are shocked, at first, but believe Lindsay’s old and Alexa’s new art teacher, Hugo, set it up. The two know there is a connection but Lindsay is trying to hide it. Will there Love Lock get a second chance?

This movies is about 3 different Love Locks:

  1. Lindsay’s with Jack’s or Trent (the new love interest)
  2. Alexa and JP, who just met in Paris
  3. Hugo and Kathryn, who re-connect after Kathryn’s husband dies

While each story nicely weaves into and influences each other, the story is slow and doesn’t captivate the watcher. You know how it will end, the jokes are average, and the main couple isn’t interesting to watch. This movie can be skipped or used as background noise. Note: If you have an Amazon Echo or Dot, this movie will turn it on a few times (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

I give it 1.5 out of 5 stars

Don’t you have something to do – Lindsay

Oh yeah, that too – Trent

Throw in something sexy – Maggie

Just because you were right about the tooth fairy, doesn’t mean you’re right about this – Alexa

Well, I’m like a fine wine – Hugo

If you want extra towels, I’m your guy – Jack

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