#AChristmasToRemember – Review

A Christmas to Remember – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Christmas To Remember

Jenny is a “Martha Stewart” type host of her own TV show. She is looking forward to getting away from the stress of her job and spending the holidays in a nice spa. On her way to the spa, she crashes and gets amnesia. She is found wondering in the road by Dr. John Blake, veterinarian. Since the roads are bad, he decided to take her to his place, where he and his 3 children live. The children – Jamie, Kyle, and Daisy – are fascinated with the new arrival. However Jenny, is unsettled because she doesn’t remember her name, her family, or where she is from. The family decides to name her Maggie, while the sheriff attempts to solve her identity. But, the more time Jenny spends with John’s family, the more she fears remembering her past. She loves her new life with the children; and she worries that will change when her memory is restored. How long can Jenny live the dream of Maggie before reality hits?

This is a fun movie with a familiar concept. Women loses memory but gains love for holidays and relationships. You can see the ending within the first 15 minutes, but you are curious about how and when Jenny will get her memory back. Also, you wonder how long it will take for someone to look for her. Jenny is not a bad person, but her lack of and need for family will drive this movie. If you have two hours to kill, this is a nice way to do it.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

So, no pressure, is what you are saying – Jennifer

Sometimes you have to forget about everything and get away – Paula

It’s an interesting consistency – John

So, what we gonna do with her? – Kyle

The pretty lady woke up – Daisy

So, am I driving you or not – Brad

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