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Under the Bed – Review

Under the Bed – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Under the Bed

For the next week, Callie has decided to work from home to get over being cheated on by her fiance, Brad, and left with a mountain of bills. She wants to just work and watch her mom, Sandra’s, dog. When she is home she starts getting IMs from “Nobudy”. She not sure who he/she is but they continue to chat. However, what you know, that Callie doesn’t know, is that she is being stalked in her own home by “Nobudy”. The stalker used her social media sites to collected information; and then started living in her home unbeknownst to Callie. The stalker is using her toothbrush, eating her food, and setting up video cameras. How long will it take for Callie to realize she is not alone?

This movie will make your jaw drop. It has a slow build, but that is to give you a sense of panic as you watch the stalker move throughout Callie’s home. He is carrying a camera, so you see his every move. Watching this movie will have you thinking twice about the amount of social media you have, how many social media accounts are linked, and what you put on social media. Under the Bed exposes how cyber stalking can quickly transform and hurt you in real life. The bad side to this movie is when Callie apologizes for her ex’s cheating and her horror movie escape attempts. You find yourself getting annoy with a character you wanted to survive. Overall, this movie is enjoyable with a high body count and will make you spit out your wine.  And believe there will be a part two.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I got to hand it to the guy. He is persistent – Ronnie

I must be losing it – Callie

Don’t cheat on my Callie. The world has no use for cheaters – Stalker

Sweetheart, are you alright – Sandra

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Love on Ice – Review

Love on Ice – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love on Ice

Spencer comes into a small town to train a young, promising skater named Nikki, when he runs into Emily. Emily is a skater turned part-time coach and waitress, who hasn’t skated competitively for 8 years. She was coaching Nikki but knows that it is time for Nikki to move on. Spencer is in awe of Emily and wonders what she has been up to. Emily avoids the question to focus on Nikki. During Nikki’s 1st practice, Mia (Nikki’s mother) proves to be a true stage mother. Spencer is at his wits end when he ask Emily to co-coach and be a buffer between Mia and him. She is happy to oblige. Both coaches know that Nikki can win at regionals, but Spenser has another idea. He wants to see Emily compete again. He knows that Emily has what it takes; and he wants to coach Emily in secret while coaching Nikki. Of course it is only a matter of time before tea is spilled and everyone notices the attraction but them.. Spencer and Emily are in love. But how will Nikki and Mia take the news.

This is another Hallmark story where love is the subplot. Its interesting to see the town knows they are in love but they have no clue. But even with the love story, this is a movie more about encouragement, building a supportive team, and just having fun. The end is satisfying and fair. Also, there is one love story that comes out of the blue, but it was quickly explained. This movie is good, not great but good. Watch this on your DVR

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

It’s been 8 years. What happened to her – Spencer

She came home – Hildy

I’m not grumpy. I’m just saying – Nikki

Sometimes it’s hard not looking back – Emily

Nikki likes me to stay where she can see me. Right honey? – Mia

It is good to see you again – Leslie

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Boyfriend Killer – Review

Boyfriend Killer – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Boyfriend Killer

Sandra just got the worst news of her life … her son, Preston died on the motorcycle she bought him. She calls his father, Charles, and her sister, Carrie, to help her gather Preston’s belongings from his apartment. When Carrie and Sandra arrive at the apartment they are shocked to find a Krystal there. Sandra introduces Krystal as Preston’s ex, but she is quickly corrected. Krystal says they were a couple and living together. Sandra and Carrie are flabbergasted by the news, especially since Preston barely mentioned her. With emails, social media, and phone records, Preston’s family believes Krystal is lying about their relationship. But why? And when Krystal makes a shocking funeral confession, the family is set to find out the truth behind Krystal.

This is a great movie with a decent body count. Krystal is very cunning and Sandra, Carrie, and Charles is not completely clueless to Krystal’s ways. It takes a while for them to put the pieces together, but when they do, the truth is better than you think. This movie feels like a few episodes of Deadly Women mixed together. The wardrobe is the best ever seen on Lifetime. The mother dresses like a mom but not an old maid; and Krystal has outfits for which you would want to kill (pun intended). The on going trouble between the parents was not completely necessary, but decent filler. Get a nice mug of cocoa, put the kids to bed, and watch.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Just do it please. Sis, please – Sandra

And what about my things – Crystal

Krystal, you’re being pathetic. Go home – Jack

Yeah, why did he break up with her – Carrie

You’re are so judgmental – Charles

I love you but I am never going to love someone that much – Preston

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The Twin – Review

The Twin – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Twin

On Ashley’s birthday, she gets surprise visits from Jake (her neighbor), Joseline (her daughter), and Tyler (her daughter’s new boyfriend).  While visiting, Ashley learns her daughter and new boyfriend are learning Japanese for a school trip.  Ashley can’t hide her shock, but warns her daughter about moving too fast into this relationship.  Since Joseline’s father left when she was 10, Ashley worries Joseline is trying to fill the void.   Ashley tries to give Tyler the benefit of the doubt by learning more about him.  She learns his family died in a car crash just a year ago.  However, Tyler is hiding that Derrick (his twin brother) is still alive and caused the accident that killed their parents.  Tyler visits Derrick often to keep him updated on his life and check up on him; but Derrick attacks Tyler and switches clothes.  Derrick quickly leaves and heads straight to Ashley’s house.  While Tyler is doing everything he can to prove he is not his brother.  Tyler must convince doctors and nurses of who he is, find his brother, and save his girl.

This movie is 1 hour of slow build, 30 minutes of “finally” moments, and 30 minutes of excitement.  It’s possible to skip the 1st hour and still be able to understand the movie.  They did provide a nice stand-in for the twin, but the dual scenes could use a little more work.   Timothy’s performance of both Tyler and Derrick was done very well.  He made sure each twin had a different personality and mannerism.  So DVR this movie and watch when you have time to kill.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

No kidding – Ashley

I like maybe – Jake

Bingo. Oh how sweet. My brother was right about you – Derrick

Are you ok? – Joseline

Sorry pal – Tyler

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Garage Sale Mystery: Art of Murder – Review

Garage Sale Mystery: Art of Murder – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Garage Sale Mystery: Art of Murder

Jen is asked by her daughter’s sorority to host a garage sale for charity.  She says yes and enlist the other moms to donate items.  After dispatching the “Mom Soldiers”, Sidney goes missing.  Jen goes to Elizabeth’s (Sidney’s mom) attic and discovers Sidney’s body.  Sidney’s death is determined to be an accident.  However, Jen learns that Sidney was a dancer, so she would have braced herself for a fall.  Also she had a cell phone in her with a “9” pressed.  She believes Sidney was murdered.  She just needs everyone else to believe it; and find the killer.

This movie is a good story … not great but good. It slows down a lot in the middle but picks up at the end. So have something to do when it slows down or you may get bored. The acting is great and keeps you interested but the crime is like Castle, Psych, or even Law and Order. Its been done and you will figure it out before the end.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Yeah I’m getting to old to do my own stunts – Jen

Ask for a raise – Andrew

I’m a police detective and I don’t stumble across as many dead bodies as you. Remind me not to get on your bad side – Det. Lenwood

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