#BestSellingMurder – Review

Best-Selling Murder – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Best-Selling Murder

Hannah, a writer with writer’s block, is having a rough year. First, her husband, Jason, leaves her for her mentoree, Julia. Second, Hannah is dumped by her publisher and asked to return her last advance, which she spent. Finally, Jason tell her that Julia is pregnant, after sleeping with Hannah. With everything spinning in her life, Hannah is inspired by her friend, Darby, to self-publish an e-book that is outside her genre. “The Bloody Mary Chronicles” are born. In this book, the main character kills off people that wronged Hannah … starting with her publisher. Everything is pen and paper, tongue and check until her publisher is really murdered. Hannah quickly becomes a suspect when the publisher in the book and real life are killed the exact same way.  After a police interrogation, she is released and writes the 2nd chapter killing a critic. Then, the critic is killed in real life. Hannah is a bigger suspect than ever. But with her publisher threatening to sue, her best friend badgering, and new fans clamoring, will Hannah release the 3rd chapter? Who will die? Who is killing?

Just hang in there. This movie is 1.5 hours of character build up and misdirections. But the last 30 minutes saves it. This movies slow pace may turn you off but the pace is necessary to give everyone, including Hannah, a motive. This movie also does a great job of blurring the lines of real life and Hannah’s writing. You can understand how she wants to kill others around her and her fantasies taking over. (You know you have been there … especially you Lifetimers).  You will gasp and be relieved several times during this movie. And it pulls a great twist at the end. Just hang in there.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I’m afraid I’ll have to pass – Hanna

If it ain’t broke – Darby

But you are going to give it to me right – Jason

No hanna take a seat – Julia

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