#ShowingRoots – Review

Showing Roots – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes

Showing Roots

Violet, white, and Pearl, black, work at Shirley’s Cut and Curl. Pearl, an avid reader, is pushed in the back and often told to stay in her place. Violet, an aspiring hair stylist, is often spoken down to and taken advantage of by Shirley. This disrespect helps the two women form an unlikely bond. After being fired, both women work together to open Salt and Pepper hair salon. But their bond and business are tested by a jealous Shirley and tension from Roots, being played for the first time (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Pearl is finding her voice but is often lashing out at Violet. Violet is finding her voice but is often silenced by the bigotry around her. Pearl and Violet must get to the root of the issues if they want keep their salon and their bond strong.

This movie will make you laugh out loud and think about how we treat each other. It has the girl power message without the sappy music. However, this time period peace could have included more 70s music in the background to help set the scene. With the remake of Roots being aired Memorial Day 2016, Showing  Roots comes right on time. Roots was having an effect on whites and blacks in this small town, whether it was negative or positive. But Showing Roots, reminds us that your friend is not you enemy and we need to work together to build dreams. This is a great movie to get together with friends, have a conversation, and do some jive walking with some sweet tea and lemonade.

I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars

Why don’t she cover up her head if she not gonna straighten it – Hattie

Just go. The damage is done – Violet

I want to celebrate my roots, not hide ’em – Hattie

Well we made a fortune … in collard greens – Pearl

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