#SoundOfChristmas – Review

Sound of Christmas – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sound Of Christmas

Lizzy, a former Juilliard student, teaches piano to a small but caring community. Her friend Sam, who owns the school, tries to encourage Lizzy to play in front of people again. But her 1st bad experience on stage has soured Lizzy to playing in front of an audience. Just weeks before their Christmas Concert (that seconds as a fundraiser for their scholarship program), a rumor spreads that the building is being sold. If the building is sold, Lizzy and Sam fear their new landlord will raise their rent, which will force them to close their beloved school. To earn extra money and get her mind of the rumor, Lizzy starts giving private piano lessons. Her first student is Abagail. The two bond over the reason they started and stopped playing the piano. During the lesson, Lizzy meets Brad, Abagail’s father. There is an instant attraction. But when Lizzy discovers, Brad is behind the sale of her building, can the spark or the building last?

Not a favorite, but still good. This movie has a great pace in character development and tries to create a twist at the end. But Hallmark fans will pick up the twist within the 1st hour. It is fun to watch Brad be absolutely clueless in love, but great in business. Be prepared for a backstab … which is also predictable. This is good to have in the background while doing something else. But listen when Earl speaks business smarts for anyone and everyone.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Never let them take the ball. And if they do, take it back – Earl

Where words fail, music speaks – Lizzy

See that will make me want to go there – Lizzy

Being psychic was part of the job description – Megan

So much for the father of the year award – Brad

I can teach someone to balance a check book, but not in front of thousands of people – Sam

You said it, not me – Abagail

Always negotiate on your turf. Never go to them and give them home field advantage – Earl

Brad, its not what you think – Cynthia

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