#WhoKilledMyHusband – Review

Who Killed My Husband – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Who Killed My Husband

Doug is a happy father, husband, and detective. On the way to get a birthday cake for his daughter, Chloe, Doug is shot, robbed, and killed. Sophie, his widow and detective, hopes that getting off desk duty will help her get over the lost of her husband. Sam offers her a job working undercover to discover any discrepancies in a company’s finances. While investigating, she has a near death accident, a co-worker dies in a car bomb, Chloe is hospitalized, and she connects with another handsome co-worker. With all this going on around her, Sophie is stunned to learn why see was given the case in the 1st place, who is behind it, and why.

The best and most interesting part about this movie is the relationship between Chloe and Sophie. They are close but with the lost of their patriarch, their relationship fractures. But they work things out to build up the love again. It’s great to see this dynamic in a Lifetime film. All teenagers aren’t brats for no reason. Some teens have good reasons … and Chloe is one of them. The main storyline is sadly predictable. As soon as the “bad guy” is introduced, Lifetimers will instantly know that he did it. This movie is background noise to chores, nothing more.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I love you – Doug

We don’t do “whatever”. It’s disrespectful – Sophie

If I get better, can I get a dog? – Chloe

Check the numbers – Ryan

My card is maxed out and Ryan’s burnt up in the accident – Angela

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