#EveryChristmasHasAStory – Review

Every Christmas Has A Story – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Every Christmas Has A Story

Kate and Jack, once college sweethearts, are working together to make their show a success. Kate is the host and Jack is the producer. While airing the show live, Kate accidentally reveals she doesn’t like Christmas. This comments goes viral and trends on the internet causing protestor marches and sponsor threats. In order to keep the show on the air, Kate and Jack begrudgingly accepts an offer to go to Hollyvale, ND to get Kate’s Christmas spirit back. Hollyvale is a town with lots of Christmas spirit, but Kate notices one small problem. There are few people left in the town. As Kate interviews the townspeople, she learns that a lot of traditions are centered around the town’s Christmas Tree. But due to a provision in a will, they can only put up one kind of tree; and that tree is no longer being delivered to Hollyvale. Kate must find out why the trees are not being delivered, bring people back to the town, and strengthen the most important relationship in her life.

Clumsy mistakes can be a good kick off to a fun movie. These Christmas with the Kranks-like mistakes will make you laugh (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Seeing a town come together with a main goal and a hidden agenda, is fun to experience and discover. This town’s holiday tradition may inspire you to start new ones at home. As the pace of the movie slows down, it attempts to pick up again with a search and rescue mission. This mission is not critical to the plot and seems out of place and unnecessary. You will watch this movie and get swept into the mystery of the missing tree and one stray letter. The first and last 30 minutes drives this film, the rest is white noise. The characters and acting save this movie.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Sam, I love you, but if you say Christmas one more time, I will put a lump of coal in your stocking and hit you over the head with it – Kate

I was not eavesdropping. I was full on listening – Wendy

Whoa look at all that Christmas – jack

Kate Harper, wow – – Mia

Sounds just fine – – Ted

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  1. Being from North Dakota… the scenery is TOTALLY NOT North Dakota. Treat it as the classic Hallmark drinking game movie & you won’t notice. Lol


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