#RunningForHerLife – Review

Running for Her Life – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 mintues

runningforherlife-300x290 (1)

After surviving an accident that almost left her paralyzed, Alison is determined to be strong and qualify for a local triathlon. But she keeps coming short of her goal. While working as a designer for an advertising company, Alison learns about an athlete named Dalphine. Dalphine was the face of their campaign but she recently drowned. Knowing everything about Dalphine, Alison decides to meet with Dalphine’s trainer, Laura. Laura believes in hypnotherapy, along with extreme fitness, to harness the true you. Alison becomes stronger and starts standing up to her boss and family. Soon, Alison’s family believes that Laura is the cause of the family strife, but Laura believes Alison’s husband will bring her down. To whom will Alison run? Who will run for their life?

This is one of the better suspense thrillers Lifetime has had in a while. As a viewer, you see the crazy upfront but you don’t know how crazy and where it will go. It’s like watching a slow moving crash, but you don’t want to turn away. You need to watch the whole movie to get everything that is going on. Missing one second will leave you lost. There is no fluff or time-filler here. So get your wine and get ready for a ride.

I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars

This is not about trying something new. This is about achieving something great – Laura

What would life be if we never had the courage to attempt anything – Allison

Failing and looking like a total idiot is worse – Kayla

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