#KillingMommy – Review

Killing Mommy – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes

Killing Mommy

Twins, Juliana and Debra Hanson, only have the tragic death of their father in common. Debra wants nothing to do with her mother and Juliana can’t live without her mother’s support. Their mother, Eve, drops a bomb on Juliana and Debra on their birthday: she is getting remarried. Both girls are unhappy about this and leave before Eve can tell them about her other news. Later, Eve lets Juliana know that she is going to sell her old home and live with her fiance’ Winston. Juliana is upset but wants her mother to be happy. Debra is pissed and lets her mother know how she feels. Soon, Winston’s car is vandalized and Eve is almost run over by a car. Who’s behind it and can they be help. Eve is hoping to answer both questions.

Yvonne Zima pulls an amazing performance as both sister. You will forget that you are watching one actress playing 2 roles, but you will see 2 different personas. All of the characters are carefully flushed out. You know the motivation, dreams, and hope of each character. It’s easy to get lost in this suspense. This movie feels like a prequel for a Law and Order episode … but in a good way. Also, it leaves fans hopeful for a part 2. This movie is fun to watch but don’t miss anything.

I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars

Because, today is my birthday – Debra

Well you certainly don’t need help in the parental manipulation department – Eve

I have so much to get done – Juliana

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