#AreYouMyDaughter – Review

Are You My Daughter – LMN – 2 hours 0 minutes

Are You My Daughter

Fourteen years ago, Laura and Richard’s daughter, Zoe, was kidnapped.   The couple speak often but are now divorced.  Richard is a humanitarian doctor who visits 3rd world countries.  Laura is a lawyer who joined a support group for people with missing loved ones.  In the support group, Laura meets Jacob.  Jacob, who has a missing sister, wants marry Laura; but Laura says no because her life is on hold until she finds her daughter.  While at a homeless shelter making a donation, Laura sees Rachel.  Rachel is a dead ringer for the age enhanced photo of Zoe.  And with a telltale birthmark, Laura knows that Rachel is Zoe.  Richard, on the other hand, errs on the side of caution.  He and the original investigating detective, Gavin, want more proof that Rachel is Zoe.  Rachel agrees to a DNA test and pass but that is still not enough for Gavin and Richard.  And as the dominoes fall, it may not be enough for Laura.  Is Rachel Zoe?

The twist is expected but not the ending.  This, like other LMN movies, have a slow build with a gullible protagonist.   But it is easy to see why she wants to believe her daughter has returned.  It’s what any person would pray for in this predicament.  The ending and acting saves the predictability of this movie.  This is a good movie to sort paperwork, do laundry, pay bills, or clean through.  But don’t cancel plans to watch … just DVR.

I give this 2.5 out of 5 stars

It could’ve been worse.  I could’ve left you at the alter – Laura

If you can’t tell me, who can you tell? – Jacob

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