#EvilNanny – Review

Evil Nanny – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Evil Nanny

Tim and Fay need a nanny since Fay is headed back to work. Fay puts out an ad and get several responses. The couple and their son, Allen, like Jennifer “Jen” Russel. They believe she would be the perfect fit. And she is … for a while. Then she neglects the kids, drinks, and wears Fay’s clothes. The couple is tired of Jen and decides to fire and evict her. That’s when it hits the fan. They learn from the police that since she got mail coming to the house with her name on it, she is a legal resident. They must go through the court to evict her. Before this story is over, there will be a body in the trunk, a restraining order, a crashed car, and a house fire.

Based on true events, take this story as a cautionary tale. You will learn the many loop holes to tenant laws and how hard it is to evict. Don’t be surprise if you want to put your hands on Jen within the first hour. This is a great movie to watch for anyone who wants a live-in nanny, a houseguest, or … heck … a family member stay the night. This is a must watch.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I like her – Allen

I love that. Giving things second chances – Jennifer

Ok, you know best – Tim

Jen, why are you in my clothes – Fay

I can always tell them what I know about you – Kyle

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