#ANutcrackerChristmas – Review

A Nutcracker Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Nutcracker Christmas

Lily is a hard working ballerina that has made it to a top New York dance company. Her sister, Beth, and niece, Sadie are her biggest fans and encourage her to leave Georgia to make her dreams come true. The best part: She will be dancing in her favorite ballet, the Nutcracker. She started as a snowflake but suddenly, she got her dream part and love. She meets Mark, a dancer in the same ballet company and they start dating soon after. On her first night as the Sugar Plum Fairy (her dream part), she gets the worst news imaginable. Her sister died in car accident. Lily decides to leave NY, dancing, and Mark behind to take care of Sadie. A few years later, Sadie is a ballerina. She has won a spot in a Philadelphia Dance company and as Clara in the Nutcracker. Lily has apprehensions but decides to go with Sadie to fulfill Sadie’s dreams and potential. On the first day, Lily meets Sadie’s new dance artistic director, Mark. Yes, Lily’s ex she left behind. Now, Lily must face her past while trying to hide it from Sadie, the other ballerinas, and the dance moms.

This movie spends the first hour ensuring you connect to each character and their passions. When Lily gets the bad news about her sister, Beth, you honestly feel for her. As Lily finds her new place in life, Sadie does too. They are trying to understand why they are good enough to be “chosen”. And as Mark tries to connect with both women, you cheer for him. This is a genuinely movie with a good story and strong characters. A must see.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Just remember one plie at a time – Beth

Dream or no dream, this is were you are safe – Mrs. Jameson

What’s not fair is you taking this dream from me – Lily

What happen’s now – Sadie

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