#OperationChristmas – Review

Operation Christmas – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Operation Christmas

With a run-in and sparked friendship between their children, Scott and Olivia spend time together on the slops, kids and all. Olivia, a divorced mom of 2, isn’t looking for love and wants to bring joy to her children after their father decided to spend the holidays with his new family. Scott, widower dad of 1, is facing a uncertain deployment as an Sargent Army Ranger. But after a great Christmas Eve together, Scott invites Olivia and her family to spend Christmas day with them. But a phone call and miscommunications causes Olivia to believe that Scoot bailed on their plans and left the hotel without any notice. A few months later they meet at Olivia’s job. After meeting Scott and seeing the soldiers and their family’s struggle, she starts Operation Christmas. She convinces local businesses to donate trees, decoration, food, and toys to help Fort Wilcox (Scott’s Base). Olivia will also hold a charity event to re-open the Family Deployment Center (closed by budget cuts). While working to get the show and donations going, the connection between Scott and Olivia grow. With this, Olivia fears she can’t handle the life of a military wife when Scott gets his orders. Will Operation Christmas be a success for all?

Get your tissues ready. You will be in tears before the movie is over. This heart warming love story tells the true struggles of military families especially during the holidays. Although they sacrifice their lives for us, some don’t have enough money to buy a tree, food, or gifts for their family. Also, their family struggle with not knowing where they are or when they will come back. Soldiers often leave with a baby on the way or children in tears. Most don’t understand that a true soldier isn’t just the one on the field, but it’s also the ones left at home. So, if you are inspired by this movie, the holidays, or just love of the troops, donate what you can: Support Our Troops, USO, and Wounded Warrior Project.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Me … quit … never – Olivia

Yeah she almost killed me – Scott

I don’t need my wish that bad – Charlie

Don’t be boring – Danielle

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