#OnlyForOneNight – Review

Only For One Night – BET – 1 hour 45 minutes

Only For One Night

William, a campaign manager, and Chloe are loving life with a great home, beautiful son, Timmy, and strong marriage. Their world is shaken up when Chloe’s brother-in-law, Richard, dies; and leaves Chloe’s big sister, Caroline, a widow. Concerned about her sister, Chloe, with William’s approval, invites Caroline (a.k.a Cara) to stay with them for a while. After a scheduling mix-up, Chloe has to go to Timmy’s basketball game instead of William’s event. But William doesn’t want to go alone. So, Chloe suggest he takes Cara. After some convincing, William and Cara attend the fundraiser. Cara then puts her plan into place by spiking William’s drink and sleeping with him. The next morning William is regretting his decision, but Cara wants to make amends and hang out until Chloe comes home. While William and Cara spend time together, they have sex again. That’s when Cara snaps. She wants William to leave her sister, get married, and raise their unborn child. And that’s only the beginning of this tale of crazy.

Any Lifetime fan would roll their eyes as soon as Chloe said, “You should take my sister”. You know nothing good is coming after this statement. It’s everyone’s reaction after that makes this movie good. Cara’s, William’s, and Chloe’s level of crazy all collide. And it’s fun to watch. You need to catch every part of this movie to understand what’s going on, but watch with friends. You can “OMG” and laugh together. The movie did play Only for One Night by Luther Vandross a bit too much and made questionable cinematography choices, but that aside, it was a good movie (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). If you can’t watch now, DVR.

I give this 4 out of 5 stars

I’m lit. I’m a little lit – Scott

Listen don’t worry. You’re with family now – Chloe

But how are we suppose to be together. This is all your fault – Cara

Earth to caroline! There are rules to life. Get real! – William

Aunt Cara told me I’m going to be a big brother soon – Timmy

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