#HisSecretPast – Review

His Secret Past – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

His Secret Past

While on a morning jog, Lily is attacked by a masked man but saved by a stranger. Later, Lily sees that stranger and approaches him. She learns that his name is Mick and he lives on a houseboat. She is instantly attracted to him and him to her. However Jennifer (her mother), Kelly (her best friend), and Scoot (her ex boyfriend) believe she is moving to fast. Lily is quick to defend Mick after her mother is almost strangled and Scott hits her. She believes Scott is the problem not Mick. But when people are dying left to right, is Lily right or his she falling for a false knight?

Sigh. This movie does provide twist and turn but we have seen this plot before. Even down to the bag guy monologue. This is great for background noise while doing other things. But if you turn your head, it won’t be hard to catch up. But credit is given for to the high body count, especially since the word “Deadly” isn’t in the title.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

He seems like a nice boy and I think he likes you – Jennifer

Can I ask you a question? What were you doing in the woods the day I was attacked – Lily

Stick around, you may be surprised – Mick

One day you are going to regret how you treated me – Scott

Hey you’re my best friend, I am entitled to be worried about you – Kelly

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