#PumpkinPieWars – Review

Pumpkin Pie Wars – Hallmark Channel – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Pumpkin Pie Wars

Faye McArthy and Lydia Harper went from best friends to bitter rivals when Lydia decided to open her bakery … alone. Lydia felt it should be a team effort because she taught Faye how to bake. The Pumpkin Pie war at the 32nd annual festival was the last time these 2 women were civil to each other ever again. Now 10 years later, Sam Harper and Casey McArthy both have dreams while working in their mothers bakery. Casey wants to save her family’s bakery while Sam wants to expand his family’s bakery. But when Faye gets hurt (and must stay off her feet for 6 weeks), Casey (the spreadsheet queen) must cook in the pumpkin pie war. And since, Casey is cooking, Lydia believes it is only fair that Sam (a chef) cooks in the competition instead of her. But what these mother’s don’t know … their children are working together to achieve their dreams. Sam will teach Casey to cook and Casey will help create Sam’s business plan to expand the bakery. The Harpers may have won the last few pumpkin pie battles but who will win the pumpkin pie war.

If Shakespeare and Martha Stewart made a movie, this would be the one. It has all the battles of Romeo and Juliet with some baking tips thrown in. Its funny to see how this battle has affected the whole town and who else is sneaking around. This movie includes love, food, nosey family, and backstabbing friends. It is an easy, light-weight comedic romance that even gives you a glimpse into “one year later”. Sit back and enjoy this fall romance with a slice of pumpkin pie.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

No Sam. It is the pumpkin pie contest – Lydia

It’s like the hunger games – Casey

Game on Ms. McArthy – Sam

I tell you he can not be trusted. That family’s motto is win at all cost – Faye

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