#InspiredToKill – Review

Inspired to Kill – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Inspired to Kill

After her boyfriend/publisher is murdered, Kara moves from NYC to LA. She hopes to get a new start on her life and career. Kara moves in with Charlie and starts working in Charlie’s restaurant while attending writing classes. While at the restaurant, Kara discovers the lost and found box. She notices a tablet that looks new and tries to find the owner. It’s then that she realized the tablet belongs to author Paul K. Reese. She started to read the tablet when Paul calls it. Paul and Kara start to talk and connected. Kara falls in love quickly and needs Paul because people in her inner circle are dying. Kara blames herself but Paul is keeping her strong. Who will be next to die? Why is it all tied to Kara?

Applauses to Antonio Sabato Jr. for getting creepy right again. No one can bring a chill up your spin and be alluring quite like him. It takes a while for the body count to go up, but when it does … it doesn’t stop. Don’t give up on this movie too quickly or your will miss the Lifetime twist. Some of you may figure it out but some won’t. This is still a fun watch to kill a few hours. The downfall is the slow pace, but the great acting of Antonio and the fun twist saves it.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Oh we like that – Charlie

She’s nice – Kara

I believe in an eye for an eye. However it happens, doesn’t matter to me – Paul

Why are you so hurt – Jason

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